Halo 4 News - Achievements, Pax Prime, New Map, Armor & Season Pass!

Uploaded by Halo4Follower on 23.08.2012

Hello guys, it is Halo4Follower, and we big news spanding from the achivements,
images, theater mode being confirmed, a new special edition, concept art of a map, pax details, soundtrack samples, and much more.
pax details, soundtrack samples, and much more. Now before we get into the news,
I'd like to get my minecraft friend, franciskraft a shoutout as he deserves it with his wide
and open worlds, link for him is below, along with the sources.
To start off with concept art of a dlc or default map, after appearing on examiner.
A few things are noticed as the map looks very abstract, and according to
waypoint's bulletin, at Pax they'll be showing off a new map, perhaps this
will be it showing from august 31st to september 2nd.
Moving on to a couple of images of the halo 4 limited xbox bundle.
When buying the edition, we get exclusive ingame armor called fotus, appearing like
lot like
haybusa from halo 3, along with 2 avatar figures one being a costume representing fotus
and a crawler prop. We also see an emblem called unicorn, and
an ingame forerunner light rifle called imprint.
The next image has more armor called recurit, and a skin called prime. The avatar is
representing the armor, with an avatar prop of a cryo tube. Lastly we see a weapon skin called prime, and an emblem aside. So moving onto the achivements for Halo 4.
representing the armor, with an avatar prop of a cryo tube. Lastly we see a weapon skin called prime, and an emblem.
There is alot waypoint showed us, so lets get to it. The achievements has names to them,
which for the first few, could hint the missions names for the campaign.
So if you don't want any spoilers (minor), i would go ahead and skip
to the next section of this video. (Skip by turning annotations on and clicking buttons above).

According to what we have here, there are 8 missions to Halo 4. Completeing them on any difficulty, gets you 10 points. Completeing everything on normal gives
you 20, herioc is 40, legendary is 70.
Legendary on solo is 90. et 10 points for finding a terminal,
find them all for 50. Find chief's record and access it in mission 1 for 20,

get significant air time in warthog at midnight on mission 2 for 20,
carry a unsc weapon all the way through heroic or harder on mission 3 for 20.
Make it through mission 4 without one preventable marine death on
herioc or harder for 20. Wraiths will be in Halo 4 as well, hijack one and
use it to kill four enemy wraiths on heroic or harder on mission 5 for 20.
Trick a hunter to fall to it's demise in mission 6 for 20. In mission 7 on solo, take out both
hunters using 1 sticky for 20.
In mission 8 kill 3 crawlers in one hit with the gravity hammer for 20.
I guess the Gravity Hammer (Weapon) also makes a return in Halo 4.
With an achievement called i heart red vs blue, win 4 games of matchmaking.
Or try for 20 games of matchmaking for 30 points. Try a spartan ops mission for 15, or
complete all chapters in episode 1 of spartan ops on legendary for 40. Try
a whole chapter on solo with legendary for 20. Search around for a rvb
easter egg in spartan ops for 20 points. Save a marine in chapter 3 of episode 2 on herioic or
harder for 20. And skipping a few, down to the bottom. Lastly we get 5 points to either,
save a clip in the finally confirmed theater mode, take a screenshot, or upload a file
to you file share, make a custom game type, or forge map.
Service tag, spartan posing, emblem or changing or armor can all get you 5 points.
So moving on. Later on the Waypoint Bulletin, we discovered there is a new
halo 4 special edition 2 disc box set. The set includes
the original soundtrack, 14 track remix album, exlusive making of halo 4 music,
70 minutes of behind the scenes footage,
interviews and recording sessons, a hardbook of halo 4 music,
composer signed art print, a picture disk of chief, and a cortanna in a uniquely designed sleeve bag,
and an avatar t shirt download. The first 5000 orders will be individually numbered in a
numbered in the limited series and personalized by the composer himself.
Waypoint also made the some of the songs of the original soundtrack, and the remixed soundtrack,
available to hear on the bulletin. They gave us the official list of the halo 4 soundtrack.
named awakening, belly of the beast
the names go on from nemesis, haven, to galaxy, and arrival. Very interesting
names. The names bring up some odd thoughts within my head. Such as the main menu
containing a halo, perhaps chief leaves reqium,
on the last third of the story, finding him self upon a halo to finish off the final foe,
the main enemy, maybe
leaving a cliffhanger for Halo 5. Waypoint went on, and stated
pax prime is only 8 days away. They are appearently getting ready for any new videos,
a new map, perhaps the one shown earlier in this video,
and an already anounced gametype that may or may not be making an appearence at prime.
(The mystery map may be shown at Pax Prime from August 31 to September 2, 2012)
Somewhere else on examiner, it was said that microsfot announced details
on the season pass like option for halo 4. Called "war games map pass" for
25 Dollars (24.99$)
saving yourself 15 percent
if you were to buy the map packs when available and recieving bonuses such as the spartan 4 scanner,
and strider helmets, but while we're on this topic,
No DLC schedule is ready yet. [END OF NEWS]