Butterfly Lovers 梁祝 Leung Juk Cantonese 廣東話 with English Sub 2 of 2

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He's over there.
This monk is a former student of our school.
He seems so at peace.
Master, he's our new classmate, Chuk Ying.
- How you are, Master? - Chuk Ying?
He looks familiar to me.
In a former life.
Ying comes from Shang-yu.
Do you know the Sin family?
Before being a monk, he…
He fell for one of his classmates.
She disguised as a boy and studied in our college her surname was Sin.
I didn't hide.
Being a monk and hiding, is a question of terminology.
The Hans claim they are civilized.
They also like to educate the barbarians.
But now, the barbarians conquered the North.
The Hans are forced to the South.
Those who came first occupy the senior posts of the government
The great families allied with each other.
As a result the marriage depends on rank.
I didn't hide, I observe calmly and objectively.
Chuk, do you know the Sin family?
We are relatives.
She married a rich man.
She takes care of family affairs. She's very rich now.
God thank you. if only they are doing what makes them happy.
Shan-pak, your final exams
are coming up very soon
You'll be all done with school.
Yes, we won't be able to see each other as often.
As you said, fate will decide if we meet again.
Fate? Only exists if you believe in it.
- Go to sleep, you're sick. - My medicine is boiling.
You do so much, thank you.
We are brothers.
Don't mention it.
If we're brothers, we should stop fighting.
Your medicine is ready.
It's hot.
Be careful.
Don't sneeze!
The first time that I saw you
I said to myself that you would change my life
You have me mesmerized and entranced.
and always smiling
You are always so happy
That one should applaud you You are the light of my life
You are such a fun person.
You have such a wild heart
We are like two brothers who admire themselves
Only one voice, only one heart
That's how we are
Watching and caring for each other
I know you like no one else.
This is the closest anyone can be.
Shark fins.
“The moon rises
“like a pearl in the sky…”
Teacher you recited that poem last year.
The mid-autumn festival is the same every year.
Another year comes.
Monk York.
I stole some cosmetics.
Let's dress-up like the poets.
“The youth is arrogant…”
They are dressing up.
I wonder what I'll look like in make-up.
My dad always puts make-up on.
I hate it
You have to come back and visit me.
I want some too.
It's very hot!
My dear!
- What made you so angry? - I've very bad news.
What's the matter? Your powder is melting.
The Au-yeung family will join Chan's clan.
If his child marries that of the Shang-kwun family,
The Shang-kwun family is the relative of the Ma family.
and our relationship with the Ma's will be isolated.
Get Yingtoi back for the wedding, right now!
You see how important make-up is.
Au-yeung's has good luck for they have rosy cheeks.
- Cheung-kwai, you packing up? - Yes.
- Really? - Really.
He's packing up!
- Who has a carriage? - I do.
- Tell Shan-pak, I'm going back home tomorrow. - Ok.
Ting Mong-chun…
I won't let you down. I'll let him know by tonight.
Young Master, get in.
We've been waiting for two hours.
Damn it, Ting Mong-chun!
- Ying! - Shan-pak!
I was losing hope.
I have my exam tomorrow. I must get back before dark.
- Work hard and you'll pass. - Why are you leaving in such a hurry?
- Walk with me and I'll tell you. - This way.
- Let's walk further away. - Young Master.
We don't have anymore time. Get back in the carriage, please.
I know. Don't worry.
Wait for me in the kiosk. I must say goodbye to Shan-pak.
- Let's go over here. - Confucius said…
- What? - You have to know this for your exam.
Confucius said: “To be happy that your friends come to see you. “
- Be careful. - Confucius said…
“Be even happier when your friends have to leave. “
- Confucius said… - “Learn while you are practising. ”
- Confucius said… - “It's cold when you're in a high place. ”
Confucius said…
Stop, Cheung-kwai can't hear us anymore.
Confucius said…
What's going on? Why are you leaving all of a sudden?
I always wanted to know what this would feel like.
Do you think that you are hugging a boy?
I know that your not a boy.
We've been confused.
We must calm ourselves.
If not, we'll be even more confused.
They want to climb over that hill, search for them.
- What's the matter? - The sky…
Yes, I know it will rain.
Move the Miss' luggage… No, I mean young Master.
I don't know when the rain will stop.
I'm going out.
Why'd you follow me?
Go back.
- Shan-pak. - It doesn't matter.
Why do two hearts become one?
It's because of your charm
That made me fall in love
With you, and only you
As if I'd always been yours
You are
You are in my arms, for only a moment
but it feels like an eternity
Ah, these damn young people!
My father wants me to go home, to marry someone.
But I won't do it.
Remember you have to propose our wedding to my Family.
I will hate you for the rest of my life.
