Nutty Professor 2: The Klumps (3/9) Movie CLIP - Trumpets and Asses (2000) HD

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Hey, can we get some toothpick? Some toothpick!
lfl wanna put a trumpet in my ass and run around this restaurant and blow...
''Hallelujah, Yankee Doodle;' that's my business!
All l'm hearing is trumpets and asses. l don't wanna hear that.
Hey! You watch it now.
You reach over here again, you gonna pull back a nub.
- [ Laughing ] - Oh, Cletus, she's fiey. l like that.
Tell me, don't touch the chicken. Don't be hitting on people.
l don't be getting hit on, Sherman, you know that.
Better eat up, Isaac, 'causeyou gonna need your strength.
Yeah, later on, me and Isaac gonna watch Mating Season on the Serengeti.
- Oooh! - Don't take a lot to get Isaac going.
- Time out! Let me call a time out on that. - Lord, my, my.
- l don't wanna hear aboutyou old-ass geriatrics. - Oh, yeah, Cletus?
Me and Isaac might be dried-up geriatrics,
but ain't nothing wrong with Isaac's love tackle.
- Ooh, Mama. - Oh, snap now.
Hmm? What's the matter, Cletus, cat gotyour tongue? Step on a nerve, Cletus?
l getyou. Gotyou, gotyou. Gotya!
[ Clears Throat ] These potatoes sure are scrumptious, aren't they?
- Ain't that a kick in the head. - Yes, they're scrumptious, aren't they?
Potato, my ass. Ain't that a kick in the head?
- What that piece ofspaghetti remind you of? - [ Gasps ] Oh!
- Oh, Grandma, now, come on. That's enough now. - Sure enough.
Maybe Mr.Johnson, perhaps? [ Sherman Clears Throat ]
- [ Sighs ] Oh, Lord have mercy. - Let me tell you, old woman.
What l do in my bedroom is my business. You understand?
Only thing you do in your bedroom is pull the lint offyour scrotum.
- [Cletus ] Now it's getting thick. - See? That's the last straw.
[ Overlapping Shouting ]
- l think l'm gonna propose a toast. - Let's make a toast.
- To Daddy. - Hear! Hear!
After 35 years ofhard work in the construction business,
Daddy's gonna finally get a chance to relax.
- finallygonna get to relax. -This is true. - Damn right.
And l'd like to say in front ofeveybody here tonight-
[ Buddy's Voice ] When you gonna stopjiving and tell eveybodyyou got laid off?
- [ Gagging, Coughing ] - Oh, my God. - [ Buddy Cackling ]
- He's choking. - [ Continues Gagging ]
Hey, somebody put the ''Hemlock'' on him?
The ''Hemlock move.'' Give me a knife and straw. l'm gonna give him a tracheotomy.
l seen them do it on _.h.
- [ Flatulence ] - [ Patrons Screaming ]
lt's all right, folks. Eveything's undercontrol.
Cletus. No, Cletus. Whereyou going? Sherman! Cletus!
- Dad, where you going? - Daddy! - Oh!
Nowyou see whatyou did,Joe College? You done messed up the whole party.
[ Sighs ]