Kitty Bennet - Ep: 6

Uploaded by TheLydiaBennet on 31.07.2012

Lydia: Kitty? Aww, hi Kitty!
Hi squee Kitty, hi!
What are you doing, Kitty, are you resting? Did you follow me to Mary's house?
You follow me everywhere, don't you Kitty?
Say hi to Lizzie and Jane, they miss you!
Do you miss them?
Kitty: *purr*
Lydia: Do you miss home, Kitty? I miss home.
I miss Lizzie and Jane, but we will see them very soon, won't we?
So, Kitty, do you like Mary? Hasn't she been really nice to us?
She's always so quiet and alone.
She seems hurt and I know she's crying out for help inside.
Kitty: *purr*
Lydia: So, Kitty… Kitty!
Some of Mary's friends were being mean and making fun of her about the guy she likes.
And, well, that's not very nice.
So what do we do to people who are mean to the ones we love?
That's right, Kitty Bennet - we are mean back at them.
Transcribed by: Sarah Frook Written by: Rachel Kiley