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and welcome to s_e_c_ sports round table
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glad to be here Shane
i'm so glad you're able to make it look like it's just me and you me and u
uh... tonight maybe somebody else and joy as i don't know that uh...
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other things that are keeping us from from getting out four or five people
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uh... google or used to this is a podcast dedicated to s_e_c_ sports we
talked what while we talk basketball
a little bit baseball
how we have a look at the week that happened in the major news it was agreed
to cover any gains of him
forums gonna run through those and we also take a look at the week ahead
but we are right in the middle of december it's december sixteenth
well december fourteenth today
so almost half way through the month in both seasons just another we gonna have
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so i mean this is a it brings back memories of the first
if you read it was just me and u
now you know there were no restraint is to have another small round table gate
allot table once example
and long distance not me how i felt i think
i don't have your reminded can viewers with with the pakistan might get out of
have you ever done by yourself and i have not
uh... narrative in one or two weeks and then in the last year and a half where
uh... it was going to be just me and we just i'd just opted not to do more
i don't think anybody if i could hear me to travel on
it's not really a round table
about what they are they gonna defeats the purpose here yet
so uh...
but uh... you know luckily we've always been able to have
at least one of the person drawing this uh...
to to make it work so we've been excited to be able to do that
uh... let's get right into things talk about that last week
if you listen to him
and apparently some of the some of that some people too
and you're worried about seven eight thousand hits
a month on you too
right into
show i'd been feeling when i get a statistical data on and i'm looking at
the other one cannot use doesn't get any information so
uh... pretty happy about that
about that argues a really moving up
uh... there don't know how long does godless knows that they make it all the
way the end
uh... but uh... you know if you are listening in the last week's podcast
we kind of went through the coaching carousels they called it
uh... and went our round the compass north's
west and south have been feeling m
in the bigger issue out there was john do you go to tennessee that's what
you're talking about last weekend
and it was a no more than we got off the podcast you've got a protracted that
bliss jones announces the head coach at your university of tennessee
janet hook older model a you know i think we'd
we hold out hope that that's the funny thing about this and i still think it's
a you know it's a solid job it's it's it's just
hashes difficult because i mean i think all the the tennessee fans
come into the same emotions it's the if there was it's the
the five stages of grieving you know
where the first one is denial and uh...
your whenever and then you know acceptance or you know what i can what
they are
but it was i think to see if it's going to look through that you know you first
year is going to be but jones do another should smell and we're still we saw
record he's coming
and then you get mad about it and then you you know you get the point where you
accept it
so archived author that uh... i think my
my stages were probably will depend on some of the things i didn't get too
uh... i was excited about a a big splash are i think that
coach does is going to a good job
from the actor from x's and o standpoint the problem is
you know the s_e_c_ now you've got wind right away and
you really need a recruiter and uh... to get it will come to a place like to see
i think that's where the the big question is is controlled skippy
to come in and run his system and run
uh... to be able to compete with
and that's one thing that you can get a top
thirteen but if you played six games the top we filed
you know you lose all six of those i mean i was doing to promote the here
this year goal student but you know it was uh... there was a
what does your when i said i think to see the top twenty five two in the
country are minute after that message they can be set up schedule now they
their defense was bad enough to where no they weren't up without senor deftly
right but
but uh...
that's the question is can coach jones coming to get the athletes to where you
can pull out some of those close games because he scheduled a new any easier
next year
your plan and we're going to play in florida on your plan alabama you're two
point three the top five teams in the country sure
hey you're playing by the trainer into
aliya away when you talk about that they will but i think that's awesome let's
also garbage but you're right i mean the throat or just go to south carolina
talking about you tell me 'cause he's got with forward towards the south
of alabama an organ i mean that could i mean sharing would it be
just outrageous to say that that's part of the top
eighteens in the country
now i don't think that
well it depends on when we're gonna look like next week except kali judgeship
i think i think all indications there is that if he doesn't know that he's got
a succession planning is going to keep moving away it's currently so it's a
very big issue for those guys that were aspect
if you never know when the situation car
what happens
remind that you have the next
their parents because he just doesn't happen attacking time time again so
you know you can one on one hand but you can see what happens when you get played
football in the field so
when i was going to have better marietta kid and i think they'll still have the
debate on this
and there at the plane maker stills of yet look what arkansas had gone in the
and you're right but i only have you had will send you had on the house of the
receivers back you have a verse in the backfield needs to have a solid program
right there in arkansas and look
i mean i talk about fall from grace there with the changing coach
i hear ya defense and i'm just
i can assure you know
to disease have a hard schedule again and and that's that's the top or is you
have to get you're gonna have to have enough winds it up positives and i say
women are talking about in the words of all stop talking about
delage has never had any
the first year he was a remained yet some close ones we figure out if they
could be
you're telling me right now it's eight as he was at all if you get
play to receive a saint
busy with that north carolina good
you know how to add two more wins than their it could be equally different
you with at boeing
you just that you had that in the fact that
