The Controller - Battlefield 3 - Episode 4 "Fire Fight"

Uploaded by gamespot on 11.11.2011

After yesterday I'm feeling kind of good, still confident.
I feel great about Ayiiia on my team, it's great to see a good looking woman that can
take it down in the gaming world.
I'm feeling awesome today. I made a great kill yesterday.
I feel like a total bad-ass. So, I'm feeling really really good.
What's up guys? Welcome to your next challenge on The Controller: Battlefield 3. Now, Rush
mode in Battlefield 3 as you guys know is all about attacking and defending crates.
Today, we are bringing Battlefield 3 to life, big time. You'll be performing a similar mission
using these airsoft guns in a little game we like to call Firefight.
Crap, this is crazy!
Alright so each team will start off on opposite ends of the course. You have to defend your
crate as well as attack your opponent's crate. Your goal: get to your opponent's crate and
arm the box inside, that's how you'll win. Now if you're ever hit by an airsoft bullet
during the course of play, you're out for that round. Best two out of three wins. Is
that clear?
It's a non-elimination day, so the winners of today's challenge get to pick who they
want to exclude from the money round in the Battlezone. The team structure is going to
be a little bit different today, we're going to combine players to form two teams, and
Dark Blue since you won the previous physical challenge, you guys get to pick who you want
to play with. The remaining players will form the opposing team.
Alright, Dark Blue team, have you decided who you want to play with?
Yeah, we're going to go with the Red Team. They're the strongest competitors, they're
very aggressive.
You can be on the red team, and you guys are the white team.
Alright, it's going to be Light Blue and Purple, against Dark Blue and T-squared's Red Team.
Grab your guns, head to your start positions, and wait for my signal.
Let's dominate today, take these guys down. Let's do it, show 'em who's boss.
Yo do you want to have one person stay back with the crate as like a safety thing?
Edgar, you probably go behind this wall here.
How about you guys go up first and I'm going to hang back.
And I'm going to try to push to the right-hand side.
We're trying to get that money in the Battlefield zone because last time we got the boot from
the Blue Team so we'll see what happens.
Did they kill us too? You guys can still win, because they have to come get your box.
I'm feeling pretty confident after winning in the Battlezone yesterday, so I think we're
going to do pretty well.
It's game time.
Red team ready? White team ready? Alright, Round 1 of Firefight!
You got one left and three to your right. One guy behind there and another guy to the
Right in front of you!
To the right!
You see Proofy?
I'm hit!
Who, Proofy?
I'm hit, I'm hit, I'm hit!
Good job guys!
I see X, I see X!
Hit, hit!
One of them's on top, Ayiiia's on top!
Get him!
Where's the other one at?
Back right Edgar!
Do you not see her on the top left corner?
I see her, I don't see him.
Show me where they are.
Last one's on top!
Surrender, surrender!
Let's arm this, dude. Hey, arming this is actually harder than taking them out.
Red Team wins!
Regarding the Dark Blue team, it's the same thing we thought yesterday.
You get to pick one of these teams to head into the Battlezone. So who's it going to
Going to have to go with Purple Team. Purple Team.
I'm going to try to hit them as much as I can in a weak area. Possibly the neck.
Alright, Team Red is in the lead. Get ready for Round 2!
Go, come on, come on.
Hit, nice.
I see him, I see him, he's on the right.
Where you at boy?
I'm right here Edgar.
Left side?
Right side?
Come out and play!
You come out!
I see you right there! I see you!
I got one on the right hand streed!
You see Proofy on the right right here.
Edgar's on the left. Tom's right in front.
I see you. Peek out X, this ain't no game, this is real world. Come on Proofy.
Come out, Ayiiia.
Tom's on the left or Tom's on the right?
We just got to rush this.
He's shooting between the barrels, he's shooting between the barrels!
I'm hit.
Nice Matt!
Right around that corner!
Let's go! Get over it!
Move up!
You move up!
We already did, we're up the whole course!
I got hit.
Come out Tom. Surrender!
White team wins!
Feel the adrenaline pumpin through your bones. Blood, throttles you up, you know.
I didn't shoot anything. I might have gotten one.
After two rounds of Firefight, score is tied. This is the final round. White team ready?
Red team ready?
Come out!
Let's start getting aggressive guys.
