Riding Metro on Inauguration Day

Uploaded by MetroForward on 15.01.2013

Welcome to Metro. And thanks for riding with us on Inauguration Day. If this is your first
time riding Metro, there are a few things you should know before you begin your travel.
Inauguration Day is typically one of the busiest for Metro so you should be prepared for busy
stations, crowded trains and lengthy walks to the ceremony and parade.
With a little bit of planning, and by following these tips, you should be able to travel with
To start, we recommend visiting wmata.com/inauguration for the latest information. There, you’ll
find a “Best Route” trip planner that will help recommend the best stations for
your trip. We recommend planning your trip so that you don’t have to transfer between
You can also pick up a copy of Metro’s official Inauguration rider guide – available in
all stations, and elsewhere around the National Capital Region. It features a large walking
map of Downtown Washington, including Metrorail stations and special Metrobus drop off points.
For up-to-the-minute service information,sign up for Metro Inauguration alerts – available
by email or text - and follow us on Twitter.
Now let’s go over some basic information for riding Metrorail:
Our rail system has five lines – each identified by a color. Red, Orange, Blue, Yellow and
Green. No matter which line you choose, all can take you to Downtown Washington, DC.
On Inauguration Day, Metrorail will operate from 4 a-m until 2 a-m… with rush hour service
levels through 9 p-m.
Due to their location near Inaugural events, three stations will be closed: Archives, Smithsonian
and Mount Vernon Square.
If you plan to drive to one of our stations with parking, please note you’ll need to
pay for parking as you exit the garage using a credit card or SmarTrip card. Cash is not
For security reasons, there are many items that may not be brought to Inaugural events,
so be sure to check in advance. Also be aware that eating, smoking and drinking are not
permitted anywhere in the Metro system. And, on Inauguration Weekend, no bicycles or large
coolers please.
Now let’s talk about how to ride the system.
Each customer 5 years or older must have his or her own plastic SmarTrip card or a paper
Farecard. Each station is equipped with fare card machines that accept cash and coins.
Some also accept debit and credit cards. Note that customers using paper cards should add
1-dollar the cost of each trip. And be sure to add enough value to the card to pay for
your entire journey, to avoid lines on your return trip.
You can also pay using a SmarTrip card with fare value on it, or by purchasing a commemorative
one-day pass that’s valid for unlimited travel on the day it is used. For details
on these fare options, visit wmata.com/inauguration.
Peak fares will be in effect until 9 p-m and they vary depending on the length of your
We strongly encourage you to purchase your fare cards before Inauguration Day.
If using a paper fare card, insert the card as shown and remove it from the top of the
fare gate to open.
If using a SmarTrip card or Commemorative Inauguration card, simply tap it on the target.
All stations also include wider wheelchair-accessible gates.
And remember, keep all fare cards with you throughout your journey. You're going to need
them again to exit the station.
Once in the station, follow signs to the appropriate platform. If you need help, ask any Metro
employee in a yellow vest.
Train direction is indicated by the destination displayed on digital signs and on the trains
Passenger information screens are located on every platform and show upcoming trains,
their destination, the number of cars, and the number of minutes until they arrive.
Lighting along train platforms will flash when a train is approaching. Always stand
back from the edge of the platform.
When the train arrives, allow customers to exit before you board.
Once on board, stand clear of the doors. They don’t work like elevator doors and cannot
be held open.
Move to the center of the car to make room for others behind you. And please be considerate
of seating designated for customers with disabilities.
Metro system maps are displayed in every car for easy reference.
When you arrive at your destination, exit the train as quickly and safely as possible.
Many stations have two or more exits. If one is crowded, consider using an alternate exit.
Exit through any fare gates with a green arrow displayed. You’ll need to insert the same
farecard or tap the same SmarTrip card you used when you started your trip.
On Inauguration Day Metrobus will operate on a weekday schedule with frequent rush-hour
service. Many downtown routes will be altered but still may be your best way to get to events.
Look for red, white and blue Metrobus stop signs along major roads. Buses traveling to
or near the National Mall will display a special sign in the windshield.
Please be aware that paper fare cards cannot be used on Metrobus. Busses accept SmarTrip
cards, Commemorative Inauguration cards or cash.
We hope you enjoy your stay in the National Capital Region and we thank you for riding