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- Our morning continues as our playful mood continues
which just flies in the air of our studio and that
is because we will discuss the game today. We are
welcoming the person, who enjoys spending hours beside
the computer, even little to say enjoys - he loves it
so much, that he reached the world tournaments.
We are glad to greet Arseniy Trinozhenko -
player of Natus Vincere team in our studio,
which has lately become champions of the world once again. Good morning!
- Good morning!
- Tell us, how did you get to such a life?
Can you tell us shortly about the history of
creation of your team? What is the history of
Counter-Strike movement and what are the consequences
brought to creation of world tournaments?
Well, the history is not very old. Counter-Strike
movement started in 2001, so it is 10 years old. Our team is 1.5 years old.
- And such good results already?
- All players of our team are very experienced!
- So when they started playing, they used Windows 2000?
I think they had Windows 98.
- Wow, even 98. These were primitive games.
Have the technologies gone further since that time?
- Of course! More ahead.
- Should you have very powerful equipment
to train comfortably to the world tournaments?
Hmm. You should have a modern computer in a good
condition with good technical accessories.
- I am interested in how did you get involved
in CS history? Stopped visiting work, then got
fired. You became a crazy gamer and spent nights
beside your computer?!
Everything started rather early. When i was born,
our family had a computer, thanks to my father.
-So you were born beside the computer?
Yeah, kind of how it started.
-When i was born, we had only gramophone.
How much time do you devote to trainings, which exactly
time or you have some kind of regime? When do you play
and when do you train?
Every day is like a wrking day - 8-10 hours we sit and train:
at first inddividually, then like a team.
-So it is your main activity, which brings you income?
As far as i know, your prise money are not small! Approximately 215 000 $!
- Yes, prize money are good and it is the main income of
our team. Our players play this game like other people work.
- Many people play computer games nowadays,
not only Counter-Strike, but most of them lack patience
to set up maximum settings and various cheats.
I wonder, weren't you annoyedearlier,
when you couldnot pass some levels
and maybe you used to cheat sometime?
Of course i was annoyed, but mostly children
like to make their life easier and feel themselves
more powerful with the cheats. I don't deny that
i was same, when i was small, but still perseverance
and efforts made it all.
- Tell us, please, how many people are in the team?
4, if i am not mistaken?
- 5 and our manager.
- Oh, i see. How are results counted out?
- There are International tournaments - 3, 4 most global -
teams from all over the world come there. The number of 32 teams,
who has finished qualifiers as winners in their countries
are participating. Usual Olympic system and the winner...
- Dou play individually?
No, only teamplay!
-Recently i have read some news, which said that
1 American girl decided to use medical treatment
due to the illness "computer addiction" and you can often
here parents of 10-12 years old children, who complain,
that their children are ready to spend day-and-night beside
the computer. How dou you treat "computer addiction"?
Do you think it exists or is it fictional? Did you have such troubles?
- I think it exists. but people are addicted to many things in
life. I belive i did'nt have such problems and do not
have them now: i can sit beside the computer or
i can go rest somewhere with my friends to the lake.
You have to fight with it, though it depends on parents's
upbringing much.
- Did your parents praise you, when you spent time
beside the computer?
Well, they just let me sit beside it as long as i wish.
- So cyber-gaming never interfered your education?
I did, but i did my best to study well and graduated school
almost with all "A". I had some problems i the university,
but i set my priorities and decided
what will my future profession be.
- Thank you very much Arseniy for telling us so much.
Today we got to know, that thanks to gaming you can be
not only fired from work, but also be earning money.
Maybe Ukrainians should think this over..