the rest of your day they could never get the right amount players on the
filled it makes it difficult in
and i don't think that i think doing
never admit his biggest win was against you know credibility
last year
it was turned out to be a father but i mean
how can how can i do your biggest winners when u beating that you beat
twenty of the last
twenty one times
thanks for the future and we can't do that
and a little bit sacrilege your biggest winners followed by the biggest
probably the second biggest loss and b last twenty years
there would be a windfall were lost to a number of years ago at kentucky was it
was as bad
as bad as i've ever really know out their fame for
some thirty years old so for about
twenty six years
benevolent week four years of hillary watch in tennessee football
so yeah that's that's pretty bad
now what time works worst loss is it that the tennessee lost life i mean the
kentucky loss last year the vent about
beat down this year
the kentucky loss
westerman at maryville spurt
you know just because
uh... here's the thing is
tennessee fans there is always gonna be tough to see fans are really give and
wrote the respect they deserve
just because i mean you it's like a little brother adam
surveys and those are not not me this is a slight
uh... maybe a little bit but not too much
you know it's like your little brother you biederman you know in basketball six
thousand pounds of your beat you what's it's you know it feels really bad and
it's the same with that kentucky wolves
i think the difference was last year
listening to talk to capture a bold and what's the venerable did appear to but i
think it was the right with god all the wall which was he was donald dewey
that missouri laws made it to the point where you're like i sam donaldson he's
not gonna be back
and they're very close but i think but it was a much better in the neck in fact
the americans are keeping busy with the wide receiver or about that were out
there with connections that if you had a look at it as a leash okay in about a
program that you have is a good program
and unni
unlike the kentucky program who like you said was let's start a wide receiver
thank his is
i don't have any credit i think they're difficult in the morning games this year
uh... very qualitative franklin
and say which was a lot of my guy can coach
uh... but that's the great thing about that game is
the difference was
in the kentucky gave obvious jokers
filled some credit for you know saying hey your door and they were up but
matra work or whatever they want it
fed-up quarterback you know water saver in
and let him go with it
and that's a good protocol but other than that a state as he was just flatten
don't get some good defense
the bamboo cane franklin to sell constancy big problem in every aspect of
every play there and i just thought wow they really know what they're doing in
you know there was just
baydhabo was a better team i cannot say that kentucky with the better team here
you you look at the the best thing the kentucky did was able to keep the
hosting keep that whole thing under wraps i mean up until the game time
you know even kentucky fans didn't really know that we're going to be your
star quarterback
i was laughing all the
their drama played employer see very poor black is going to be is a big band
we talked about last year
about the who's got like or back and i think we thought that
i don't know like metalsmith yet again they'd never ever was going to try to
come back in there and i thought stuff when you're
the court that you lose your job because you're here
ineptitude and then
emily in her data that you got hurt
layout edges of the they tried that they could experience seven times in our work
so indian art
and it never work in
as far as part of that stuff to say hey we're gonna run though while to get the
entire time but
help incident stopping to lick it is not this year tunes he never stopped at
midway l status o
many things will change with this administration
will say uh...
it also you know the other news it was kind of thing in tennessee
you get to cover the whole thing to get
turned out probably by charlie strong was that it was a embarrassment of
to some degree
and then add add onto that
you know tiwari comes in there trying to get a
while she was going to see martin comes in a town in they supposedly offer him
you know four thousand dollars which is
which is big money for uh... for water sears coach
even when the highest if not the i stayed in the country
and uh...
in the future to down load your own you didn't like does best renamed after
birds job and you know
that your jobs not you know not what it was that one point so
that was that that was kind of a pickup painful
walter tennessee and they still have a lot of series coach in a week later sam
but you also have to look at where he is partly and he sees a wider series coach
act of program that
if you had to put them on par
uh... it's a top ten program in the country
to at u_s_c_ he's got a chance at some point in near future
if they go his way couple just bought a b
your helmet about the big b accord aired of some sort of in there
i noticed a wider series coach maybe they'd already quarterbacks coach next
illogical have a look at it from into the safe areas perspective
you're not only getting turned down by once again say they got it has a street
named after him
but you're also he's decided to stay with the coach that left you
at the altar likely defended and he uh... bistro wooded backyard national
championship run
with u quarterback
uh... i'm still here with i will go broke up for a second round of we're
back now
uh... yet he was that they would have put into the ninety eight so
here's my thought uh... nothing will ever replace what team are needed for
the program
of almost sour on that they want the
chains in a ministries on for a little wallaby fire that you would call it
well i don't know that leaving for all of the few games at your book
diffident helps program owes much appeals priceline about that
uh... here's my question to you n
you know on the surface you hear a lot of things specially being so close to
knoxville about the program about guns germs coming over
uh... and about the higher being a good thing but not my question and charles
uniform ur
with the former quarterback
well these movies like idea of uh... it was a quarterback of
not sure i can walk the simple
heavily involved in tennessee
mode will save that for a flare
uh... he was on the radio and he brought really good point that that kind of
resonated with me
is look at what uh... and you only have one program to compare to
but was it
which jones et cetera michigan before
cincinnati as it is a central michigan at the court made a writer brian kelly
uh... man and he any moved up at the head coaching job inkatha holding the
ball kelly after kelly was
left cincinnati together they want uh... cincinnati
interpreter yours
and the year after he would he lesson from michigan with the sense that it
