DIY Mason Jar Diffuser

Uploaded by MichaelsStores on 19.09.2012

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Michaels sells these reed diffuser kits.
So I thought, what a great way to upcycle a Mason jar
with alcohol ink and stencils
and create a personalized diffuser
that's going to match my decor this fall.
To begin, we're going to use our Mason jar
and we're going to take the lid off.
And you're actually not going to need the lid for this,
so you can go ahead and set that aside.
Choose your alcohol inks to match your decor,
so I chose red, brown and some warm yellows.
Now, alcohol inks are really easy,
so don't be afraid to use them.
I'm going to start with my red.
It's my brightest color.
So I'm going to do a base of red
and you want to drip it
just down the outside of your jar.
This is going to get a little bit messy,
but don't worry,
you can mix and change these alcohol inks.
And I'm going to go ahead, once I have all my red,
and I'm going to add my brown.
You can see how that starts to blend
and give a really different and warm look to it.
And this is going to, you know, dull it down a little bit
and give it some dimension.
Go back and add some more red.
You just want to give it the density and, you know,
the look that you really want to go with your decor.
So I'm getting happy with that,
so I'm going to go ahead and let this sit and dry.
Now once you've let your alcohol ink dry
on your Mason jar,
we're going to use a silk screen stencil
to apply a leaf pattern.
And this really great for fall.
So I'm going to place this going up the side of the jar.
And these are really great;
because of the adhesive on the back of the silk screen,
they're not going to move around on you.
Then you're going to use your glass paint
and you're actually going to draw a line of paint
along your silk screen.
Then you want to take your squeegee
and you want to pull the paint down over the stencil.
You want to just make sure you're covering the whole thing.
You want to get all those holes.
All right, then you can just pull this off.
And you can see you have this beautiful leaf pattern.
Now, you want to make sure this dries,
and then you can go ahead and turn your jar
and do a few other patterns on it.
Now this one's completely dry and you can see
I've added multiple leaf patterns on the jar.
Then, you're going to take your reed diffuser kit
that we sell at Michaels,
and you're going to add your oil in the bottom of the jar.
Then, I've taken a piece of burlap
and I've just cut a square
and I've attached it to the top of the jar
with a piece of twine.
It makes it really rustic and homey.
And then your reeds,
you're going to poke through just the holes of the burlap,
and they're going to hold them secure,
and so the scent's going to come out
and really fill your home nicely.
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