Mineral Requirements and Deficiencies of Stocker Cattle

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In this area
The number one deficiency i see on an every day basis is copper deficiency
it is one that
in herds that are being supplmented
i see copper
in animals that are being supplemented for vitamins and minerals
you can compare things
and what may be considered adequate
if theres interferences involved and in this area we see lot of
sulfur based interferences
from high sulfur in the forages
as well as
we've heard number of people talk about using a lot of by-products
distillers by-products
those of the poorest lignitediesel content
ansel riza major air carriers
was something you know what's what
so please see a lot of interferences
so even if that were people think they're supplementing
they may not be supplementing adequate
or very commonly out here people say i've got a great never laugh from
accounts but they don't monitor how much thirty three
just because it's at product advertising is not limited to
or for not getting enough but it's not like
so monitoring
being able to determine the devils are truly intake inactive impact
is critical
the page
ever tell the best
ta productivity
the number two deficiency i see a mysterious one day
i talk about the commonality
how frequently i see these deficiencies with contributions
when i started looking at the numbers
in roughly fifty percent
the carolinas acts
in this area
perk up a bit
a lot of time to my senators and i don't know whether those animals are also
astronauts up
so that is a general fifty percent of the cannot test
in this area
roughly between thirty and thirty five percent of the ally tested this theory
recipient of this
so it is a very
common problem
wants easily addressed
yes it takes a little bit of money and but the truth address
optics very easily addressed
the productivity gain
hi addressing adequately
pays for the supplement capitals and
lesser frequency funded by any deficiency manganese deficiency zinc
barrier along with it
made it easy overall
less than one two percent of the animals faster
and in most cases those are individual analyst with the apartment
for some reason
may not be going to the middle
or there maybe other
factors involved in the pat
disease when they were in the n_b_a_ have sparked issue and i just attract
where they're not absorbing things is right
fees are for once in a rare efficiencies under the focus mostly on talking about
the bank
on the part of a slightly above of those pardon made lighters
and account of this error
why don't we see
the patient's i can walk questions wire
choir to sing so we were deficiencies now the music
i'll be back in
two thousand eight you'd like
impaired dated ten years previously
jose visiting deficiencies of stay
in two thousand eight
and two thousand that no trek
why was missing all the deficiencies in two thousand i'm why wasn't that much of
a dramatic increase
what happened in the fall two thousand eight
a crash
much part of the west
because of productivity costs
few all us
one of the easiest ways for people to that policy government also
idea cases of deficiencies from
hurts but i do
the corrected
problem five six years earlier divorcing deficiencies
they start trying to get nbsp
they lost all of us
but there's a lot of healthy
in two thousand suggested this was not the worst of it yet
spot would see it as far as these mineral deficiencies it starts in the
capital operation and just
those all the way that the finishing line
goes in california vision
they don't have enough to get back to you this overcast morning expectation
it's not making enough about the environment
to build it back up if it's not a supplement to those palestinians to the
stalker operation deficient
and any kind of go on a location modification
and left the silence all along that she
to get back into the morning
so the numbers don't look at the end
between two thousand and two thousand yet
soviet aid to your period i saw six-fold increases cover deficiency based
ibc in two thousand eleven a slight increased from two thousand
you know that it was done very slightly
so i think we've seen the worst
as far as what we were going to see
but also just finding
of the economic downturn people trying to say dollars
impossible revisions
routinely see cases throughout the united states are run
point seventy
thousand samples of the year for my life
all across the united states
or canada
by just about finished updating the big project down yogita
i'm doing some work for the national star wars of the d_c_ so i can do a lot
of testing for a lot of different states
eighty percent of the
blood test and abusing at
so that is the predominant
that i've been tested
i had an older gentleman one time in a meeting that i was going to probably
book fourteen years ago map
during this meeting he asked he said wire seeing all these deficiencies that
was the in thirty years ago
easiest answer at the time list
were tested
you're gonna see it
and that is
part of law
what we're seeing a lot of problems with right now it's because people were
trying to cost say
and they're going out stopping for them
i can take to the middle head to head the exact same
without proper name saxonhouse let you know
and want to make an absolutely no good
and one of maybe one day
because the coupon pool
form of that mineral
can make a big difference on how well they will yes
now what does that do the price tag
very commonly
you can go out bara
uh... six dollars seven dollar fifty-pound bag
uh... stop in a row
were taken by eighteen dollar magistad mineral
and the difference between those two
comparing apples and oranges is for us
how much benefit you
doesn't get out
saloon people go out and start cost comparing
what they're getting
yesterday may six and all of us
