Beauty Masks & Spa Treatment : Homemade Deep Cleansing Mask Recipe: Relaxing & Healing Facial Masks

Uploaded by expertvillage on 27.04.2007

Hi, I am Nili Nathan. I have a TV show and a website called Great Healing Getaways, where
I research, write and report on holistic health. Today I am showing you how to make homemade
masks. This next one is a deep cleansing mask. That is very easy to do. You start off with
your essential oils, so I am going to use two drops of geranium, 100% pure geranium.
You can find these essential oils in the Health Food Store or even online, just make sure
that it is not synthetic and make sure it is 100% pure essential oil and two drops of
lavender, some essential oils already come, with like a dropper and some do not. The ones
that don’t you want to make sure that you label your dropper so you do not mix it with
the different oils and okay this one has a dropper. I am going to just put one drop here
of lemon oil. You combine it in six teaspoons of hot water. I have heated this up in the
microwave and then you want to add some clay to it. This is green clay that I am using
and you want to add enough to make a paste; this should do it. Let me hold this to the
camera so that you can see this, oh! There it goes. There is the consistency. Now I know
you all want me to put this on my face right now but I am not going to do that and it is
my model’s day off, so I am going to use my hand to show you. I think most of us know
the properties of clay are deep penetrating and cleansings; it is a little warm; that
feels really great. So you know what if you can keep this on your skin for 30 minutes
that would be great. I use a little sea sponge to apply it. It feels really nice… and then
just like that sit on your face for 30 minutes and then what you will do is you will wash
it off with warm water and that is it.