would just they wait for chapter three in that
and we have record
and so you know that's just a is that a knock on his recruiting because at that
point those are all his players
that he left their central michigan
uh... you know what's going to happen in cincinnati now after practices you know
but the fourth year again
uh... and brian kelly version choice now it's all going to be
uh... puts jones's folks in cincinnati basically
souls you know or you could have that same thing and this is where you really
and maybe is there some inability there in the recruiting somethings or with
uh... you know
some sort of blood on the radar central michigan baby was all come cheap
uh... it integration
works are that's a good point i mean on one hand
i agree with yeah i mean he's a list of the last two jobs three year so he never
really i mean yeah he had his guys contribute in that thirty a picture
we never really had a reliable in what he recruited
that being said i mean that is that is because
recruiting classes i mean i a m
they've historically outright into what uh... what brian kelly braun and so
who knows i think he's probably one of those guys that can
that takes you know three start alan can coach a mop
here's my problem i was i don't think that formula works in the s_e_c_ i think
it works other places
what boise state
you you take that to three-star talent you go to mother i think that's a great
a great skill to have but in the s_e_c_ when your body gives us five stores
nowadays have
the athletes they also
they're really good coaches in the s_e_c_ you know sane again
and saving gets five stars and coaches them up so
that's the that's the problem that you're just getting your not gonna have
the schedule that allows you to
to the just have
unusually gal astley did at some point and and that's what i worry about a
little bit with
with jones now he's got to be able to prove rather better to tennessee
purchase orders to them it's easier to get at least in seeing this as many of
you for the south is less of a drought
uh... your you're closer to their backyard it's the s_e_c_ i agree with
all those things so
so maybe he's instead of getting three start being able to get some four stars
debt is the bed in there they are that the best still it is in the loop
country i mean
they just finished a you know
revamping their own there
their workout facility and you know you've got
you've got
four stages upset because they don't have an indoor practice facility in
tennessee he's got you know hundred yards selena would arrival
i'm sure situations
ste you know
gameday experience you know right so
that's the that's the big thing is you've got you've got state of the art
equipments in new york facilities in
and i will say and i think it's one of the things once again time will tell i'm
but there are correct answer is good
from a couple years before he passed judgment irish a mean you both know the
s_e_c_ he'll get a couple of years ban is enjoying it
they win four games next year then
they'll be so there may not happen to discipline is remembered deadly and for
the first year
into a bowl game
be brought up you can do it
base to me that's the the biggest you know
flag dot
but for most chosen so an easy ride only cabinet l
hey what happened in cincinnati after he's gong
be what he's able to hear the f_c_c_
and one thing you mentioned that i will out re baba little bit
is that you know one could spit that's
grilling out not in the f_c_c_ but was able to take those three and four stars
and really coach them up
and that was betrayed or arkansas
he when he was able to take some of that talent and really
bolster those guys out there
and get an extra
action star basically out of each of those guys that he was recruiting in
their aso noted that formula can work
now he's still there was a woman in the west up there
but he was able to at least be competitive they compete for that
position out there
uh... you do that in the east you might win
well yeah bell says i think bob betray no
he may be the best
in the country so
the same at identity guided by british and he can turn
it you can get him
some three star players on offense no kokomo consisting works and he knows how
to make adjustments so
so yes i mean if if if bush jones because like betrayal downfall is that
justo not just our car like what radovan door on motorcycles like it
well they're let's talk about him personally alluded to that early in the
podcast of we too
uh... tennessee's gonna face but really is back in the coaching job
uh... just all about an hour fifteen minutes north of where we are right now
euro water congressman mark mama mater western kentucky university
uh... sa prasanna newspaper undergraduate degree and
to protect
or they will go to college for seven years shame
they're called doctors a
for still on for more
well i i i at least i don't know couple majors and miners uh...
i stayed there
uh... until i could stay longer
uh... but you know for western
i think that they could not have a better higher
i think it was everything that western age two
to help them uh... propel that
that program has only been in division one a for four years and there are no
ball game
make how long did it take middle tennessee here in the space area to get
trouble paying uh... i have no idea and now there are very few shane
and that's that's a slam-dunk of run our
but i don't think it was the training here's the bad thing about three well
what can you say that about i mean guesses
he's kind of a snake you know as far as leaving
after you know he left little at a large he'd left atlanta
harold nightmare left with just eight letter a formal letter
and uh... in an arkansas all or do you have all disabled golfer more that was
recovered in a different form of illness
and wrote the baltimore military group the indian absolute
it lapham a flower network
maybe rand's right exactly
so but i mean that's the thing is
one what in fact he's only paying him under pain of what like
severability almond patriotism fear of the two thousand dollars a year
so they're getting a bargain is a four million are considered a br a target two
thousand a year
and also i think what you're checking cousin of this thinkin
will get two years out of the great
you know three years even better be just as one then well we forget one year ago
and i know right now with uh...
movement all movement going on at conferences
of one of the things was
let him come in there next year i mean what if he goes
tend to
and they go do you know built into an arrangement top twenty-five
and their into what they're like the northern illinois are somewhat they
always wanted
you know that those
and they go to i mean
p_c_s_ a big a big bull
mitigating convert u_s_a_ immediate
tell me that
not only this is your what fifth year in division one but now
look at it so it's a
in tissue
twice as long to get into a big conference
and edit if uh...
