Charice -SNN Interview UNCUT Part 7 (English Subtitle)

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Boy: I was mentioning Charice that..
what you have went through, are experienced by others, right?
but, uhmm...this is a very difficult question
of all those people who have offended you,
of all those people who have insulted you,
of all those people...ahh..
that threw some very hurtful words at you..
in your heart, and in your mommy's heart,
did you ever forgive? Charice: ahh..because,
we never let our emotions show that we are angry at them
because, of course, in spite of everything,
we don't really like having enemies.
that's what hurts from all's like,
we always keep forgiving them.
yet, what they give us in return is the same treatment, if not worse.
So mommy and I, we really never..
I mean Boy: hold (grudges)?
Charice: Yes. We speak to each other and..
and we'd say, "here they go again, offending us"
Boy: offending you Charice: but when, of course,
forgiveness is still there Boy: Correct.
Charice: we don't like having enemies.
Boy: Yes, now, what I'm getting here, what I'm getting here also is,'re using all of your painful journey
as motivation so that, so you can fight (back)
so that you'll get better. You said earlier..the anger,
(all your) sulking, the sadness,
you were able to convey through your songs, right?
Charice: Yes. Boy: WOW!! ok. because before,
as I mentioned before that you're such a brave child,
it's like I'm telling you, Charice,
I don't know if I told you this once
on "Boy & Kris" (another talk-show hosted by Boy Abunda)
it seems like, you're so brave,
it's like you don't get nervous at all.
Had I known this aspect of your life earlier,
I would have understood how
you're able to pull everything together..
.."Yes, no wonder she can do these things".
So that's why when Sweden came into your life,
what was the reaction?
Charice: ummm..of course, this was just a "demo"
they said it was just a "demo" recording.
Of course we were happy. First of all, I was able to go
to Sweden. But, of course, mommy always reminded me that,
"this is nothing, ok? this is just a demo recording".
Boy: Ok. Charice: "let's not expect anything yet."
Nevertheless, I was happy.
We waited what will happen (next).
So while we were waiting we weren't expecting that
offers will come in abundance one after the other.
After 4 months, Boy: indeed, your blessings came one after the other.
Charice: after 4 months, that's when the "Star King" Korea offer came.
Boy: Correct. But before that, how are you as a daughter?
Go ahead, tell me..
Charice: umm, I'm very playful (laughs) Boy: playful, ok.
Charice: I'm very playful, it's as though
my younger brother acts more mature than me.
Because I'm very playful. Boy: Ok.
Charice: usually my younger brother let's me do things my way.
I'm like the "baby" to my younger brother.
Boy: You and your mom, is your relationship?
was there a moment of misunderstanding between you?
because, that happens, right? Charice: Yes.
Boy: For example, choice of songs for example, what clothes to wear?
Charice: (laughs) Boy: for example, chocolates?
for example, when you're tempted (to eat it) what happens?
Charice: umm..because me and mommy, all three of us
we're like, all-in-one, we're like
"bestfriends" because we're so open with each other.
Boy: Correct..just like friends, right? Charice: Yes. If someone has a crush,
we just tell each other. If she (mom) has a crush
she'd also tell me. Boy: (laughs)
Charice: So..we're always happy. But when, Boy: who among you has a crush?
Is it Carl? and your mommy? Charice: All of us!
Boy: (laughs) Charice: (laughs)
Charice: Of course, so that its not unfair Boy: Of course!
Charice: we all have (crushes). Boy: so this is all open (discussion)?
Charice: Really open. But sometimes there are arguments.
When Carl and I don't get along, of course, sometimes,
believe it or not, at this age sometimes, we still fight over toys (laughs)
Boy: Still with robots? or something new?
Charice: now it's cars Boy: (laughs)
Charice: now it's sports cars. Boy: ok.
Charice: so...
Boy: How do you argue? Is it that, you dont talk with each other, like that?
Charice: ahh, how do we argue? it's like,,
I'll tell him, "I don't want to (play with you) anymore"
(whisphers) then we'll ignore each other Boy: (laughs)
Charice: We'll ignore each other for several hours.
But, later on, its like we're "crazy" we'll just laugh about it.
That's how we both are.
It's like, we skip the part where we'd say to each other, "truce".
(laughs) suddenly we'd just laugh about it. That's it.
Boy: Ok, mommy..for example, of course, when she has a bad temper,
either you or mommy, if is that (like)?
Charice: when my mommy is in a bad mood, we're all really quiet,
as in, all of us are quiet.
It's can hear a pin drop.
We're quiet because, of course my mommy,
we understand her that's why, however tired we both are (Charice and brother),
(mommy) is even more tired. Because she's the one who prepares my outfit,
she's the one who takes care of these things. Boy: Wait a second, Charice,
Boy: I'll tell you something. Because (I'm) a manager,
Charice: (laughs) Boy: you know, what your mommy experiences,
right? when you're singing? Charice: Yes
Boy: do you know what your mommy experiences? for example, when you're on stage,
that's a different kind of exhaustion. Charice: Yes, that's what she tells me.
