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To really get to know someone
it is always important
to know where is heading to
sometimes it is only needed
to know where he comes from
Today, in La Liga Confidential
we will talk about
Spain national team's top scorer
David Villa
a man that give joy back
to bring joy back to a whole city.
Noth of Spain. Principado de Asturias.
From the many curves, in the middle
of the mountains,
a little city emerges
its is not written anywhere
but the every day life
in this town
with a simple gesture
Almost 900Kms from there
FC Barcelona is playing a game
David Villa is the biggest signing
for the home team this year
The top scorer of the
world champions, Spain
In the football field
Villa moves around like a fish in the water
There is a sea of people
behind him, supporting him
90,000 people
100 times more than Tuilla's population
his home town
In order to get to know David Villa
it is needed to know Tuilla
here, there is no need to jump on a train
to dream
it seems time is going backwards
-I am one year younger..
Or it just doesn't go by
A glass of sidra
But there is something
that accelerates people's hearts
-How many kilometres does he make
when he plays a game?
-He works hard, but not just one day
but this one, and the next, and the next one
-A lot harder than running
in the football field for 90 minutes
-Don't say that
-Don't say stupid things, enough
-One thing is running with the ball at your feet
and another one is taking the balls with your hand
- Everything is fine, I am not paying attention
-Look at him, how calmed he is
29 years ago, when David Villa was born
life was a bit more than
spending time in bars
Coil was so valuable that everyone
would dedicate to extract it
Mining was the town's life
The town before had much more movement
than it has now
I remember when I was young
that there were lots of young people
in Tuilla
lots of kids, lots of people
it was fun
The town was buzzing
In 1989, Tuilla had double, or triple
of its population today
David Villa grew up in this environment
waiting for his turn to play
in the field that has been named
after him
(David Villa Sports Field)
You had to wait your turn
to play there
in groups of six kids
sometimes we lost and had to wait
half an hour to play again
But one day, everything changed
in Tuilla
"Four miners are trapped
in the Mosquitera shaft"
Mel Villa was a lifetime miner
He had worked underground for 30 years
He almost never came back home
that day
-It happened in 1989
-Suddenly, some smoke started
to came out by the ramp
we were standing in
it became thicker by every minute
then a security man told us
that something was on fire
that we had to leave the place at once
Unfortunately, five of my mates
passed away there that day
"Four miners died in a fire, in a mining shaft in Asturias"
Others were in coma, some others
were seriously ill, in the hospital
because they inhaled a lot of smoke
That was what happened
I was eight,
nine or eight years old
my sisters, my mother and I
were sleeping
when we got the news
that the shaft was on fire
my father was already out of there
"Two miners saved their lives
thanks to their vast experience"
We talked to him
and got really emotional
when he arrived home and told us
about the accident.
I was always afraid, almost panic,
of the mine ifself
because of what my father went through
I haven't been able to get down there
when I've had the chance
I haven't had the courage
to do so, not even once
After that fire
nothing was the same in Tuilla
"Mosquitera, the end of the hell"
The shaft was closed
and many people lost their jobs
and left the town.
People understood there were no future
here, and they started leaving the to
Today, it's a town full of retired people
-One, two, three, come on!
-Very good!
Vicente is the coach
of the few kids left in Tuilla
Today we will start shooting on goal,
then a little circle, control and pass,
and we'll finish with a little game, ok?
So I want you to train
like you do during the week
we'll start the session
in a rainy day like today
let's go to work ok?
-let's go!
-go, now run, fast, fast, fast!
-a good shoot, a good shoot,
-good, that's it Pablo!
-control, interior, pass interior,
-control Pablo, pass
-good, now run, run!
-good, much better now
-pass, control
-control. pass
-much better
-assure the pass, easy Borja
-He is my best friend
since I was very little
David and Vicente were very little
but shared great times playing football
-I remember going to the window
and asking him "where are you going?"
-To the school" he'd say
-And where did you leave your books then?
-He'd take the ball and leave the books at home
-There is nothing else to say
-I have always loved
to play football, since I was a kid
Sometimes I forgot to bring the books to the school
but I never forgot the ball at home
-When you are a kid
you dream of playing for the team
of your town
-It was our goal, our dream
we would have loved,
both David and I,
to play for Tuilla's young divisions
But their dreams were over
when the mines were closed down
-It is clear that, in order to get
young divisions in a team, you need kids,
but there were not enough kids
in the town those days
No jobs, no people, no kids..
no football
David and Vicente's life paths
got separated
At 9 years old, David left Tuilla
to start his personal adventure
that made him a football player
At Langredo, he started to build up his talent
and after eight years, he caught the attention
of a professional team