western can do that in five years in
could be read more powerful because i mean they're very attractive irma
basketball standpoint into layout u_s_a_
no i i totally agree with the basse-bolle program
if anything and move into a larger conference is only going to help them to
their top ten all-time wins program and you know in ins n_c_ double a_
uh... so the rest well programs on par with the with a lot of programs of the
country's got of a rich tradition
that most people don't realize is because they're going to run t_v_ to
never talked about
uh... but they've got a long history in a basketball program
and you're right you know
there was talk of their own
your even around homecoming in october
uh... you know the date
all this movement and that they want to talk about going to give the coffers at
that point
muscles is out there it's just like hey we just
week i think we're gonna slow play this and see what plays out
and you know
the babies just
crumbling like it is this week
uh... is an indication as to why i think that they might be the best move
short term it's not going to make them as much money but long-term
uh... they might be in a position to
you to reap the reward to get to
you know maybe even overstepped
uh... in key issue and get into a larger copper tobacco yeah and you're right
about the contract i'm not ready yet but you know what i've seen is that
western comes out like a abandoned if something bad happens
it's like a three million dollar buy out of the birthday on the net
uh... i don't think it quite that hot
but you know basically can work out that if he gave he lives in two years
that it basically don't cost anything
you know they list one point seven million
and with his violent
on the other causes things in there
they're basically a blip at him for two years for free
uh... so so you're right it's it's a win for the program is a way for part reno
to get back to prove that he can come to everybody thinks he can coach
you know and and if you listen to
to those guys up at western dat i had the same exact you know he he was on the
radio down here in nashville
uh... palace in an interview
to him i listened but reno on dan hatchery
and their voter interviews were ami they were reading from scripts
they were both have both had the same exact talking points
so they're all in the same page about how this message needs to get
uh... out to the general public and he's got a big way
but i i i think it's more time we spent on assam belting on this whole entire
podcast from box will move on since they're not saying that
it's great news for a for western and and you know he's in it
that you know the f_c_c_ coach
uh... and and when they might be back there so maybe that deserves maybe
that's why we're talking about it
yeah let's
one point two million is what he has a determined to contract
there's there's one other stipulation in there for under their career four
hundred thousand dollars
yes that's right
yeah what have you got
layer that's their and so you're looking at
you know two years it's one point seven million added eight fifty apiece
yeah right
it's not going to mean western is is
almost paying nothing to have him if he's only there two years it's such a
good are all i could palpably states for a couple years
anything of interest more on this board
well i a m
you know like he he said he's got a daughter that's playing is a call for
at local
filled with love ogle i think if you might be able to hold a vietnam all
daughters of friends
there's been some for his contract is not allowed to go the bible tension
and then went to get a volleyball program today
that's why i pick western vacated
not only one editor of the two thousand but how the local program
can i find them all
yeah exactly
uh... but he had another boy warhol's
you know and i think they do it
flavour het
what what
but some he has a daughter out there that was some sort will discover that
and i doubt it
and so you know if that's a if you're talking about an easy job it's in our
half up to
too long wall to go see her
uh... so using to stay close to family in a including his approval you can do
is is
bill but i think you've got a family
family bonds strong over the next few years as wealthy as are you still
married on the right in the dead
important still working so
yes i can only strain
and no i don't have a minute
he is one hell of a salesman on top of the executive editor yeah
so uh...
left let's switch gears and get back to the s_e_c_ and talk about the uh...
upcoming which will
what kind of look at some of the games we've got going on i think about you
four four
and why
uh... so the next couple weeks breakdown recover four games
this week love you for being such a early next week
uh... and then
the week
christmas we're gonna try to get back together
talk about the national championship game and what's what's went down with
the uh...
football games of interest here so
uh... you wanted to kick it off in order to start up and about kicking the s_e_c_
off in the bowl season
yeah i think that's going to be honest i dot that's reasonable
all disappointed for the vanderbilt
fans you know it's a to make another ball game it doesn't have to have to
stay in town
well i mean if you know i i i
i agree with you but i'm so proud of and about fans for
stepping up
coming out and for some invader but it is still standing very strong the
and it's been a lot of black and also
so kudos for those guys for even even though it's in their home town
uh... form step it up because that was one of the fears is that they were
because it was so close date they didn't wanna
come back at the national implications for a home game so
a good job of fans there in the uh... the the support there to do that
yet and that's what i think it's an exciting game of the united states
stating on familiar about these stains
uh... obviously tennessee planes the state
metals are only decent one of the year ironman in mandeville i think that
what you've got right now if you got a hot venerable team and you've got a
d_n_c_ stating that that kinda
struggled throughout
the year and they had that force a wind which was big
uh... in this game i think it comes down to you've got uh...
i think it's might blend that the court records the state
solid passer
solid core vacuuming out over three thousand or season
uh... prefer
until it actually owns
but i think they are both defense is solid and i think the big thing is
you've got us solid
uh... very solid offense for a built-in and and i don't think rebels have too
new tougher but i'm here
when rebels about a touchdown favor and then i can see the game going that way
you know they they got to a ballgame last year i think maybe the the fact of
making a ball game was it was the
the big we hand and now this year
variables not only the boat and i think their their with it so
uh... excited for this game i think a big again probably will not robbing just
go to
and uh... out i would think rebels that when this guy
i don't i don't think there's any doubt i mean if you look at it out there
states programming looked at
their rankings and stuff their their average arts and things there
may trigger guard again but
everything out their defense is is horrible
uh... the russian defense is horrible
uh... they're rushing offense is horrible so the only thing they've got a
uh... so if you can't you can't stop that and make them i mean there are
one-dimensional team in
if you can stop that one dimension allison there's no offense from the
coming from those guys
uh... and and now you've got a bad about program that can score
uh... they've proven that time and time again this season gets really tough
uh... james franklin as as like you said he's he's learning how to be real really
good coach
militancy gang he did a good job making some coaching decisions there
uh... there's been some game during the season that they could win either way
and they found a way to to consumer-oriented makes big plays and we
had so they're learning how to win
uh... where uh... last year of the year before they would have
they probably would have fallen lawson games
uh... so that date thirteen is not going to give up and
you know what that is that there's going to be a home-grown there's gonna be
ahead though
uh... black ingle
i help you feel so i i don't see that you know that seven points are gonna be
a big issue for those guys expecially be today
uh... you know very well thank you and when i get home early
uh... is a warning to the ball drops out
it's going to be good for them to be able to you don't get there
star tailgating when they get out that you know they knew not what their
offense moment up around three or four to get the coffee into a practice so
ill-equipped militarily without any major issues are used to eleven o'clock
starts for
further games anyway so should be hard for grandpa things to make to the game
here and i think that you know it's a lipid point is
uh... insist they don't have their coach so
uh... you know that they got a in a row code right now
