OPIE Doing Business in Another Country Research Tips

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Hey there, I'm Chad Boeninger, the business librarian at ohio university libraries
this video is designed to help the opie
those tennis in ohio program for instance in english
do your research on how to do business in another country their research in
country facts and also information about a country's culture business climb that
of business complacent issues things like that so this video showcases some
of the key resources
to help them and doing the research for that project so
here you go
so the first resource a look at europa world plus and this is a great resource
we know nothing about your country in need basic good encyclopedic like
information so
really good resource for you know like history putting in conditions history
the economy
basis is to six of your comp country things like that so
the way works used to appeared basically select a country
and for my example i'll use india i here
so find any of their list could go and texas to the india home page if you will
within europa world plus years you can see there's
all kind of a racially ron on finance cover politics there's a nice country
profile here
which gives you your basic kind of
uh... land climate things like that you can get there
uh... forget about
uh... one
um... you can see there it is
all kinds of stuff on history
loads and loads and loads and loads of history information about india there
what i like particularly for doing a kind of a country and houses come
as all really like this country statistics
this a good place to go in and say well looking for things on trade statistics
and here's external trade
and we go in there and we see what kind of termination is available for us now
this uh... resources updated at least annually at least ah...
uh... once a year and so you can see um... there's all come from a shinde
within here now
wanting to be careful of you'll notice that
um... this actually is in the indian
currency here so you won't don't wanna say compare that to you like the u_s_
dollar so uh...
you one of make sure you're careful when comparing or when when they rotating
uh... how much for example
other imports of animal invest wobbles worry and two thousand ten two thousand
levin so you will be careful that sort of thing so
all kinds of stuff you can get for
for nice statistics with here
unites things as far as uh... exchange rates information on uh... principal
things like that all within are one is easy use place called europa world plus
the next resources called country watches as yet another place to get good
general country-specific information here
anway works once you click the login linked far from our website it'll take
you to hear working then select your country
and i want to get into z india here
anil tickets to the the country uh... home page if you will hear within
country watch
and you can see on the front page here is who come to our or recent news of
your country
did a nice map here what you could use in a powerpoint presentation just make
sure you site
what where you get the actual uh... information from
oswego delegates in key data including some population information
uh... religion things like that okay
sought to give him a shoot fine air
uh... on the left hand side we get things like little conditions
you know how politically stable uh... is the country
amicus to touch larger sure conceivably better here within this within the
if we go down there sings like political stability how stable is is the area
which might impact uh... how well you were able to do business in the area
you'll see a gives racing's comparing
uh... to other countries in the world as well
uh... there's a nice information on economic conditions within the country
so we'll talk about the g_d_p_ in the country
how fast the economy is growing or not
uh... issues affecting the economy things like that so so they were getting
more into like a business perspective here rather than just like you know a
history of the country
things like that
uh... within invest over a section is a nice little uh... uh... area here for
the investment climate this is a great place to look
for information on
how open the country is to foreign investment in the country is open to
uh... for investment from all countries or justice of the country's and what
kind of uh... uh...
of of countries or or industries a looking to two god to be open to
sodri place alot intended you to tennessee
things like you know how a transfer of the regulatory system is
difference using offered attended technology infrastructure things like
that as well
finally under the social review section understand some of the high points of
automotive finish i can't find in here
um... there is a nice section within here for
um... cultural etiquette
and this gives you base it was referred to is cultural dues and taboos
what to do and what not to do in a particular country
and this can be useful to business researchers because
obviously in business you're gonna shake a lot of hands even a patio on the back
you're going to
bien business meetings you going to be out to dinner with people you're
probably going to go and give them a gift
things like that so you want to make sure
that you know um...
uh... how to treat people in another country and how it isn't expected the
street as well so
uh... so for example we have things like you know how to deal with titles
you know how do you address someone he meet for the first time right
uh... things like that so
also i've got a bad um... uh... habit of doing both these
one showed what does that stand in one's hands once hips i did a lot to him teach
a class
as it stands may be entered as angry aggressive posture
or things like it's uh... don't put your finger people so i do them occasions so
you shouldn't do that as well so
so all come together mation two tim learned what not to do or what to do and
don't people
in your particular country so
tulasi information within herewith in-country watch once again saw left
inside of the database there
annex resort a look at is a free resource a fantastic resource called
global edge
and redoing country information research the best way to get started here
it's a go down under country insights
and then choose your country they're in the military is there so we will choose
uh... india
right here in center click go texas to all confirmation to find on
our country here so we just want to know statistics
uh... here's all kinds of a racially economy things like that
now you may notice that some this day they hear also we found an uh...
the first resource we talked about europa world plus
and in some cases here are the world may actually have more recent data than
what's available here
and vice versa this may have more rescinded in some categories in europa
passing may have to use both resources we're looking at they like that
uh... information economy how well it's doing things like that
um... there's some information for history
grease for source for that there's a commission on culture
and he's basically give you things like you know what to wear
guidelines for business dress things like that's a good of general
information uh... on how to how to dress for business how to keep up one learns
how to around
uh... what kind of gifts usa give in
uh... into a person in india or your country things like that so altogether
mission find there there's a nice information for trade statistics
so here are some the principal trading partners how what the value is in things
like that and i scrap fickle format
uh... things like that so uh...