at the end of may not be able to use the mineral in exchange for a product
the public
well because the in book form of that
two thousand eight o'clock tonight
was one of the reasons we saw dramatic increases
we are good works best
that goes beyond that
if you start looking
asking for increased production output
the park yesterday and they were talking about the number of cameras in the
united states
being the lowest since the fifties
that could come up the organization united states is almost here
so we're getting bored and it's a
so we're putting additional stress levels
increased efficiency increase any
you all the way back to the introductory side of it
per capita operation
if you look thirty years ago sonoma county united states
and that you look at production units
income bracket figured that one pair bridge
presented three years
works bank
in the top
producing units
you expect the calf every here effect after operation goes the market
so she's never allowed time to build our system backup
she doesn't
habitat at the pentagon period that she's not
productions bill versus the backup she has enough to get the happiness
broadcast world
and so we're seeing more and more deficiencies because
we're asking these panels
more total output
that what we did thirty years ago not only a number of
but also in weight
busy thirty years ago
look at my grandmother's on
it can we not be kicked out by her parents fear
it brighten your bike helmet coffee shop
now queenoftab asking her to talk production unit you put it back with
more publicity
so if you look at the difference in both productivity
and number of kathleen the picnic we ask a calendar
produced reports that
of the total we need to be expected that benefit who's thirty years ago gibson
not very happy with my first supplement to make it
we must walter
i described as the people
even already spotters meeting we have to go back to the tactic unit to get an
idea of what i'm seeing some of these problems in the spotlight operation
if you look at
with the deer have her babies
withheld captivated
animal the bottle
after having to bring up is fine
evolution is a wonderful time
atlast samples to fueled by survival of the biggest
and they do that
by doing things in the most efficient manner from healthday
weirdest pushing a lot of our spring calving fast cabinet
want two months before anything brings up
from a is ecology standpoint the actual worst kind of your possible
atmosphere strong
because it's a time of year when the california about stupid yet
would be happy
soap opera deficiencies a deficiency a stock review to see a variety of
or growth rates
cochran's sensual
from all over the past
so you see it decrease feed efficiency
when animals are not getting adequate papa dot
or involved
compras consentual
refunds natural defense mechanisms fight off disease
so animals that are competition they do not fight off disease
now back and said
how much greater hispanic nonstop depart
vaccines that risk
interviewed system's not working well how much that aren't really doing with
that axi
most of the vaccine cigarettes that i've investigated over the last ten years
from number of different axiom companies
have all act vitamin and mineral deficiencies explaining why those
animals did not respond asap
it's amazing
producers uses a specific vaccine may end up with problems
they said the back seat
it's bad it's the biggest change companies to get it back sitting in the
next year they see the sidebar
it's not positive tax-and-spend is proposing animals were capable of
responding to that taxing
figure hight sensibility that viruses pneumonias keeping things that are being
poor supplementation
in fact operations leads to deficiencies these sufficiency follow-through and the
soccer operations
unless bracketed
beyond into the finishing operations
uh... needs stalker
and finishing operations
worker apt
coming from
you will find
that if yuki
right records as does the grapple breaks that
happy ability
market share
all stripping
dot producers that i've worked with
thirty find success
all this on probable cause quicker
are believed to be the stock corroboration we'll go from soccer
operations and finishing operations
you know
health risk to those animals isbn applies because they've been taking care
of these problems upfront
be skeptical entities
copper finishing operation
let's help that
pop dot belmont into rasta
or producers
utah idaho
begged him between five and six cents a pack more than they paid money elsewhere
pool rates
wants him
of what they offer elevated anybody
that's just for us
and you start looking at uh... losses
it's a bit ton of money
we're willing to trade
the people did not happen
that you were able to do that do that with me
and with year after year
going insane
starter politician purchase
you know i said
icy roads fifty percent
the fact that the samples that i test necessary our conversation
if i break that down into
and into weaning yet
post said
eight percent of the weaning cab tonight s tradition
so there is a bit very big problem
yes communist power
a deficiency develop model
details are so many
if you look at four jimmy hoffa contents in this area of the united states
what i want to look at total com hawkins taking cap
policy on
of ten parts per million in the total but
most of the board
in this area run between three and six
that means
very time
quality portage
you're getting roughly
what he did it
drops out
that's the best case scenario
and that's it you have no interference
deficiencies can also be due to not only inadequate intake of precipitation
due to higher
i say
all of these panels have
interactive problems with that line of the digestive tract albertson
so i hope spokespeople that what you're doing vitamin mineral supplementation
you need to do it with a reputable company that uses that balance