uh... coach amounts of money it's just that
is it's a tough situation of the money for the missing you kind of the land and
i and that's just
as coach in
right there now now there's also situations where that echoed really
buyers to team up in a in a play form i don't know much about this
dana bible
bacteria but
allstate i think i think mandeville ahead can win this game and i think
it'll be a idea they could be a big win for rambo plate
they've been musical form a warm using siebel
uh... and
it is a very
that was bobby johnson she might be a lot of johnson same like back into six
or something
but i mean
is he states that i think they're two and four on the road
and i know the city for site name but this is as close to home game as you
know program built so
i would say
this is this just like a real game princy state senate
that anything up to me the same for that the other games
i don't have enough in paris a nice about manny
well my world my all my comment for backhanded compliments on and be right
like the essay here's the thing is your ticket
hearing a lot of many things there but there are going to be that
it was the dark love pours into the game
uh... that cafe in as opposed to the student you're not gonna get like a
uh... raucous crowded just that's just not the fans they have a big it's winter
breaks all of the students arrive donald trick
includes parking like those uh... nutritious energy bars that are acting
case like there
yet of the high dollar
high dollar uh... protein or exactly
who has a little bit liberal
overnight in not
com welcome with started over there
and i thought i did find a spot for alike in the entire
you know many nations a
let's let's move on and look at another program that's i don't think you have an
uh... even though clouds and red fourteen i'd
eyes dot c l_ if you have an issue with those guys
what about you
it's tough i mean i think this game could go either way but thought i mean
you've got to go very experienced and tells an offense a clinton
but you know a lot too
it's all about defense and and i'd i've agree with you shane i could definitely
wrong on this
analogies favor in this game bar a few points i think therefore after four
point favorite
it's kind it's often spurs defense undertake the issues
cdmdata defense that could be wrong absolutely but
but that's the thing is
you look back in
you know the the the defense wins out the s_e_c_ is kind of where i'm going to
do in this day
i like less miles on these type games
if you look at it was it last year
that clinton played in a bowl game and gave up like a million points
yester was in west virginia yeah i mean they have about one million literally
minimum desoto points
i've just day they haven't shown anything that they really prepare
baseball games and i know what they're doing
in these ball games
well i mean i'm going to take and i think bill issue in the form
and also mean you just look at the a_c_c_ immediately went into
but they're there to losses were to florida state
and the south carolina
sort of our research that's alright
you have that you look at their other wins and there's not a lot of quality
wins on their alec offers alderman but into that one issue for anybody
the this year allstate for men
boston college
may boston college in atlanta just dropped out of babies dr nominees are
these are big wins then again they give up forty nine point zero four state team
bill clinton's health care needs
and they lost both of them and also in south carolina game
in about double digits
so that's what i kinda build office and i think they'll issues every bit as good
as south carolina so what makes me think that
what makes me think that clinton can win this game i mean
now our output by its an elegy basket just because let's must prove that he
when these type games
and uh...
anti-foreign and uh...
would be after talking to whatever his name is
seven watkins those guns
the emperor tomato bacon
i don't think they're gonna dispel score
and be able to open some points on l issues defense
nivas that's it
that was where i was trying to go with it and i needed it more eloquently than
i i was able to do that
you ride in the south carolina was able to do it and i'm like you i would put
l_s_u_ on par with those guys if not better
uh... program is for what they had to play this year
uh... and for them to be able to took
to come in and played clemson who has it really
i've been tested and when they have they haven't performed where they needed to
uh... on in the in and their performances so
he said is less than a tough sell
it's a four-point spread
and he having an end
and here i think about what you
there to losses train their against them
flora and alabama
they hit in the opposite
went to u_s_c_ seeking for a plane into bc escapes
therefore in an album and they'll all tell them about four point sixty one a
yeah um...
and then followed up with that for a game a little spot oil spill eight so
the one supporting his loyal and i don't think i think the child care a lot of
and it may not move to florida life
made another day in the music look like a here is that they're actually got
better again
they got the rest of the extra points late came to put that when i hear
yeah and that they did not give up
well the installment for us is great to be a big event one get analytical
paragraph four solmaz
every other day and they've been averted aboard twenty two so until you're not
going to just
rack up a time points on the
but you
katha hei lycos point relative highlighted
straight up and i select the points
uh... will go on to the next game
and that's going to be northwestern
uh... play mississippi state
and that's going to be
that the gator bowl a litigator bolt in the years able
polyester soaks up i i i i hate to just be the big quesadilla cc homework
but is it hard for me not
bank on the s_e_c_ their values are not sold on northwestern rather have a
pretty good record but i don't think they had a heads
too difficult season
missouri state was one of those things where
the start out there
busters in their schedule golub dorm so their losses are against good teams as
whether yeah i mean i know i know that that northwestern's governors the ranked
team in the city states not but
uh... think there's going to me once again as he stared but
but to this game
i think that i'm not take the s_e_c_ m intake uh... damn all it over
over of
addicts fitzgerald and webster
and would you say the spread was on a
two-point gain
they spent about two annum
even though northwestern the ranked team and and you said all that
to me this is probably the closest to the floor games we have
uh... the talk about only because if you look at it
endorsement from a startup of the file
uh... maybe six and others who want to three
or father no
the late dataone point in state to
was a much better kingdom anybody given credit for
you know that a lot of those guys
they lost in the bresca by point
uh... and lost by a michigan to michigan not touch down
and overtime game too
some of you know you've got a lot of
lot of things to look forward to in and you know northwestern's a little bit
like read about and uh... you know it's a absurd caliber type and it's got to go
uh... but this is a pretty good well-rounded
the program up their at northwestern and i do think that of the four games we're
talking about this
and to give it to mississippi state and a whole lot and so what i can see how i
could pick any time
uh... but
uh... more tried about watching this game than the other three yet yet you
know what i think about that are remembered i forgot about that than to
build a northwestern played again so integral yet to be relieved as he wants
school nominee i i i think that we could go either way
uh... decide somewhere like blair to break this down this we stay on assault
you know if really really watched uh... like
one-and-a-half games for the city state
uh... catholic without hacking the tennessean now watched although
akin to a one you know in the brady law's very determined and the
but i did watch the game about him
i want you know about it on friday but i would not be surprised at northwestern
made what is that it could get into this and it just comes down to
you know who can make a point in the game i'm still going to take the s_e_c_
just because
where homers but prefer that
yeah jimmy but they're very similar teams as far as
as far as how many points they schoolwork committed yet but i think
that they're both average around thirty points that whatever dramatic twenty-two
person point so uh... it wouldn't be surprised at the white i think i mean i
think this will be a a good game with you sir
alot of love and
outlet on the scene or western and then about remax in acting
uh... yeah i was there at the grand old as i would have a little bit some some
more for them
uh... it began a year if your member vanderbilt
you know was at the quarterback of the gonna play that
asante settle a score it was that again
they sat uh...
