Defqon.1 Festival 2011 | The Viper & Promo Interview

Uploaded by Qdancedotnl on 29.05.2011

Wow, what's this? - Hey man, how are you?
Great man! - Can I get a ride? I think the bus will not come anymore.
That's not working with the bus. Come on, get in the car! - Great, thanks!
Have you been at the new festival site before?
No, not at the new festival site. Never. - But you've played at almost all editions right?
I think this is going to be my last time.. - Yes, is it over?
Yes, I've played there so many times... - (Laughs)
Well, I can imagine.. - I think I've played there 5 times. And you?
I think I've played at all editions. You can call me a resident.
Where is it? Where do we have to go?
Just turn right here and we'll see.
This is the bus stop where you've picked me up before. You're driving in circles!
I'm opening up the throttle into full speed mode.
Defqon.1! - Sorry, I did not understand that.
You've just reached your destination. - Yeah!
Defqon.1, Biddinghuizen.