Young Master, get in.
Always speaking of "Confucius said"!
It's getting dark. My exam!
Excuse me.
Thank you, Officers.
Please walk quickly,
were going to hold a wedding ceremony.
Miss, can I come down for dinner?
- Have you seen Leung Shan-pak? - Not yet.
Please keep looking.
Look out.
What's happening?
We're on our way to the wedding of Prime Minister Ma.
- You go first. - Yes, sir.
Have some tea.
I've heard that Leung Shan-pak, is the new mayor of this province.
- Yes, Madam. - I'm sorry,
today is the wedding day of the Ma Family.
You have so many gifts, it would take 3 days to deliver them.
Is Prime Minister Ma your boss?
- That's right. - These dim-sums are the works
of the chefs in Hangzhou.
“Pearl and Bird's nest”. Their crust is made of pearl powder.
It's very precious. Try some.
Madam, I wish to see Ying.
You're still young. why are you so stubborn?
Try a little.
If you cant get used to me,
how you could you handle the other members of our clan?
- Ask Ingenue to come out. - Yes, Madam.
Miss, he's here!
It that you, Ying?
Is that you, Shan-pak?
I always remember the song you played when I was punished.
I brought you engagement gifts.
What did my mom say?
I only remember you asked me to come, was there something else?
Madam wants you to try the wedding gown on.
- You have to try it on. - I'm not going to.
Go ahead, I'll wait for you. we'll talk later.
Miss, be careful.
Miss, your coat.
Mr. Leung, she'll be back.
She told me to tell you, don't worry.
Tell her not to worry either.
- Miss. - How is he?
She'll be right out.
- Just a little more time. - A little more time?
Want some tea?
I. . think... I. . will. . have some.
- Miss. - Shan-pak.
I am back.
Fix your dress.
Ying-toi, we need to face reality.
If we go on like this, we are lying to ourselves.
We didn't.
I don't care what they'll do.
- What's happening? - It looks like something is broken.
You always said we have to choose what's right.
Now it's your time to choose.
You forget what happened in the God of mercy cave?
I've chosen to be yours.
I'll remember it all of my life.
Even Chuk's family accepts us, how about Ma's family?
Shan-pak, let's elope.
I will for you at 5am outside the rear entrance.
The Ma family is so powerful. can we escape?
Let's go back to Sun-yee college. The Headmaster. .
and the Monk will protect us.
I am going to change first. I'll see you at 5am.
Fly away.
Fly far away as possible.
You like these butterflies.
- Why'd you set them free? - I don't want them locked up.
Your father wants to see you.
That's good. You've finally grown up at last.
Where is the rope for your legs?
- Put it on now. - Yes.
The rope is on the bed.
“Moonlight Rise”
is a far too affectionate poem,
but it's enough for a woman.
It's correct we made her return early.
Ying, I haven't seen you for over six months.
Your father is happy of your progress, I don't know?
- No. - Have you changed?
Don't you know who you are?
- I know. - So tell me.
Tell us.
I'm not getting married.
What books have you read that taught you to go against your parents?
Why are you forcing me to get married?
Your parents gave you life.
They only have the right to decide your marriage. Who do you think you are?
Didn't you learn this custom in college?
If I am already engaged,
how could I marry another?
How could you dare to get engaged without our consent?!
Ingenue, take Miss back to her room.
- Yes. - Cheung-fook.
Keep an eye on here. don't let her leave her room.
- Cheung-kwai. - Yes.
You didn't keep a well enough eye on her at school.
- Family Punishment! You will receive 30 lashes! - Madam…
- After the punishment, I want an explanation. - Madam!
Hit her!
Miss, I am afraid! I'll be next.
Ingenue, you have to help me.
Don't tell them you've seen Shan-pak.
Please help us, I beg you!
- Is that you? - We have to go now, my dad knows everything.
What a pity that…
That my rank is so low.
Give me a few more years.
You'll never be able to be above rank with the Ma Family.
The court is corrupted too.
My dad always flatters the senior colleagues.
Ingenue! We have to leave before she confesses!
A thief! Arrest him!
- Arrest him! - I'm not a thief, release me!
Let him go, he's Leung Shan-pak!
Let him go, he's Leung Shan-pak!
- Let me go! - Shut up!
Let him go!
Let him go! Shan-pak!
Master, he's still an official.
He's a only small potato.
He's nothing compared to the higher official clans.
Keep on beating him! until he's scared shitless!
He'll never dare step foot here again!
I am the official of this province...
- Madam. - Shan-pak, take your medicine.
I have to go out.
Where are you going?
I must take Ying away.
Things are even worse, Do you know what your doing now?
I know very well what I'm doing.
Careful, it's hot.
Mrs. Chuk, this way please.