a writer's
no that was a big a second look at georgia southern game well done
bills that you could either be or back for
rambled at georgia southern damon and loads of three touchdown victory so
i would i have done the eh...
well care
you've been a big writer trade
but i just the beginning of all kinds of arms are going to get that while the
very far and is that a lot for your
you no doubt
so he would be thirty who could be thorough and just like you know go
pattern dirty things
is there is nothing but posts
that area
tell kelly regional bank notes are doing
and went out and we will be let's see if you can outrun the sixties
and ethnic hit the ball ticket was receiving them
so u_s_
but i do you have more excited about that game than the other matchups now
mid from the
dual only watch mississippi state now
uh... are they find a lot here
but but other four games we're talking about if you look at the match-ups
uh... and the team that or not the instrument that's the best the best
two teams that are going to go head to head
and so i'm going to take them there but i'd like you have got a new s_e_c_ with
within even though they're their it's only two points
i know it's a feel goto affair will come when that went
analytic mississippi state
the next one dog is all mess
who really
snuck in from the back
uh... towards the end of season
made a a late season around
with some unexpected winston to make it
into the uh...
bowl season with with the law school with the wind against that's a
mississippi state stating we were just talking about
career so as to sixteen sixteen spent six and six and
well message that
uh... is that you have in the severe the game on the internet
it's been a lot sold it big in the year wasn't too impressed with some and then
baser within some games like to get the locals prod about that
the one thing i can tell you that they don't have a look for is they've got a
sense a re
uh... tennessee didn't support airframe as a reporter act so i'm sure he'll show
up in the clutch
uh... just like this is dead condone or is often cited medicines there's no
offense that no defense
do you say that about the begin alabama ten the everything out of the touches
turns to gold saying they've
just like to see so there's a little devil
you know a few years ago i think that
some maybe maybe albany is the devil
and that's why they're man
they're just everything elvin does right now it's sisters
terry nichols
i don't think bad about it struck down
if i had to go with just
gut feeling a eg intent on s_e_c_
and it's because the hot hand a romance
he said to back the other hand when the last two games
widow mess when they when the last three
now they'll also they lost three game before that
they uh...
they lost a vanderbilt they lost uh...
and a letter that was the or cancel
but are they needed that ladder one arkansas they'd be artfully lost to
george of and i don't know what you and then beat
the city state
so they kind of war and you know they won the game they had to win you know
they want our again they want arkansas game
uh... and they want history
not conference games
served in a very tough schedule at tough schedule but
uh... i don't know and that's what this is a top notch amana
uh... opic yeah just a little bit all as you see things even though
alike what uh... what hubris is doing
at all this
where there's a project like this dvd a compass ball you never did you never
know to expect in this picture
i mean is displayed after new year's day so it's kind of a good one
yes the second-lowest bolded good
yesterday but they generalized being referred to the right
you know the one thing that happened
iterated kind of chip ah...
head on with this and that she freeze in the excitement that that all miss harris
about this program i think if they had four or five wins this year
they would have been happy with the performance settlements did
for them to be below temple
any super excitement as needed described
uh... what it's like out of the grove right now we're talking about football
and so for that long
uh... for them to come into that name
the compresses where that mobile
it states uh...