Come out Alex, Proofy!
I got hit, I'm hit, I'm hit, I'm hit!
God damnit, dude!
Come out Proofy!
What are you saying, I can't understand you!
Come out!
Proofy's out, Proofy's out!
Right there, get him, behind you, behind the wall!
Hit, hit!
Edgar, wait for my signal. I got eyes on her.
I'm going to hit all you.
I'm just going to run.
That's it! Firefight's over!
My intention was to get in to their head, pump up my team. That's the reason why I do
it, just to pump it up.
Alright that's it for Firefight. I thought that challenge was sick. What'd you guys think?
You only hit me once, so thank you very much. Alright, the winner of Firefight, team Red
Bandana. And for winning Firefight today, you guys get to exclude one of these teams
from the money round. So why don't you huddle up and pick which team you want that to be.
Pink Team! whisper whisper whisper, Pink Team!
Our color changes every day.
Alright, looks like you guys have figured it out, that was pretty quick. T-squared,
you want to tell us who it's going to be?
We're going to go with the Blue Team. They got us last time.
Who have you decided to have sit out of the money round.
T-squared and Edgar.
I knew it.
So we had to get a little sweet revenge.
Alright, the Light Blue team will be sitting on the sidelines during the money round. Sorry,
no cash for you today.
I think they probably maybe picked us out of revenge, but also because they knew I was
going to win that.
Alright also for winning Firefight, the team with the red bandanas gets exclusive access
to the AMD war room featuring the multiscreen displays with Eyefinity technology so you
can incorporate your peripheral vision so you can light up the enemies. That is sick
in there, I love it.
Alright, you guys head into the AMD war room, I'll meet everyone at the Battlezone.
The war room baby, lets go! War room central!
So how sick was it that our communication in the video game world went into our actual
challenge today. It was like real-life Battlefield.
Well I think that playing aggressive was the best thing and that's how it is in the game
too. You don't want to really camp. Earlier when we were playing in the real world you
go and you want to go and arm the bomb.
Not only do you get points for arming the bomb you get points for when it gets detonated.
Alright, welcome back from the AMD war room guys, it's time for another Battlezone.
Last time we were in here the Black team choked, but the Purple team you guys stepped it up.
Ayiiia showed Leroy that gaming's not just for dudes.
Alright well you guys already know that this is not an elimination round, however, one
team's walking out of here with 2000 bucks in cash cause it's a money round.
We'll play one round of Battlefield 3, highest ranking team wins. Take your seats let's go
for the cash.
Edgar has a big personality but I think T-squared keeps Edgar calm, focused, not frustrated.
Definitely impressed with the Purple team and Ayiiia. She's definitely stepped it up.
She could be a threat, but I'm not too worried about her.
Severn and Mrs. Violence, I think when they play together they're a pretty good team because
he listens to everything that she has to say, and she's a really good teacher, so, they're
definitely going to get it on.
Ayiiia, she's getting it down. I can tell that her focus is really really good.
I think as long as I keep my cool, I think we're going to give them a run for their money.
Only one girl is going to win this challenge, and that's me!
Remember, highest ranking team wins.
Get ready for a show.
Get going!
Teams! Put your controllers down, line it up!
Alright that completes the money round of
the Battlezone, well done you guys.
You guys are getting really good at this with your coaches and everything, but you were
not good enough to take out...
Edgar and T-squared, the Red Team, congratulations you won the money.
I'm a little disappointed in the Red Team's win, I mean congratulations to T-squared and
Edgar, but I think we could've taken it.
Edgar was getting a little sloppy in the beginning, but I think that was part of the strategy
in the end. He wanted to give the other teams a chance. Is that what you were doing?
I started kind of slow, because I knew if put in my whole effort it wouldn't have been
close. But once I was down 50, I realized I had to step it up. I put it on second gear,
and then it was over. They just got left behind. You don't want to see me in fifth gear.
Once you get the guys in your crosshairs, you're like "Oh my god."
She's pretty bummed about not winning the $2000, but, didn't go our way today.
I just choked. Ugh, my fault.
You got a couple of those kills. You had 'em.
Something we need to work on is shooting. That's about his only weakness right now.
I made it close, I made it close.
I think we just proved to everybody that we got mad skills, mad game, and mad muscles.
We got it all.