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Whats good YouTube, or should i say Nominions~
If you guys didn't know I recently hit 7000 subscribers on my youtube channel
so i wanted to make a video for you guys. Fan service.
So yeah, 7000. YAYYYY~ I wanted to thank each and everyone one of you guys for
liking, subscribing, commenting, sharing
I love you guys. I was gonna do this when i hit 5000 but i was too busy with school..
I was busy okay. geez.
So I will be answering some of the questions you guys sent in for me
first question is from Maja Baladshdeduadfafasdfasdfsdafasdfsd
Imma butcher so many names, she asks can you introduce yourself
ahnyeonghaseo, my name is Tom Kim or Young J. and I'm 20 years old and I'm from
Southern California
that cover songs specifically county embracing question anonymous as when you
start clearing some
i start backing thousands still around sixty
i start by trinkets hard covers
akshita start covering slash singing cream songs until the beginning of two
thousand not when i first came back
how this leads me to the second question
that comes from performance yes out how did you become a fan d_j_ pops that's
created and what was the first screens on her
well when i was young and the industries b
big fans of utility acuity but it wasn't until the beginning of two thousand nine
visited creo
hence canada includes for some economic capable as how to automatically
conflict asses approvals to
bill of rights yes how much do you think you have improved from the beginning
which songs a fever threatened
because someone include
there's always room for improvement stone far from this
bachelor started covering songs placed so much on it
cost so much harder to so much
we in fact console much
because the judge publicly accountable covers tickets
love stale
everytime authority i was going to be better
but there is a horrendous vigilant preteen lines
just loved it
next question pty at
seagulls featuring com records that we see asi old producers dot patsy next
profits jessica w_s_ we ever audition for any indicating company warhead
beautiful i have audition for t_v_ shows like ecostore insulation i had never
been addition for word specific companies like what you are sending next
question prompted will you marry me
com twenty
their support you
anonymous s green any phantoms and which ones com blackjack
beauty p_r_d_ copy bc high school since eighty eight
com does it only means that seat
thanked him
com next question still on the internet ascribed to collaborate with iniki pop
artist to live your life good question the artist of the political because of a
huge head of the pound amateur instead
rafts last resort feet whatever funeral so much shattered it would have to do
you think there was a week ago com twenty her legs
pretty voice their smoking hot plate that she saw will come from each
exposure and every one of these before last or your favorite kickoff zones
right now
genentech dot com as of right now was going crazy you'll be cheaper ways my
body is on fire such a good sign
ppc crafts executes on at because all he had clinton's that's why should love
nationalist established a two thousand alas gannett any color which would be
inclined visibility does painting apple
com twenty letterman at that time speaking
com twenty
until we can expect i'm assuming her name is angela tns everyday experience
mechanics that but yes if yes
com this question which interests can you play in which one of these barcelona
you have any other towns besides the
asking mediocre online service that les
by contract they had the talks simply the basic template comatose in fourth
grade i played the flute
under three treatment torrez on infringements differently
cars so there is no doubt turntable and slash dejan because counterparts so much
uh... christmas eve complex was and eighty s walk us equipment it's very
important also would you recommend so that we cannot get better at singing
star trek
i'm going to separate video i was talking about his acquittal i_d_'s and
excel denies any com through an audio thatcher cultural popular faced
wage macintosh using desperate
danny's operatives that handled things housing up enough to get a plant
closings attracting one thing's for sure practicing always makes perfect there
times when i was ten forty five minutes on one line don't quit
still fatigued but the enhancement
aircraft and jenny chan s squatty studying slash what do you plan to be in
the future a stunning something close to the music industry combo and also goes
onto the streets decrease
com twenty also to the super creepy versus uh... unfairly attending a
community college
transfer to a four year creatures audio engineer
so it's definitely related to the music industry frisky story was from drowning
sorrows lives levels with him
none of us s or your biases com twenty
match at least we want to see it'll pass female formats other wonder girls as you
can take this case cheer brown-eyed roles cunningham and she has put out
glass questioning credit gonzalez asked calligraphy like quickbooks valproate
generations now chronicle staff sisters dot
compliment undertows twenty one starts to grassroots only i don't like to see
all of that
groceries she sounded like a big hole novels that i had to choose it would be
for a good start because confidence dark smoky nation
black colleges com twenty girl phobias into the studio
we're going to continue to make deals like this is for yes but i think you
guys they continue to support him up
so lady feels still keeps any of those questions are still my next year maybe
he'll get until a bit violence of the one he had a big deal still com wink
that she saw her