tasked with that we can fill so
birmingham i guess
shopping i think about home crowd
much closer for those guys
from doctor to make it over to alabama than it is for
prepared to come down there so it's gonna be a much yours yet more
uh... with with all mess and i think they're leading
uh... serbs like ticket sales for some of these not p_c_s_ games was like
i think thirty five thousand tickets on the u_s_ is ready to be a good back and
say that
so you know it's going to be allowed crowd there
uh... and
their they're looking for women in somalia but from what was a spread on
that note that we mention what it might be out there that i think it's a
two-and-a-half point two
childless labor pool
and that's the one of the one thing about
the ball games at the end of the land there are a lot closer than
than they would have been if there was a regular season game don't you think drew
here and i think that the law they don't really know what to expect the municipal
i think it's time for the prognosticators
so it's a good but good line on this because
there's so much time and then
artists i think sometimes i do you have to get a
a feel for how does a program to an ordinance
by god to data tennessee
historically was not a very good you know for was not a great bowl coach
and i think it was because i don't know that they place the contents is on one
of those games as much as somebody else whereas
in our amber in c state we played them
and like the
chick fil a bold peaceful
and discuss large-size limited i think it tough one to do and you just gotta
really see the kind of coaching can't he
game play and it was a you do that for months and i can assure you that have no
idea what you freeze candidate but he hasn't been in a situation
well and another thing that that there is nothing catholic at is that
but it's not for some of your
powerhouse p_c_s_ conference gained
uh... you have a fair amount of fan support that's gonna be betting their
because it's a little bit
and so you're going to get a lot of that that's going about their their their
to win
uh... even even though they might be the underdog
a little more than you would just a normal us saturday slide
and so so because of that idea and we we've talked on the podcast before what
they just look for the looking for even money both ways
and so they don't wanna influence a lot but they don't want influence the land
that much about pushing at you for one with the other
on some of these games were you going to have
some of that homer come out and and then lay money down just because it's their
team it simple
that is for sharing your your exactly right i mean
they're not saying we think this team can win by this but they're saying
i think when you have the money on
and wholeness madman pin if we put it to an effort to get your part
if they want to follow us on that would provide a often that's not what they get
even though it might really be a five point gain
under normal circumstances and i don't know but
if i were just up the throwing out there looking more like something like that as
a a number persist to to hang out
well here's trainer
we wrapped it up
uh... with through it i think clearly unscathed
kerala talking points we want to use it
and rework brought to the hope and black
portion of the
the round table where it's anything goes isn't been movie night fourier the
to recall in idiot mandate for the thirteen uh...
i don't know when that's kind of a l_b_o_ over winter break ahead i'm
excited about the couple movies i wanna see
but what about their own see right now american ralph
right here in
doesn't mean that we're talking about that's best for you old man in your view
your kids your group
but would you agree with your kids do spectator will the cash
everything about former these computer teacher gives the value of sneak it in
the movies
but none of them and i've done what is the hunter bynoe is also this last week
and just wrapping up school actually graduate tomorrow so
can go anywhere for a few official congratulations another thank you
all year and a half almost in the making
is about a as it was a little little less than a year have quit
you know you have to get
a master's degrees now blahblah shape this semester off you know tried that do
as quick as possible but it all over the next or moderate side the that you know
to to be a teacher into go in and coach in and uh... get involved in the next up
and i think that that would warm up action then
that what i was doing
you know our our former career
which i don't think either one of us i think we were both
that eventually did but
but uh... i don't know that was either or are calling so
i'm excited to do something different um-hum bishop los angeles ready that
you've got to get settled down in
and no rugby everyday in no paychecks gonna come from a know what to do it so
that's right side about four to one of the two works that way
you know i accept that
you know kind of float around for a little while till off on my apartment
home but
uh... i'm excited about the bowl season for
how you if you're gonna be a coalition that that is part of itself
yeah exactly this photo hopefully looking at the rear contract somewhere
uh... i'll tell you know i said i'll gladly become funded by i don't think
middle schools do buy outs for their coaches a
uh... if they do that all calcium for some i could represent me in negotiate
that but
i'll have more talk about what i want to go to the movies i'll give you all a
play-by-play maybe i want to be all i can live blog from a
the today twenty thirty
of anger
and if somebody wanted to follow that while we were they found the following
well i don't want with their report we've been told me i a hacker young
who knows what wholesale there
uh... nine l_l_ though maybe i think i would if i can get away over the holiday
season is he's got to be abraham lincoln
identity as all that rain
gives you can see that
yes good it's definitely you know it's not like a
as your seat through everything is just really really good acting and i do it it
it was one of those
it's just a few and far between our i go to a movie and i say that works
eleven bucks were ever call so that when actually what is so
also saw that sewer lines play book which is get a ton of press right now
bradley cooper jennifer lawrence
and i love the fact that you know it was nice to see jennifer lawrence
uh... unanimity
half of it was a
pretty crappy movie so that is that discipline
i think is a chick flick yeah i mean it's getting like it wud rotten tomatoes
is really good reviews on it and get to talk about you got nominated for golden
either so i don't know but i don't know if i was watching some difference today
it was a good
and had no desire to see that
other than the cape cod
hindi issue head on both sides of the
uh... early i also felt rather life as well as a
it makes me happy when you say you have no desire to see that wouldn't
i remember about this time what you're looking for your part about footloose
at the end
got elected to the uh... actors was in that
julia have method a
to stuff it would have been yeah area
and at
is a very good looking at abraham lincoln are going to be covered in
three she's a close eye but now
yeah tommy lee jones isn't but recommended by
hello that and
they have a look at the nose have
i can assure you you don't if you're going to lincoln decision to look at the
that's eight or twelve bucks
advanced now i'll be going to see that the other times you know i think it's
with spielberg direct at
yeah think so
at pages that's good stuff has to be a good program
after all say the uh... i'd like to see that bob
but he's got a call for good things about uh... uh...
there's that uh... we are forty movie i think everybody is to get out tell movie
uh... with paul wrote doublets would be good
you know if you have
uh... curious about and i have no idea if it's going to be good is that barbra
streisand maybe that's coming out
who's that guy who did the uh...
household maybe
pineapple express agreeing
uh... separating
yet he said it
uh... yeah yeah yeah weird mom goes on the trip with everything yeah
yet another that it might be good if part of it all again about jimmy or will
that i would probably get it at least at some point fourteen but just to see
those two colorado sit tight people be cast in a movie together
that's gotta have some some here it's probably pretty funny so
from looking for a lack of might try to catch that when our might not be a
veterinary right
i will tell you that
for my open mic alle
his at
can't believe how quick you kids grow up
uh... you know you hear all this this bad stuff that's happened out
there today
and and we're not going to go down that alley that anywhere touch close to
too that stuff that's just a subject that
did ste not even newsworthy in in a sport podcast but
you know a good brings it home you know i was able to uh... to take my daughter
from school and i did a giver a little bit extra
stronger hub in normal and and
you know so happy to be able to do that but
you know come home tonight and tickets just losing teams left and right further
so so luckily
you know the ill-prepared file that i am i didn't even though she had a loose
tooth out
down and a lot of whatever her uh...
