How to Use Google Calender : Managing Calendars on Google Calendar

Uploaded by expertvillage on 05.02.2008

So, now I'm going to show you the options you have to manage your "My Calendars" and
"Other Calendars" section. There is two ways to get to these options. One way if you go
up to the "Settings" and then click on "Calendars" these are your calendar settings. Probably
what?s even a little easier is here on the side when you see "My Calendars" click on
"Manage Calendars" and it brings up the same thing. So, this box is where you can make
changes to all the calendars you've created. You see the "My Calendars" right here and
it lists them all and I actually have the option create new one right here. And then
I can adjust my sharing option for each calendar which I'll talk about sharing calendars later.
I can adjust my notifications for each calendar which I'm going to talk about later as well.
And then I can hide or delete a calendar. Notice the first calendar that I had which
came up as my name when I signed up for it I cannot delete, so you have to have at least
one calendar. But these ones I've created since and then these other calendars over
here, I have the options to hide and delete. This hide function is pretty cool. Say my
calendars are getting pretty crowded because I have a whole bunch of them. I'm not really
using this iCal calendar right now, I might choose to hide it because I don't want to
delete it because I might use it later or might go back and look at it. But I can choose
to hide it and this change to show you can see it disappear from "My Calendars" section.
So, this just kind of a cool option so that I don't have to delete it just in case I want
to go back to it later. But, if I did want to delete a calendar you would just click
the little trash icon and then you would get a pop-up and you can either choose to remove
it or cancel. So, these are what the calendar settings look like in Google Calendar. Actually,
you can get a little more in detail with each calendar just by clicking on it right here
and then you can see you've got calendar details. Then you can go through these and change Calendar
Name, Owner, Description, Location. These are all things that you were able to enter
when you created the calendar. This is just if you want to edit them. Time zone, they
have "Embed This Calendar" which I will show you how to do later. Then "Calendar Addresses"
which I will also talk about later. That's basically the manage calendar section of Google
Calendar which is very useful for updating the "My Calendar" section and keeping everything
up to date. Just where you go if you need to delete or edit any of your calendars.