How To Download YouTube Videos (Working Method - No Add-Ons)

Uploaded by xAbSoLuTexZeRo on 08.05.2012

Hey guys! Absolute Zero here with a quick tip on how to download YouTube videos. So let's get started!
First, open up the video you want to download.
Then copy and paste the URL to this website. The link the this website will be in the descripton.
Select the second option and paste the link into the box. (Must be the second box)
For the input format, leave it as MPEG-4, but for the output format, you must select MPEG-4. It will not work if you don't.
When you are ready, press convert.
And wait a few seconds.
It should be pretty fast, but then this part might take a while.
So I'll fast forward through the video.
(Cheesy elavator music plays)
Okay, when it's finished, right click this link and select SAVE LINK AS (or something similar, depending on your browser).
I'm going to save it to my desktop.
And your video will begin downloading. I'll fast forward through this part too.
(Cue the cheesy elavator music!)
Okay, so now you have the YouTube video on your computer.
But there is one problem: it is in MP4 format which is not supported by many Windows applications.
You will want to convert it again to a useable format.
Go back to the ConvertFiles website. Go back to the homepage.
Choose the first box this time and find your video.
Now you can select any format you want. I'm going to use Windows Media Video. Press convert, and the video will be uploaded and converted.
This part might take while if you have slow internet. Just be patient.
Follow the same process to save the video.
Thanks for watching! Remember to leave a like! On screen you'll see some links to my Twitter and Facebook. Have a great day!