Mrs. Leung, I believe you know who I am.
My servants hurt your son that night.
It was a misunderstanding. Please forgive us.
Thank you for your concern.
It's very kind of you to come, and give an explanation.
I come to ask you for a favour
in order to fulfil a family wish.
My son is sick. How could he help you?
Mrs. Chuk, go ahead.
- Mister. - Shan-pak.
What is this wish?
A young person of your age should be so proud,
to achieve something so extraordinary.
You knew Ying for only six months.
It will be easy for you to forget about her.
I want you to write Ying a letter.
That you no longer want to see her.
I won't do it!
Do you think that your anger can change your destiny?
Don't you think your protest will wake the barbarians and let our people live peacefully?
You only have you to blame, for being born at the wrong place and the wrong time.
It's the faded period of our Hans.
Everybody is hypocritical, stubborn and snobby.
You have too many dreams and only you can take the blame for your ignorance.
Do you think you can change people?
You think you can change the world?
Enough! Enough of this!
- It's your own fate. - Shan-pak, stop talking.
I can kneel in front of you for Ying.
What can you do for Ying?
Mrs. Chuk, stop, or I'll ask you to leave.
Sir, pay attention!
If she knew I forced you to do this.
She would never forgive me.
if I let you see her... ,
You're forcing me indeed.
Please let her go.
I'll write it.
With attention to Chuk Ying
Shan-pak, stop writing.
Call the doctor. Put his shoes on.
- Help him to his room. - Sir…
Your exhausted.
My family will never forget this.
We'll never forget this great deed.
Let me out!
Let me out!
Open the door!
Let me out right now!
I visited Shan-pak.
He wrote you a letter.
If you stop shouting,
I'll give it to you.
Madam, there is somebody to see you.
You are…
Mrs. Chuk.
I wish you could set the fish in the pond free.
I am afraid if I didn't they couldn't handle the chaos of the world.
They would die.
It would be too much of a shock for them, they wouldn't know what to do.
Ponds shouldn't exist.
You are so wise!
If you could give up at all, you wouldn't be a monk.
How could I give up? I have nothing.
You have it all, yet you still want more.
Your so greedy, .
You have unlimited desire.
You lock them up, so they can't face the world. Just like these fish.
If only you could give up. Just give it up.
we have so much affinity that you came to see me?
Like I said before it's fate.
You can't stop it.
But you told me once,
that you would stand in front of the door…
to see who was staying inside.
Shan-pak, one day we will find each other again.
Miss, I stole Shan-pak's letter for you.
Mom, don't worry.
No matter how hard it is,
I'll recover.
I haven't seen Chuk Ying yet.
It's very important that I see her.
Shan-pak, mom promised you that you would be buried
at the side of the road where Ying's wedding will be held.
So, you'll see her again.
Who refused to get in the chair?
She's been crying for days. She's suffered so much.
Even make up can't hide it. How can she get married?
- Master. - Go ahead.
The face of Miss…
Use my make-up, it will hide her sorrow.
The more the better, it will make her more beautiful.
Everyone should put make up on in the same way.
It will be a happy marriage! Everyone will have rosy cheeks!
Prepare the wedding gown.
It's blood!
Mom, can I to ask a favour of you?
Is it possible to pass by Shan-pak's grave, during the ceremony?
I want to worship him.
- Listen. - Master.
Take another road I don't want her to see Leung's grave.
- I don't want any problems. - Yes.
We promised her.
Why torture her like this?
Women don't understand anything.
She's going to married off, because of my power.
If anything goes wrong with the wedding, our family will be humiliated.
Ingenue, why are we going a different way?
How else will we pass Leung's grave?
Madam promised Miss, she would let her worship Shan-pak.
How else will she see him?
The road is blocked, we have to go another way.
Leung's grave! I see it!
It's up ahead! Shan-pak's grave!
Stop! Stop!
Let me out!
- Leave me! - Stop her!
Shan-pak, I am here.
Shan-pak, you played this song for me.
I wrote the lyrics
on a letter that you wrote to me.
“I came in silence.
“I shared a bowl of water with you.
“Gentle with deep affection…
“Awakens my hidden love for you.
“This love cannot last…
“more than the dreams of a butterfly.
“To pay you…
“life after life…
“let us become butterflies and fly over thousands of mountains hand in hand. “
“I came in silence.
“I shared a bowl of water with you.
“Gentle with deep affection…
“Awakens my hidden love for you.
It doesn't matter
It's fate
or dreams of the butterflies.
I give you my life
My present life and my past life
I said what I wanted to say to you.
Do you have something to say to me?
Shan-pak, I heard you.
Leung Shan-pak
Let's spend. .
Our present and past lives together.
For thousands of years.
Subtitling: CHiU.