Bâloise Conseiller Client Lausanne / La Côte

Uploaded by BaloiseGroup on 08.11.2011

My childhood dream was to work with numbers
because I love them. I thought that I
would go to work for the post office or a bank. Finally, I found my
place in an insurance company that also runs a bank.
My name is Edy Piguet. I am 48 years old, I am married
and have four children.
I have worked for Baloise for 10 years.
I am a trained chef and spent several years managing a small hotel.
I also tried my hand in the car industry.
I was very happy
to be able to visit the head office in Basel during my familiarisation
phase to meet the managers. I think it’s important for
anyone joining a new company.
My routine is very interesting. Every day I have to
organise the course of my day as best I can. I plan meetings,
phone calls, lunch and to go swimming with the children
in the afternoon – but in the end it always turns
out differently to what I had envisaged.
There are constant changes and you have
to be adept at juggling your time.
Nevertheless, good planning is everything.
I have a constant stream of new customers for whom I was
recommended by my other customers, which I value greatly.
If things don’t go according to plan, I contact various companies.
These are mostly local groups.
What I really like is heading off into the unknown, meeting new
people, creating new synergies, acquiring new customers
and, of course, giving people advice.
This profession is ideal if you love people and also want to love your
work, because there is so much
freedom that you can never reach the summit.
Making you safer.