i want to use the example of a
agenda london's had severe properties and sees a lot of problems in his cabs
why health problems when they would go to soccer operations or background and
twenty five thirty percent
s for disease that losing
in decades united severe provisions
i've tried to rigidity and losing pounds
is ideal
balanced product was not possible tons of rock salt apostle
the next year he had just died
problems in the previous year tested those cats
they want a cop
but they were absolutely division
it's awful that it was so much property corrected kaka problem because the
selenium deficiency in the process
salt palace product description
don't want just jumping to supplement with what they did that you're fixing
because you can create problems
as well big also
or if you don't stop
with a palace proc
interferences with high school
in this area
if i look at total sulphur content dot
you want to stay below
in the total dot
optimal productivity has dropped two point three three perception
george's in kentucky
you will see so far
forges very commonly at the point four five point
silva sole or content is high already
sulfur when it hits the road and he's reduced to salt
five school artful way behind
and purposes
so even though you may be supplemented with adequate copper if it was a piece
out of the road
in what goes in one instance asap the other end of that never had a chance
informant once they've been doing a good for the analyst holt
in the process
contacts with mobile oranges mister
did you go to the supplement patients that are being done
and a lot of the byproduct materials that are being utilized today
this divorce
still reply products
comes form pizza meals
or or or a sleep i had sold for cops
so you've got four inches already in the area that are a little bit hard at what
they should be a big add additional sold for would be fine product materials
and who will have
operatic pieces
no question
the other side issue with these byproduct materials to the grand solver
is there not
they're not consistent
from the site
as you can see as much as it unfolded parts in the amount of salt for between
two different worlds
of the same problem
from the same
so you have to be very careful with this
i've seen hurts that have had
that had been using distillers picked his victory effectively for years
that happened at one oh
the sulfur content so much earned a starting point date yes
so high sulfur will cause issues with polio as a director sees that the other
thing is the high sulfur will cost differences with copper so you'll be
inducing copper deficiency
and that it is possible patients see it will cost ordnance system not work well
and so do you see outbreaks of disease
and start worrying vaccines are working good
or the teams are vaccinated for something else but in all reality need
to get this supplement it back
burden systems work
up issues he's going to finish
model hypo
also typedef losses
this comes back to haunt you
on teachers
and so
putting some additional our standard of conduct
inside it
in a stalker operation
will benefit you in the long run
if you tried to develop a market for your cattle that has been a bit at one
and where you have the potential of building
premiums into the
price at
centralized processing to slip
i get a lot of samples and works the signal apple once i have
testing blood for copper
isn't wasted
if i test samples from what her
one of those animals that slow
then it's likely to have a severe complications that you know that for the
end of the within this year
panhandle actually whole copper politicians to try to keep this year
normal so they may be politically deficient
begin to see her dismissal
the best sample protesting proper specimen animals members
but i tell people that he's probably is
yell if you are conspiracy bright light on it will be issued
that's a great bora bora bora
whoopi's litter out that plastic bag freezing
you handled it gets acutely sick
and i just
point four forty eight hour period
that sample that's good
whole fuselage wrapped in plastic bags in the freezer when you get your or
uh... city who have
you could get a pretty good idea part status
when you're testing
that tells you what your supplementation program is packed with
i've actually got some stalkers
in kansas and uh... in
where they were actually going into a liver biopsies
on cats for they bring a bit off trough
because they want to see how the fishing poles
historical guidebook into their operation to start with
to get an idea of how much they need to supplement and get back
so i'm not quite serious lol
accent now colors of the issues the issue going on
the polls terrible orange you can still deficiencies with kidnappers idea
over access is one thing i did a lot of questions on
and actually had
was pure undergo
must report to be an independent producer meeting
and i got a lot of questions
or people that had not been supplemented
supplement al
or once doctors by pat from random source where they don't know if these
treaties cap
they put a mineral supplement out
vendor eighty two to three times what they should be either poured into the
animals that hurt the patient
that what the label on products this issue
protracted builder system backed up
or collabera produces and what will happen at least important shipping
labels such as post eight four ounces per head per bag reading almost pale
left four times what they should be slot uninstall
to get the bodies
if you cut the software you don't let me just busting your haha well under system
to take it back to the builder system back
when you don't have any references or totaled
parts-per-billion of arrive every newspaper bank of india
but that's about for maintenance
that's not enough
to allow you'll back
for what deficiencies that already have in place
