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How Animation Classes Can Help You Follow Your Dreams
So you want to be an animator, but don’t have all the training you need - why not sign
up for animation classes? I’m about to school you on how animation
classes can help you follow your dreams…
Drawing Animation Classes
Learn Live or Take Animation Classes Online... Ah, the age old debate. To take an animation
class, or to not take an animation class. That is the question.
Let’s get one thing straight. You must take some animation classes if you want to be an
animator. Why? Because no one, not even Walt Disney himself, just picked up a pencil (or
a computer) and started animating. It takes years of training to get really good at it.
You need to study design, drawing, color theory, acting, filmmaking, and well...animating,
in order to one day call yourself a successful animator.
So what are some good classes I recommend? There are a bunch of different programs you
can sign up for to take animation classes. But first you need to decide what your main
goal is... Are you just trying to sample things and make
sure animating is for you? Or are you convinced that being an animation geek is in your future
and you’re ready for a college degree? If you’re hoping to just dabble in things,
I recommend getting some books (I recommend Preston Blair’s great book ‘Cartoon Animation’.
This is the book that started me off when I was 12, so pick it up! Also grab a notepad
so you can create some flipbooks.
But what if you’re ready for ‘the next level’?
You can enroll in a regular Associate’s, a Bachelor’s, or a Master’s degree program
at a college or university, if you like to learn in person. You can also take animation
classes online, if you’d rather learn while chilling on the couch.
I studied at CalArts. It was founded by Walt Disney, most of the top artists in the animation
industry went there (Glen Keane, Tim Burton, & Brad Bird), and will give you a great excuse
to live in Southern California. (: For online, check out Animation Mentor. The
classes are taught by top industry execs and it was founded by a group of Pixar and ILM
animators. Can’t beat that!

Disney Animation Classes
Anything is possible when you take animation classes
Check out the different types of animation classes to see what fits best with your lifestyle,
and with your specific interests as an animator-to-be. Some will focus on traditional hand-drawn
animation, while other animation classes will focus on graphics and computer animation.
There are lots of types of animation classes you will take in your program, whether you
choose live courses or animation classes online. You’d better study life drawing (yep, you’re
gonna have to draw naked people). Also study acting. Most animation programs don’t stress
that, but I do. Acting and storytelling are very important!

Animation Classes Online Many Different Types Of Animation To Learn...
must also decide what type of animation you want to focus on.
There are 2 choices here. What industry?
What medium?
Industry: You can choose to focus on commercials or
films, or learn how to animate for video games or apps– an awesome field that’s growing
fast. You can learn everything from how to make characters move realistically to the
post-production process. So you should probably decide what type of animation interests you
most. I chose movies because that’s my main love. But if video games or commercials, or
motion graphics (titles and logos) are your passion, focus on those!
Medium: There are many types of mediums that make
up animation: stop-motion, computer graphics, 2D (want to animate with pencil on paper,
Flash or Toonboom), cutout, get the picture!
Computer animation classes will teach you how to use software programs to create 2D
and 3D computer graphics. Computer animators need to be technically skilled as well as
creative. Taking animation classes online is an easy option for computer animation classes
– after all, you’re already gonna be on the computer! Remember that computer animation
generally means ‘3D’ animation, like Pixar. But it can also mean animating a 2D style
on the computer using Flash, Toonboom, or AfterEffects. So make a plan and then find
some animation classes that will help you make sure that is the type of animation you’re
most down to do! If you need some more help deciding how to
choose the best animation classes online, here’s some advice I found useful:
“First of all, you should consider your objective for taking the classes, because
the number of credits you need to earn an online degree will likely be higher than the number
you will need if you just want to take a few courses for your own amusement. Once you figure
out your needs, you should find out what prior education and current computer knowledge you
are required to have to qualify for a class. In addition, the experience of the course
instructor should be considered before you select your online courses.”