SAR Tech Tip #3 - Lost Phone?

Uploaded by SacramentoAOR on 26.10.2010

Hi I am Daniel Allen with the Sacramento Association of REALTORS with this month's Tech Tip
and for this month we're talking about cell phones or should I say the lack of cell phones
now say you have your new iPhone 4 and you lose it
may not be the end of the world, just have your friend call it or call it with another phone
now say those options aren't available
then what do you do?
well thanks to the power of the internet you have options
with web sites such as here
they make it simple just type in the phone number here
hit "call me"
and you wait
the other nice thing about this web site is
it's easy
and there they are now
excuse me
why yes fonefindr
I did find my phone
why I would love to leave a message of where I found my phone
believe it or not I found it right where I threw it thanks
the other nice thing about the web site is
lot of people
lot of tips
lot of fun
you can listen to previous messages of how other people have found their phones
ET find phone... heh
good stuff
so just one of many web sites that offer this feature and
making sure that you know about it stay tuned next month for next month's Tech Tip