Video 4 - Ajudar mais igual a ganhar mais - Internet Marketing em Português

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[Rui Gabriel]: Hello! So let's see on this video how we helping people achieving their goals, we also achieve our goals.
As I said in the previous video, for me it was a great discovery, upon my life as an entrepreneur,
always told me and I always saw in practice the opposite, if I make money somebody will loose it
and therefore the struggle for money in the traditional business world is very large, all people porsue the same.
And with this business model I understand that this is a little up side down, that is, for me to make lots of money
I have to help lots of people, and it cost me a bit to understand, I was amazed because it comes in line with my ethics
and my way of looking at life, and I was amazed to see that actually could work, and in practice actually works ...!
[Sílvio Fortunato]: It's not a matter of being too nice, or being the good Samaritans ...
[Rui Gabriel]: We are talking about business.
[Silvio Fortunato]: Sure, exactly, but the principle is very interesting, that is, there are people like you have spoken, the idea is:
"I have to explore, the more I explore ... more money I earn," usually is a shot in the foot, isn't it? ...
And there's a law ... I do not know if people believe it or not, every one believes in the things they want, but there ...
I believe, a Universal Law that says that what you give to the universe you'll get in double from the Universe
and therefore you have to be careful with what you give because you will receive it in double, isn't it... if you give good things ...
[Rui Gabriel]: It is interesting to see this working in practice.
[Sílvio Fortunato]: And these are not theories, those who work this way ... but then what happens?
In strict business terms, and the question of giving to other people ...
was another of the basic principles that I have changed in my way of business model was:
while acting in the business world, to realize the synergies that can be created when there is a win-win relationship
between one or two people or more, to interconnect between them.
So if you have a business model that you can you make a connection in which everyone wins, there is a win-win relationship 22 00:02:18,961 --> 00:02:29,570 synergy 1 plus 1 is not 2, because the synergy is really an amazing thing, and it enhances our business in an impressive way.
[Rui Gabriel]: Sorry to interrupt, that is ... what we are saying and I believe that you understand and that is very good
I think most people think so too, which is very good for us to work together in cooperation, rather than being in competition
I think everyone thinks about it, the point is that we really found an interesting way to make this happen, we did not find the ...
no, we are not inventors, we are simply aware of the market ... we have been investigating for a long time and really put it into practice
and for a long time we practice it,... and things really work.
I think that now the person is seeing us is asking, okay, so far this is all a theory, isn't it...?
So when it comes to practice, when we actually get to learn in practice in more detail, how it works?
So, later on we'll see a little bit, now we are only creating the basic principles, to give minimal training and information so you can understand how ...
what is our paradigm, what are the game rules. Then after in the following videos, we will explain in practice what are the mechanisms
what are the tools to be able to put this paradigm, these rules into practice.
[Silvio Fortunato]: Because this part that may seem like more theory, it is very important because if we keep ... because it is so ...
people now have new problems, have new challenges and want to solve them with old solutions
and we only change if we change our way of being and thinking.
So these principles does not mean that people follow them or not, that every one follows, it is not, this is not any doctrine, is not ...
but these changes were in the way of being and thinking, was to read information was to be associated with other people who think differently
and sometimes seeing a problem as the other angle is a completely different thing, you know, and that is why it is very important
we want to reafirm these basic principles, because everything is based on these basic principles, ok ...
[Rui Gabriel]: One important thing about it, are the Mentors, anyone born taught
all we need a model to follow, I have my mentors, Silvio has his mentors ...
[Silvio Fortunato]: Let me just ... sorry, let me just talk a little bit more the issue and reinforce the idea ... of work, our work ... the idea of helping others.
let me just ... sorry, let me just talk a little bit more the issue and reinforce the idea ... of work, our work ... the idea of helping others.
So what happens? It is only the beginning because then there are many business models today, that work
we basically let's talk about two, on the Internet: Model Affiliate, Network Marketing that many people have heard the concept
others have completely wrong ideas, some even have already experienced, but we'll demystify it all.
So what happens is that there are real models that work for many years, and increasingly longer work, and in practice we can apply these principles
ie, is not something that is theory ... "theory is ok, but now how am I going to do ...?! "
... you understand, and therefore we have models that we'll teach, which applies these principles, ok? 50 00:05:51,332 --> 00:05:58,846 So, as you were talking about and the theme of this issue of the mentor, the problem often is that we know it, or read in books
but then we do not know anyone who can guide us, and speaking for example in Internet Marketing, Internet Marketing in Portugal is almost ...
is inside the egg, not yet born ... is ... in the Prehistory, Prehistory ...
fortunately not in Brazil, our Brazilian brothers are a little more advanced than us, but we're really early in the beginning.
So, the pioneers in whatever activity is, has the hardest job often change minds, or expect mindsets to change
to make the effort, to create tools that do not exist, these pioneers are always the hardest job, but those who survive
who have the vision a bit further on there, can win really big positions.
So if everybody is talking about a crisis I say no, no other moments are so amazing, so spectacular, with so many opportunities as now, isn't it ...
So what happens? And the mentors is something that is not ... we do not have to blindly follow anyone
what we have to do is looking for people who have what we want, because one of the major arguments that we have to do is:
for us to realize where we are going to be in five years is relatively simple, just look for people that do the same thing as we do
for five years, we can look for people who are more successful within the area that we are, and with more five years of activity than we
and basically we'll have what those people will have in five years, or take a little longer.
So sometimes we follow the wrong people, we want different things but we follow the wrong people ...
[Rui Gabriel]: It is very common, and nothing against the opinions, of course, we all have opinions and we should hear everyone, and we do not own the absolute truth ...
not want to be, and we will listen to all opinions and then each person is responsible for the decisions he make.
But it is interesting, is also part of my experience, for example, a person had a business opportunity,
and then will ask a opinion to his uncle who is unemployed and is living from Social Security, and then his uncle tells him:
"Do not do this, or do not do that because this or that ..."
So a person who proved to know nothing about it, with his practice, I have nothing against uncles, I'm also a Uncle
or against people who are unemployed ... it is just to say that we have to look as mentors, as our guides
people that showed the results, who actually have or do what we want to do.
So, speaking of his uncle, the uncle may be the best person in the world, and as a person has immense value, as we all have ...
[Silvio Fortunato]: And it may well be our mentor, for example, to educate our children, be a role model to follow...
[Rui Gabriel]: EExactly! From the point of view, for example, of humanity, of being a good person, being a good heart, and be understanding, for example
may be a way of life for many people! So we only have to look for models
meaning, those mentors who are successful in the areas, those areas that we want to achieve.
[Silvio Fortunato]: In other words, what we have to do is draw a little bit what we want in our lives, in varying degrees
and then search for people, be careful, read, learn, be aware and understand what are those people who want or already have achieved in practice
and not with theories, a certain level in any sector of our life, and study them, use the technology of the obvious
Was what led the Japanese decades ago to achieve the their present level
that is to see, identify the best, which usually are the Americans, study the better and copy it ...
[Rui Gabriel]: And then work from that point on ... 83 00:09:38,918 --> 00:09:45,733 [Silvio Fortunato]: Exactly! And the 10 of the best became the 1 for them, and from there, after copying, supplant him!
And so the mentors, which is now a mentor in a particular area, could be no longer in a year or two
now move to the next level, but it is very important for us to have these people follow.
[Rui Gabriel]: Let's seeing the next video as is, with our work, we can have tremendous conditions for succeed, if we choose the right vehicle.
See you there.