IEM - 25 Years of Homeland Security and Emergency Management Success

Uploaded by iemvideo on 28.01.2011

IEM is honored to have worked on projects that have promoted safety and security not
only for this nation but globally.
Since 1992, we have worked with what is arguably the strongest risk management program in US
history – the Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program. For this program, we
have helped to maximize public protection for emergencies involving chemical weapons.
We have provided technical assistance in 50 states and territories to improve national
In 2004, IEM won a competitive contract for catastrophic planning and the first project
was for the region around New Orleans. We developed Hurricane Pam, a simulated storm
that devastates the city of New Orleans. In 2005, we saw that storm become reality in
Hurricane Katrina.
Since 2005, we have supported FEMA in catastrophic planning for the 8-state New Madrid seismic
zone, Florida, and Hawaii.
At the beginning of the 21st century, we know that the complexity of the disasters is increasing.
We at IEM are dedicated to improving emergency management to effectively assist the public
during times of disaster.