Blackberry 10: OS review and Z10 hands on. Plus Q10 design showcase :) on dummy

Uploaded by nomobile on 30.01.2013

30th January RIM finally announced BlackBerry 10 OS and two new devices.
This is BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10.
As you see Z10 is has touch display, and itís also known as ëLondoní which you probably
have seen in the Net.
And Q10 has old-school QEWRTY-keyboard and square display.
Their design is different but hardware is similar.
And itís obvious that RIM will push Z10, because touchscreens is a global trend and
challenge for BlackBerry.
And Q10 is a tribute to the past and to their fans.
Thereís no any button on the device: neither hardware nor touch. This is major difference
between BB10 and all other platforms.
In iOS we have Home button, in Android and WP8 ó bunch of buttons.
BB10 has only gesture controls. Weíve seen such approach in MeeGo and in BlackBerry PlayBook
where you hardly can find any button too.
In BB10 you can use most of its functions with one gesture only ó from bottom of the
screen to the center.
The device isnít very thin or small, itís really big, but itís comfortable to hold
it in the palm.
Z10 has 4,2î screen with 1280 by 768 pixels, so itís 356 dpi and itís more than in even
iPhone 5.
On the top side of the gadget we have on/off button, reset, and 3,5-mm audiojack.
On the left side you can see volume controls and mute button.
And on the right side thereís micro-USB and micro-HDMI ports.
You may think thereís no micro-SD slot here, but itís hidden under the back panel.
Here you can find 1800 mah battery, micro-SD slot, and SIM-card slot. Finally RIM released
device with removable back cover.
And about this cover. Itís not final, and when itíll get close to the sales back panel
will be similar to what weíve seen in BB Bold.
Now lets compare Q10 and BlackBerry 9900. Theyíre very similar. Same thickness, same
metal edging, and thatís really cool.
But this models have different keyboards, and Q10 has larger screen with 720 by 720
In comparison with Z10 it has same ports and other elements on the sides.
Both smarphones equipped with 8-mp cameras with timeshift feature, and face cameras has
2-mp sensors.
They both support NFC, have 1,5 GHz processors, 2 GB of RAM, and 16 GB of RAM. Both devices
also support HSPA and LTE (Russian frequencies).
The main gesture you need to remember with new BB is from logo to the center of screen.
Itís useful when you donít need to fully unlock the smartphone, but want to chek time
or new messages. This is called seek.
If you keep finger till the top of the screen, you will unlock the phone.
This semi-swipe also works well in different applications. If you make such gesture in,
for example browser, there will appear special panel on the left side of the screen with
all major notifications.
If you donít interested in this notifications you need just release your finger.
And if you want to go into details you need to swipe on the right side of the screen an
youíll get to BB hub.
BalckBerry hub is a system of management of messages and notifications. RIM developed
special hub which gathers all the incoming messages from different services in one place.
As default it shows you all messages in one list, but if you want you can filter it by
application: only SMS, only FB, only Twitter, etc.
And you also can reply and create messages from here.
Itís important to say, that BB hub isnít some application but the part of OS. Thereís
special menu in settings where you can log in all of services you use.
And by the way right in BlackBerry hub you can check you agenda.
Desktop in BB10 is rather familiar to other platforms. Here we have 16 icons on one screen,
but there can be more than one screen. And you can operate with them with habitual actions.
But first two screens also contain BB hub and list of running applications.
At the bottom of the screen you can always find phone buttons, address book, and search
And if you ëpullí the top of the home screen youíll see control panel like in Adnroid.
In particular application this gesture will open the list of settings.
The base of BB10 is QNX system and itís very stable. If one of the running programms doesnít
answer it wonít crash the system, you can simply close it and run from scratch.
System supports 8 simultanious processes. So if you run some application it appears
on the first screen.
Now lets talk about texting - the main feature of all previous BlackBerry models.
Screen keyboard is very similar to what we see in Q10. Here we have big buttons, white
letters on black background. Thereís no space between buttons in one row, but rows are separated.
And BB has itís own predicative system of typing. For example if you want to type word
ëHelloí and begin with ëHe...í this system will show you several endings near the appropriate
letter on the keyboard. All you need is to ëthrowí this word in the text field.
And this system can learn your common words and phrases by your messages in social networks
and e-mails, and will suggest it in future.
Also you can type rather big phrases without spaces, ëcause the system will type it automatically.
For example: ëImtiredlikeadogí will appear on the space button like ëIím tired like
a dogí. All you need is just bush this button.
The system supports not only English but also Russian language.
An if you want to delete last typed word, you donít need ëbackspaceí button, ëcause
you can just swipe from right to left of the keyboard.
And thatís pity but if you want to change layout, youíll need to hold the button from
the left of the space and choose appropriate language from the menu.
Itís believed that BB browser with Webkit engine supports HTML5 better than any other.
So lets go to It passed the test and earned 485 points and 11 bonus
points. So if we comapre the results with other browsers, well find out that Opera Mobile
12 gets 406 points, then goes Chrome, FireFox 16 and iOS 6 with its 390, 388 and 386 points
Now lets go to the ëtabletsí tab. The first place gets also BB PlayBook browser with its
411, and then goes Opera Mobile, Chrome, FireFox and so on.
Now lets see what happens in desctop tab. The first place takes Maxton with 464 points,
then goes Chrome with 448 point, Opera 12 with 419, Firefox 18 with 386, Safari 6 with
378 and IE 10 with 320 points.
So, mobile BB10 browser works with HTML5 better than any other browser on any platform.
But itís not all. For example if you donít want to see graphics on the screen you can
choose ëOnly textí look of any web page from the menu.
Of course RIM wants to win hearts of the mass market consumers, but comany also remember
about business users. And feature called ëBlackBerry balanceí was developed specially for them.
If you swipe finger from the center of the screen to its bottom, youíll see one more
menu where you can choose between private and work buttons. So you can easily change
setting of the phone by pressing one of these buttons.
When you come home you can easily give your device to your kid and he will hardly find
your work programms and wonít erase significant data.
One more interesting thing about Z10 HD camera. Thereís one feature called timeshift. With
the help of this feature you can shoot series of photos and choose the best one when all
your frends have
their eyes opened.
I think RIM has done a
good job and developed one
of the most reliable platforms we have nowadays. It has become even more convenient, more consumer
oriented, and very intuitive. Keep
it up!