Obesity is Costing Texas Businesses - Susan Combs

Uploaded by txcomptroller on 28.10.2011

We don't want to be behind the pack
in terms of a labor pool and a work force. We want to be ahead of the pack.
I think it behooves us
to be more focused and more driven
on trying to craft solutions to the obesity problem.
We did an analysis about the cost to the private sector employer.
We've done one in '07
and we did one again just recently, in fact it came out in about february of 2011.
And the numbers were worse. We said basically if we continue with the same rate
by about 2025, 2030 the annual cost
to the private employers sector of health care
uh... and loss of productivity will be around $30 billion a year.
I think the thing is is to persuade
the business community become very, very active. It is in our collective best
financial interest to have a healthy population.