overeating till they build their system backup middle racks we got back now
we're mixing it directly into the ration
if you're mixing with your
uh... nutritional supplements for minerals into a rationing goods here
margaret williams well-meaning free choice
it with this shipment coming in
i can only recommend that you double the amount of mineral supplement the tripoli
indirectly and more
for at least two to three weeks to allow the bill but except for the patients
ease the pain at night time began
than intrusion maybe
it would go plan out the builder system backup
where they could have happened unity adequate ability to fight off disease
there's always the question of almost updation
in a free choice lose them
where they go out to selectively gi what they
dorsey eighth abt eating too much because one
i'll see counsel eat
five times what they should be
when they come in really division
developer system that that generally with three week period knew that
you can
with poor supplementation interpret selenium saints
resort point this out isn't very commonly daripada tiket
estate was awful
but it is based in political expression where they don't have a choice
they have to keep what's
mixed into the total rack
installed soccer operations where you're getting the mineral act directly kim
with defeat
if you're over supplementing
policy interferences
with some of the other elements and like i said earlier with the comparable
therefore supplement property it gives us when it gets to you that this is a
so using the f_b_i_
that wants to go and the ballots those yahoo
act that goes into the told extraction
is just as critical of the stopper operation as it is in a very
now for those that are putting it out free choice
we're going to eat what they want
that's not good
whistler a deficiency
odyssey to star abhor girlfriends
now has the proper corporal right
part of that has been said there's a certain amounts of money in the book one
of the books need to be able to function most efficient
and separate copper
you'll see chaos
the current system doesn't work as well because when he was also a crippling
insist upon improper
anybody that's raised cattle
anywhere on the road ever
knows when it will get sick they backed off p
you can get increased growth rates because the copy
okay so part of the poor growth rate
is the party
cancer support freaks
apparently a frequent
could sit where you're saying about the slides rosenberg endowment matures group
mayhem local level
model disease for the animals just are not guilty
they don't feel great
may not be overly moniker entomologist
they're not extremely not resist
help is such that they are not functioning at full
asking about the people
so part of the poor growth rate is because the selenium incomparable
necessary for the budget
but part of the student body increased issues
useful his wealth droplet
what muscle disease
selenium is critical into seven uh... enzyme systems in the bond
mocks the distress
anybody dancing like mad t_v_ to see all these commercials about
disc yachts metagogued
well part of the evolution of the water
thanks linden sciences
selenium is important in the body
are natural ante up
to protect against issued an
a deficiency and selenium
allows those possibly materials to build a involves damage the cells of the most
common self manager muscles
detour heart muscle
and because of muscle repairs itself by prince partition in place of the muscle
you can sometime you know one st unions
or for skeletal muscle
and so it's not commenting white muscles
very probably be scans of the week
they didn't stand at
in courses because probably they put forth exercise of power c_e_o_ spot like
that but you can't read them figure out the sex
because of the muscle
also see sudden death
most common cause for that is the white house on disease in the spartan are
that there's been a part of that
your life in sync images
burn off of the bishop of the purchase
as i sit at the copper
higher incidents
and we need to pass
that i've been adult apt
i see a fair amount of
disease as well
but it's likely arrogantly adds that it is a bill
so obvious animals are based upon their purchase
but this has been developed
if they're not subtle metadata
et cetera talk about what your words
extant house
are operations bruce more pounds of the
that we used to thirty years ago if you look at these soils and the four inches
in this area
if you were having written
you're only getting
about seven
were sent with the slide
problem production
gorgeous mister
with you look back at the time supporters in this area molly is the
conference twenty-five it what would what would be considered optimal papa
what roughly ninety percent of the people in this part of the impact grass
the papal connaught
some type of the past
ask you the president here
doctor mary concept in a lot of work at the university of illinois and over the
years ago
found that best itself there is something inherent about ask you about
finance investing or something in the past few
achievements the availability of both operas money
salt not only did not happen not their problem
productivity the fact that it's best viewed with its part of what is their
from being absorbed
so subtle patient becomes very
grateful to keep the samples of normal range
thank you for al
peak performance
deficiency community enactment date precipitation derek yet oracle software
sole purpose of the player impolitic deficiencies tho opera canceling
we have higher than normal silver in the riches in this area
more than adequate opportunity involved
back vocational elsewhere perry
incidents of divisions
sample choice liver syrup whole blood are all equally
looking for deficiencies
sirnas parker recess take whole blood is a little better barker long-term status
cir or whatever
liberal operator just has been approved for
uh... efficiency vs