she's in the brush your teeth become permanent show on the issues that i am
and texted my wife who happens to be out of the house just art you've got to know
dat interests
somebody's been happier business and i
and so let me know jewish and what does that uh... eighty you made a little
dispersed wardens are part of the a_t_m_ so it is the tooth fairy don't open
uh... how much is paid
particularly those but we do five eight confirmed what i hear we're overpaying
uh... really
you know that it's going to send to cancel
old to me uh... you got twenty g_s again with a hundred dollars coupon essays cal
yeah right
so that's the way i'm looking at it so
uh... but she she's got a little regular racket she didn't you know
bath provides camper
program are marching in and you know
mile my sister's predictions bottom most every case is down twenty-five what's up
appear on my head start for monte at that rate on-duty saying uh... it menu
and made that much we were kids we have been just absolutely unsure cells in the
mouth to start the though
out ahead or not and simpson dot blots require hinted listen
to close at seven
but uh... you know it's just amazing how quickly they
they grow up in a
they they go from tyler's two little girls and sell
i'm excited for end and so we need to go play tuesday redo all that money
maybe do something
elk on the shelf is made a visit so maybe we'll do something
until the last night
uh... harper named heard julie
uh... already there
and so for the first two years julie was uh... start listened as you read
we uh...
julie came to visit with the skirt on sunday to talk about that
antonio thanks
he really even notice that they had on her cell it was just hours if i i think
that allow cell dresser motorists national manchester's una harbors a big
uh... big
s_e_c_ sportswear and
make sure should listen to this roundtable his you know be devastating
to her to find out some stuff profile julie state the tooth fairy to bank
careers at amazon com done
surely is asking about jack propaganda and so
saw a whole other other kenworthy girls full of questions
if areas you'd asked me to baghdad to ask a lot of questions
yes yesterday you and just ask charlie
well i'll tell you some outright uh... might read about this is real quick ways
that we are long podcast
i the rumors are true i was at the normal court house
i had charges brought against me uh... four-part
uh... premeditated
uh... driving out of a vehicle
with expired tags in the first degree
and uh...
uh... i thought the case said uh... you know i represent myself in court
uh... also had driving without proof of insurance and i think due to the fact
that the people for me to people in before me were completely two
delays and and didn't have any other stuff than i did have my stuff with me
i got both charges dropped
now the freemen that they needed break or coughed up about a strange so
shout out to if they've been a good day for me forget bout two tickets without
having to pay anything else were really excited about the
congratulations on that i i had been cut guilty of that myself
and that was the harm to remember
and that tennessee does depending where i grew up so you gotta
remember to get your tags in a different time
we are not amman downtown new london problem like that it was got what that
is i check engine light on combat submission so
so no i wasn't what they said our dollars to pass emissions are rogers
indro you know you life doesn't stop when you have stuff like that happen so
you just gotta keep goin hope nothing happens but not up all over it
and of course i think this stupid y
what can you not have provincia rats on her phone you should be able to have
that i don't see why you should be able to you should be able to have liking
your driver's license for the owner phone everything's wonderful
knowledgeable phone with me i just don't always have
the piece of paper
timmy and what's the difference in the end
uh... picture of a person's have in our paper
yes i mean nothing
but i'm not there
the judicial system you're dead according to court to be on the phone
they have done
they're working on that there's different ways you can pay with your
with your card now
well with you from
oklahoma phone
posted do everything for that n_f_c_
that's it for new york new
you see them with a captive farms to each other
well there's there's actually a little pad that you can that you can purchase
and swipe your phone oversleep like checking up foursquare places they had
that occurred but you can also at some point they're working on it so that you
could make your payments
so you just went too far over that would pay for something
so there's different ways of working on that
so is this coming that that your phone's going to be a wallet as at some point on
the future event yeah yeah i would have been the birth of the above the pin
number and so it so that makes it
makes who work there
there may be sent
yeah and is that some places have it and
there's some after you have an account
and so they just bring it up and you get to proceed straight to your phone
they're working on it but nothing's gonna happen quicker than probably being
emotional proof of insurance on your song
well i'm ready for everything to be on their own carry a driver's license and
warriors says
just just don't put it on the roof of your caller
hit exactly to do that
i don't laugh at
couple weeks ago
is trying to fall off i'd never saw it
has noted that for the last five separate
so you don't have any more mao zedong uh... it could be destroyed
i have five mile
pollinate doesn't show up it's just it's not uh...
it's offline it's essential here subheading iran over we found the black
the protective backing cover
mark henry found that we were walking up now calls printout
cool springs boulevard at six o'clock at night
she found on the side of the road ahead tire tracks on embedded into itself
truth and i never saw any electronics india apparently disappeared and uh...
uh... ms mentally you know her
chatted she could have her a hunk just last week
excel where we put your out that while you are up and out of that plays like a
meeting or something
i would come back from surgeon habitat they use that my bible utah descended
set up there for the kids and i think it is when we can have kids distracted me
opinion also i'm gonna go and
we wear
that didn't sell
well i can safely say i want to run the op ed one and i got that they need your
member of and i got that like
two weeks ever came out to serve
i've had the evidence lawton ok solidarity failing to protect the
government's crashes so
it's not a pretty good
however with the with every worker out you know six months or so so
created a new round and now
some point
blood spots or something
yeah exactly
and with that had recall this podcast that