i can see this is the last updated tourney tennis has updated you know it's
a little bit longer than a year since then so you may have to look for other
resources for example euro corps old
has more recent for mation than what's available but in this particular
are resource book
but uh... global is a great resource to to uh... to get started with as well and
when analyzing a particular country
in order to ascertained how well it is to do business and sell so there you go
inter source country and sizes a resource here from the foreign affairs
international trade canada is basically good really good for
uh... cultural specific permission business culture confirmations or
windows like their country
and choose choosing india i here
alright and it takes us to have her mission here now to be honest with this
information up at the top
we can already find in all the other resources which we've talked about
what i like to come to enter source for are these culture for mation
yahoo dot here below
and you see there's things like uh... information on preferred managerial
qualities or things like
how to handle conflict in the workplace and these are all really really
in looking at
how-to deal with workplace issues in another country so for example if you
have a work-related probly colleague
you confront him or her directly
and this case um...
this paisley says you should call me when your colleague and friend and her
but you don't wanna nvidia embarrass this person in front of a whole book
conference room of other employees so you know when i do that
uh... but they say tells you you know what to do
you'll notice is written from a canadian perspective that's okay it's not that
different from what the u_s_ may
uh... uh... how usr deal for america what would interact with folks in india
as well so still a good resource
even though it does this mean canadian perspective but it's it's really good
for for this kind of business cultural
uh... information kind of things complex the workplace had a mullet local
preferred man zero call is what people see in a leader how do they regard ceo
seniority or education or professional status or background
things like that so all good for miss you know if you're going to be
a manager or a leader or do business in another country
an excellent uh... here's password g_-men when you get the passport the
first thing if you do scroll down
and accept their their terms of use basically you're saying about use it for
school work and not to make a bunch of money off of the resource that you're
going to go and click accept
and so i think it's to the passport g_-men home page here
sort of my favorite resources for the opi assignment and here is the country's
or the cup consumer lifestyle reports in password cement and to get to these
consumer lifestyle reports
he go to countries are consumers
the click on consumer trends in lifestyles
and the next page here you can actually going to say i want honor all else s
list resent consumer lifestyles
an intruder geography there will choose india
and then click go
and this is not a kiss to the consumer lifestyles report for india
now what i like about this particular for the business aspect of this doing
business report
is is working habits and working conditions and things like that so all
kind of information here
on women the workplace working conditions uh... commuting things like
that's a great place to look for for that kind of relation may also find
other information left inside
as well for example consumer confidence how
uh... how uh...
how is your product will sell in any of these like that and see if you want to
happy with the way the economy's going to
of things like that he can see there's all kind of racial it inside for eating
habits reading habits
uh... health and wellness smoking shopping things like that but uh...
primarily the consumer around
confidence area and also the uh... working habits uh... sex would be good
for you're doing business section of your report
another way to use password jim is going to come to consumers and click on
economy finance and trade
and this will take us to ah... the calmly five century home page here
or have a couple options what we can choose from work and there is actually
go under all analysis here
anything high like these cuts you pre freeze country profiles in this month
the economic abuse let's just do the country briefing
i think it will click information here
cheeser geography list in india
their analysts and then click go
it'll take us to basically come a quick country briefing risking vulnerabilities
of what's going on in india
of the major components of the top of the economy things like that's a good
uh... they're if thats
not her may she looking for it can also go under analysis country profile
and changes to india as well
clean give here and get our country profile from passport g_-men
on our country they're so here we have
you know things is the talk about in a g_d_p_ things about uh...
uh... inflation
youngest son some facts and figures of the good of the country political
structure last erectile elections
uh... political stability in risk international issues
all come to get from asia's confined
uh... within their in that report there
the last resource that that's when our police is called as a source complete
number was that the celeste because you don't
uh... do use the other resources first you may just be staring at this point
search boxes for uh... of example
you want to have additional terms to search in addition to get your country
if we go i just type in india
in here and do a search for india we're gonna get a whole lot of stuff
rightly that goes as high and forty six thousand articles way too many things
so overly uses these others search terms are search boxes here so it's just too
uh... let's try to do uh... business climate here
and see if we get in there
new business climate we get fifty results there right uh... or can do
uh... or a business culture
sincerely gets there
so you two hundred twenty six articles
are just by looking for that now if you want a limit that down just a magazines
cordialement by date
uh... you can go over here left hand side it's it's a let's limit to the past
uh... past six years maybe will update that
uh... we get eighty four goals that led to a litigious newspapers and magazines
which may be able to be easy to read
we can do that in click update there as well
and so now we're down to twenty four uh... articles
uh... from the last uh... six years about india and my topic there see
private changer topic to something that maybe work more relevant to your paper
the builders terms i thought i would do in my search there but you can see
what's available within here
uh... if you like the article if you click on the article here
it'll give you more information about the article giving abstract which is
basically a summary of the article
and and you know your fun at the uh... fault actually put in here
but he clicked there will take you to you
the actual article
uh... here and um...
here and as a source complete there's a great way to find
uh... full tax information uh... in business or simply from a variety of
magazines newspapers trade publications and things like that so
all converted from a she could find their in business were simply
hope this helps you understand some the resource in mailed to you in researching
doing business in another country
to be more help what further contact with the numbers wobbly but helvey
anyway can't take care and best slightly research