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RYAN TURNER: My name is Ryan Turner and for a living I do
interior renovations and backstage fashion.
And we're Lower East Side, 38 Ludlow Street.
This is a fifth floor walk-up.
I've been in this space six years, going on seven.
Efficiency of space is important when you only have
325 square feet.
Much like Manhattan in general, you need to go up,
you can't go out.
I'm trying to bring in a little bit more light and use
this space a little more efficiently.

This is the bathroom.
There used to be a shower here.
That got demoed because I found this for free.
Somehow managed to get it up five flights of stairs.
No shower--
just baths, which is cool.
But that's probably going to go and do a proper shower
stall with a wall here and a door to the bathroom.
There is no door, man.
That's all it is right now, that's all
the privacy you get.
Hence the plans I just discussed.
This was a table I got from 11th and A when they used to
have that flea market.
And I cut it in half and then put these bookends on it and
suspended it from above.
When I moved in, it was just stainless steel floors.
Which is annoying, especially in the winter when you get up
to put your feet on it.
And so I just dropped these pine boards in.
Took a while, and then I stained it and finished it.

I came home from work a couple years ago, and there was a
crack that was developing and I wasn't
really worrying about.
And I came back from work and the ceiling had fallen out.
Rather than the landlord having someone do it, she gave
me a month of rent.
And I reframed it and I gained a couple feet
with the ceiling above.
So I ended up with storage, which is cool.
Originally I kind of liked it being cowboy and log cabin,
especially in New York.
But I'm kind of over that now.
I just want more space and more light.
And I really want to put a ceiling medallion with a small
chandelier in the center.
But we'll see how I feel when I get to that point of it.
I'll always be working on it and continuing to improve
little things and stuff.

All in all, I'm happy here.
I love it here and I plan on keeping
this lease for a while.
And there's always going to be work to do and
I'm cool with that.
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