Liberar Memoria Interna Android / Free Internal storage Xperia play r800 English subs

Uploaded by OdinVonAlexander on 30.05.2012

Hello everyone
I'm Odin
today I'm gonna show you how to free memory on your android
I'm going firts to settings
tap on Applications and I'm gonna show you my interna memory

let's Wait for the app loading
it's gonna take a second
Ihave a lot, so, it takes a second
with more apps takes longer
these are the downloaded apps
you already know that, the internal memory it's about 1GB
but the rom itself uses about 200 mb

so, it's the rom partition

and another one for internal memory for apps
at this moment, i have 95 mb free
but look all the apps I got
normally, with some apps like
go launcher, whatsapp, facebook, these apps use cache memory
and it fills little by little
most of all facebook (I forgot to mention whatsapp to)
it's the one that uses the most of the memory
even if you free memory, facebook app will use it
I recomend that you open settings, applications
search for the facebook app
and you are going to clear the data from the app
in this case, my facebook app isn't here, it's already integrated in to the rom
how I did it, well, there is a tool
first of all, what is "integrate"
there is a partition, can't remember the name right now
this partition is where the rom is
I used this tool to integrate the app into the rom
this partition had like 200 mb unused
I used an app to be able to integrate it
I hope you understand me
what is the name of this app?
well, I have
it's very known
most of the people just use it for
backing up their apps
I use more functions, It's called Titanium Backup Pro, I'm no expert you know

I just started using it and I have found a lot of useful functions
like no other. Look down here
are the partitions
it says 327 mb used and 67 mb free
it used to say 200 mb free

internal memory partition size it's around 400 mb, at the moment i have 99.8 mb free

and then we have the sd card size
this one, as you know, we fill it with all our personal stuff
wich tools are integrated
in the titanium back up
to free our memory? first we got
it can be integrated
some files from the dalvik cache in to the rom partition
let's tap on integrate sys dalvik
and it's going to look
for the files that are able to integrate
it says "no integrable files" 'cause I've already done this
but with every new app, new sys files will come

from the dalvik cache
then you can integrate
in case it says there are files to integrate, confirm everything to integrate them
there is another
really cool function
in to the batch tools
here you can back up your apps, delete, restore etc
your apps
but, here in "move/integrate"
first, lets tap "run" in the Integrate updates....apps into rom

this means that the updates
from the apps like flash, google maps, youtube
they are going to be integrated directly to the rom and those 200 mb free are going to be now used
I have mine on "0" because I've already done it
you can also use the function "Move User apps to the sd card"

this function forces some apps to be moved to the SD card
and it's better to use the SD card for apps, here it shows 42 apps to be moved
because this apps use widgets, so
this apps can't be moved or you will lose the widgets
but you can free memory if you don't like widgets
at least you can use all the rom
what I've noticed is that if you rebbot your phone, it's going to take longer than normal
but I think is more important to have more free memory than the reboot time

I used to reboot my phone once every day, but now, it runs nicer
well, I think that's all you can do to
to free space in the internal memory
because it's annoying when it's out of memory
when you have 4 apps installed and then you can's install more because
the memory is full, I know.
I'm no expert on this matter, but any question or suggestion you want to add

you can post a comment down here
I accept all kinds of critics, good or bad
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and I think that's all
see you later!!