Dr. Airsoft, Practical Testing: Eye Tactical CM 110

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Hello and welcome to Doctor Airsoft Practical Testing: Goggles and masks
I’m filming live here at Airsoft battlegrounds Dot net in rockin, California. A CQB indoor facility
right now they’re between games in. So in the staging area they’re getting loaded up and ready to go back out
To play some more airsoft
but i'm here to tell you about a new type of mask - goggle system
that i've seen for the first time just here lately
it's meant for simunitions and in fact
It’s a whole
and helmet system
this is put out by Eye Tactical. You can find it at eyetactical.com
this particular model is the CM 110
It costs a little bit more than a hundred dollars for the whole package. they have some other
If fact, they have some mask-only systems meant to go with other style
of tactical helmets. this one comes with a replica of the PASGT helmet
they fit together
on initial testing you can see that we were able to get some bb’s through this space here
kind of in the “grill”
I talked to the company and they said they had a solution for that. And that’s this plastic piece
here. they gave me instructions on how to place it. In fact they told me because of our testing
At Dr. Airsoft that they're going to installthat this spaced plastic piece
on all of these are meant to be played in airsoft.
putting this back on did seem to make a difference and now
for the first time I have a
Mask and goggle system that I can't get a bb through with our gun. That being
our KWA M16 Battle Rifle that’s modified to shoot .20 gram bb’s at over
over four hundred fifty feet per second
even when it's shooting
0.43 gm bb’s it’s shooting pretty fast
they were not able to get through with this new platic piece. They couldn’t get through the lens
i'll show you how it works
first you have to put on the helmet
and then the mask goes on
both inside and outside the helmet
the mask itself going inside
the strap for the goggle going outside around the helmet
and then you have a non ballistic neck protector again these are actually designed for simunitions
i was very pleased with the performance of the CM 110 by Eye tactical you can find
this product on their website which is eyetactical.com
Their U.S. distributor is strico.net
you find them at strico.net
this product is unique of all the ones I have tested up to this point
it's the only combination
and goggles that did not let a bb through
it's the only combination.
it is the safest
all-inclusive product that i have tested
on Doctor Airsoft Practical testing
i recommend it highly for its safety aspect
so if somebody wants to make sure that a bb cannot get through
even a sniper bb at point blank
can't get through their protective material to their head
this is the product
it's very very tough because it's made for being used with simunitions
and as you can see, after put the extra little
plastic piece in the front… over the are vents
it did not let anything through
It costs hundred-ten to a hundred-twenty dollars, somewhere in that range
so if you really need something that protective it is available. I also recommended
for another group of people. That’s anyone who has eyeglasses that they need to be able to wear inside
of the goggles. the reason you can do that with this product is because the goggles sit
so far forward from the face. There’s cushion in between the goggles
and the face
for that reason I kind of don't like it. It limits your field of view to a certain extent
but it's very good for people who need their glasses on
they have some other products that I’m very excited to see in the future of hoping they'll send
me some samples of some of their other models. I understand one of does not have quite so much
mask to interfere with your cheek weld. So I’m looking forward to trying out that.
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Play safely!
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