Por onde anda Ricardo Arona? | Where is Ricardo Arona?

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Mount Olympus
Arona, God of Olympus, i would like to draw your attention for 1 minute.
Jardine, you know i hate being interrupted.
But tell me, what is it?
Bad News, sir.
Bad News?
Tell me, what is it?
UFC 51 was canceled, Henderson got hurt.
And Jones refused to fight against the substitute, which would be Chael Sonnen.
It is not possible, this can not be true! I really wanted to see Jones x Hendo!
Damn, now what will I watch?
Jardine, what are the next events?
I command you to tell me!
Yes Sir. sure! For this, I would like to bring our psychic.
Do it now!
He is already coming.
How can i help you, God of Olympus?
Now that UFC 151 was canceled ...
I demand you show me the events that already happened on Earth,
and the next ones.
Look closely at the mystical Orb.
Titan FC 24? What important thing happened in this event?
Anthony Johnson fought sir, but again had problems to cut weight.
It is predictable, it is very difficult to him to make it to 170lb.
But sir, the fight was on 205.
Send our "diet of the gods" to AJ right now!
Diet of the Gods. After.....Before
Right away, sir.
Nelson, proceed.
We also had the "ONE FC 5".
And had an interesting fight at HW.
Who else fought at this event?
Phil Baroni.
Baroni, nice shape, but how about the conditioning?
Let's see.
Got it.
Continue. Any other event?
Well, we will have the K-1 US GP Championship.
K-1? That still exists? They had not lost all fighters?
Yes there is, but they made a selective and now they have a bunch of young talents to
rebuild the event.
Great. I like young talents, new blood.
What will be the most interesting fight in this card of young talents?
I'm getting new information.
What is it?
Jones will now fight at UFC 152.
Against Vitor Belfort
"Pegasus Meteor Fist"
Good fight. I really respect them.
I have one last information, and i think you will really like this one.
What is it?
Paulo Filho is back, and will fight today.
Filho is Back? Nice! Against who?
Murilo Ninja, the only person that made ??me lose the tranquility of the Gods.
Jardine, come here now!
I am here, sir, what you need?
I will leave the Olympus por a while. I need to be in Filhos's corner.
take care of everything here!
Yes sir.
Fuck you Murilo NInja! i'm a fucking warrior! Fuck you!
Fuck you Murilo NInja! i'm a fucking warrior! Fuck you!