Sport for Development: Abby Wambach

Uploaded by USaidVideo on 31.07.2012

As the 2012 Summer Olympics approach, we will again see the power that sport has to bring
the world together, and highlight the values that unite us including courage, determination
and equality.
I'm particularly proud of the great work that USAID is undertaking to improve the lives
of young women and girls through sport.
From soccer programs in Kenya and Columbia to skateboarding in Afghanistan, sport is
also inspiring guiding and motivating young women everywhere by promoting gender equality
and improving self confidence.
So as I head to London, I am pleased to support the work of USAID, and the thousands of people
who right now are also giving the best of themselves, not for the love of the game,
but for their love of humanity and their desire to make this world a better place.
I look forward to visiting these programs where I will undoubtedly meet the next generation
of the worlds female leaders and role models. Whether it's on the soccer field, in a community
center or in the classroom, USAID is using sport to transform the lives of girls globally,
and in my book, that deserves a gold medal.