Job Hunting Tips : How to Set Goals to Find Employment

Uploaded by expertvillage on 19.11.2007

Hi! My name is Tine Buechler and I’m from Business Growth Training and I am here today
on behalf
of Expert to talk about setting your employment goal. When you are looking
for work, everything that you do should be tied to your employment goal. Your employment
goal should be a three month target goal. What you are looking, what is the kind of
work that I am working for and specifically you don’t necessarily need to have a job
title in mind but you do need to have an idea of some key things. First of all, are you
looking for full time or are you looking for part-time? What is the general area of work
that you are looking for? Are you looking for office work? Are you looking for work
in manufacturing? Are you looking for work in a company that promotes from within? Are
you looking for a company with more than a hundred employees or fewer than a hundred
employees? Are you looking for work 30 minutes commute of your home? Re wanting to travel
with your work? Are you wanting to not travel with your work? All of these things are key
fundamental parts of setting your employment goal? If you set a very clear and specific
employment goal, you have a lot better chance of achieving that. Part of that is when you
are building a resume, a cover letter, when you are creating your list of employers that
you wish to apply to, all of those ties back to your employment goal. You look at your
goal and you say based upon my employment goal, what information should go on my resume.
Based upon my employment goal, what kind of references should I have? Based upon my employment
goal, what kind of company should I be applying to? So what we are looking at setting your
goal, the first thing you need to do is set a time frame. Specifically, let’s say in
three months set a geographical area, set parameters associated with your goal and from
there move to the next step. So, first thing is to set your employment goal.