S7 Ep 3: Look! Up in the sky!

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Hey Zolto, do ya reckon you can give me a hand to sort out some of this shit?
Haha. these dumb humans!
Trying to attack the Incredible Hulk with this shitty robot!
Now they're trying to shoot him with these ray guns!
The Hulk says "Puny humans, Hulk has beaten your stupid robot. Now Hulk will beat you!"
Fuck Zolto, let the Hulk sort out the stupid humans, why don't you come and help sort out this.
Now he's just fucking gone mental!
Stupid annoying humans, all Hulk wanted was a place to be alone.
So now Hulk will make you leave him alone!
The green goliath's pile driver fists slam violently into the dirt. Patoong!
Is that it?
Is it over?
Moments later, the battle scarred plane is silent once again
As the Incredible Hulk bounds off towards the setting sun
His dull, brut mind never realising he leaves behind the wreckage of the neuron ray
A device designed to steal his gamma spawn strength
And thus, perhaps, to cure him
The end.
Fuck me!
The end.
Great. Now come and give me a hand.
Thus, yes. Of course.
So ahh, this pile is 2004, this ones 2003 and this one is...
Oh, 1996, Jesus!
1996, thats the year Increadible Hulk was on T.V.
No Brendan, increadible.
Amazing superheroes are all those gay ones, like fuckin Spiderman, Superman and Batman.
Batman's not gay
Brendo, he hangs out with Robin. In a cave. C'mon
Well Superman, what about him?
Totally homo! Him and Jimmy Olsen.
In fact, I don't think, apart from the Incredible Hulk, there is a single non-gay superhero
Blonde hair, poof.
Captain America
The Phantom
Gay, he bangs Tom Toms
Faggoty fox
Iron Man
Cock Jocky
Judge Dredd
Man lover
Tutti fruitti
Doctor Doom
The Green Lantern
Hmm. Not sure
Bum boy
Astro Boy
Twinkie boy toy
Said it before, sodomite.
Yeah. That one my Dad told me.
Your dad told you Spiderman's a sodomite?
Bound to burn in Hell forever
That's the last thing he said to me
Huh. What a pissa
Well you know that's crap, don't you Zolto?
Spiderman's a rim rammer
C'mon Brendo, they all are
No. I mean, the bit about burning in Hell. Burning in Hell forever.
Thats crap.
Oh that's just my dad. He's... emotional
Yeah he just got mad at me. Thats all
I got mad at him too but...
I'm over that now.
Good. That's good
But I'm not kidding about Spidey and the rest of them
You know, once I figured out all that stuff about me, that I'm...
Fully gay..
Then I realised, those guys are gay too
It made perfect sense
Mmm ok. I guess I never really thought about it that much
You know a lot of names for gay guys Zolto
Yeah, yeah. I know them all
Used to hear 'em at school. other kids used to call you funny shit
Used to make me mad huh
Let's get this sorted. Don't want to make you mad
Don't make me angryyyy!
You wouldn't like me when I'm angryyyyyyy!
Hi! Uh, can I help you?
Oh its, when he said that, he sounded like...
The Incredible Hulk
Yeah. Great.
Love it
Umm, yeah I thought I should just let you guys know that some kids have graffitied my car
Oh. Ok. Well um, we better get some details. We have to report shit like that
So um, your name?
Oh well my names ahh, Adam, but my car spot's registered under my business name, Cobra
Bay 452?
Cobra, wow
Wha, what, what's your business?
Well I'm a martial artist, specialising in Beijin Sticklican
Sticklican? No way!
You serious?
You know sticklican?
Oh it, it's like super old, it's like
Invented like in the fifteenth century, popular amongst like African slaves
Yeah well, I wanna bring it back as an Olympic sport, well, I'm trying to anyway
Yeah, I'm so there
Cool! Well I guess we better look at your car then
Uhh. I got this covered Brendo
Ahh, you better stay here and sort out all this stuff.
Let's go then
yeah, no problem. It's nice to meet you
Uhh, umm. I want all this sorted out by the time I get back ok?
No worries Zolto.
See. It's no biggie
It's just annoying.
Is there supposed to be an A at the end of poof?
Yeah, well.
You're a martial artist
Oh. Shit.
Oh. Hello again
Oh Brendo. Umm
Cobra lost his keys and I was just umm
Ahh giving him a hand
Found em
And here are your keys
Oh, yeah I, I'll clean it up when I get home. I mean it's just...
So dull!
Look Brendo, they don't even know how to spell
Yeah, I suppose there's meant to be a T in there somewhere
I'll see you next week
Oh umm ahh.. I'm gunna do some sticklican martial arts with Cobra. He's offered to train me
For free
Yeah. We're Gunna get together and just tear each other to shreds. Should be fun
I'm happy to do the both of you
Oh, nah I don't think he's in to it as much as I am
Ah, what ev's. next week. Lates
He's incredible
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