Giving a Wedding Anniversary Speech : Wedding Anniversary Speeches: Gift Presentation

Uploaded by expertvillage on 30.09.2008

Okay, what happens at this point after we've taken this brief walk down memory lane, is
the presentation of the gift. Now don't panic. A gift--you're thinking, oh my gosh, fiftieth
wedding anniversary, fortieth wedding anniversary, I've got to come up with something really
good. Not necessarily. Sometimes the best gifts to present at a wedding anniversary
are the gifts from the heart. Maybe it's a poem that you found, or that someone wrote.
Perhaps it's a picture. Maybe you could find a picture of the couple from their wedding
or sometime in their life, or maybe even a current picture and have it put in a beautiful
frame. A gift can really be anything, but don't think in terms of it's got to be something
fabulous. It's really more than anything a token of appreciation. And at this point in
the speech, you present this gift and you make a brief statement about it. We have come
together and we got you this gift, we want to present it to you at this time, just as
a small token of our appreciation for you sticking together, for you being such an inspiration,
for you guys loving each other and loving us. Or whatever it is. It just needs to be
a simple statement, and then you present the gift.