Boy: That's true. That's a different kind of exhaustion/stress.
your mommy can potentially faint (due to stress) Charice: Yes (laughs)
Boy: it's really different what a manager goes through.
For example, when your "talent" is up on stage, Charice: Yes
Boy: the only thing lacking is for (mommy) to rather do the task herself.
Right? Charice: Yes.
Boy: "Lord.." (inaudible) "..I hope she hits the note",
you know? Charice: Yes
Boy: That's what your mom goes through. So the exhaustion you speak of,
I understand that perfectly. Charice: Yes
Boy: umm.. what things have changed in the relationship,
between you three bestfriends? Between Carl, mommy, and you?
Ahh, let's compare from before, and now,
aside from the car and robot (referring to toys)? Charice: (laughs)
Charice: before, because, of course, umm..
sort of..we weren't as happy then
because of course..due to a hard life. Boy: Right.
Charice: We'd always discuss stuff like, "what now? How will we pay for this?"
Boy: Your debts? Charice: Yes.
Charice: the difference is that now, we're happy.
even though it's only us three, I'm able to buy the things they want.
It's feeling is gratifying
when I get to buy the things they really like.
Boy: Right Charice: I can really see in their faces
that we really deserve to finally have such things.
Boy: And Charice, success is sweeter,
it seems like success is much sweeter because, of all that you've been through,
Charice: Yes Boy: Right? and, one question,
Are you this brave because..while you were growing up,
well, you're grown up now, you're taller (laughs)
In your life...all your life,
did you see how brave your mommy was?
Charice: Yes Boy: right?
Charice: Yes because sometimes we even catch her crying by herself.
Boy: Do you feel weak whenever you see mommy crying?
Charice: when mommy is crying, we both cry.
That's why when she's crying, we cry as well (her and Carl)
so that we "share share" (laughs) Boy: (laughs)
Charice: no one should cry alone (laughing)
Boy: Earlier it was, "You're My World", "I Who Have Nothing",
Mommy chooses the songs.
Right now, how? I mean, is it still mommy who chooses? or..
Charice: It's still mommy. Boy: It's still your mommy.
Charice: It's still mommy. now,
like in my concert, yesterday we talked about it. She told me,
"Ming" (note: her mommy nicknamed her "Ming"), "why dont you pick new songs
for your concert for a change?" Boy: This is your mommy saying this?
Charice: Yes, my mommy. So I reply, "sure, what kind of songs?"
Wow! Mommy said she likes Beyonce's new song! (claps)
Boy: (laughs) Charice: Of course, whatever mommy likes, I also like.
Boy: So you like the "older" stuff? (laughs) Charice: (laughs)
Charice: My mommy thought of these things even before I did So, there you go
Boy: Talk about your concert, go ahead
Charice: Yes. This is my first major concert,
so this is another achievement Boy: First major concert here in the Philippines.
Charice: Philippines..yes Boy: Ok.
Boy: Dont forget we are international (laughs). Charice: (laughs)
Boy: First major concert here in the Philippines Charice: yes, here in the Philippines.
Boy: Ok, where is this? Charice: At SMX convention center
and umm Boy: ok..thats a beautiful venue!
Charice: I still can't really believe it and umm..
super..I'm super excited because, umm, our special guest is Ms. Regine Velasquez
Boy: Wow! Wow! ok.. (claps) Charice: (smiles)
Charice: And I'm really saying this to you, there's a lot in store to look forward to
because, uuhhmm..this concert is like, the "music of my life", so to speak
Boy: right Charice: From when I started up to the present.
So, its really different. Really, the concept of this concert
was really carefully prepared by us. Boy: when?
Charice: On June 27, at 8pm Boy: ok
Charice: And ummm, for tickets, you can call 911-5555
Boy: Ok...I always say this to you
even when you started going to America to perform.
You make us proud, for us filipinos you've done so much for us, Charice.
You make us proud. You make us feel good about ourselves,
about being a Filipino, about being an artist.
For example, you don't need to be a singer to be proud
because of what you've done for us, and for our country
I always say, you have a beautiful life story,
its like..there are lots of things to discuss.
But, as a way for us to express our support for you,
All Filipinos ought to have a copy of your album.
really, this is true, we should. Charice: Thank you.
Boy: Because what you've reached, we also reached because of you
ummm..all of us ought to buy your (concert) ticket
because this is not just about your life story.
This is also our life story.
So ummm, when we talk about the story of Charice,
when we talk about your difficult life journey
but let's not forget that...the core of this story
is the gift God gave you, that is your beautiful voice.
You know, your musicality, your music,
the gift of, you know, your voice.
All of this, put it all together, including your story,
this is what we're hearing.
So, you're a huge part of the Filipino story. You make us proud,
you really make us proud. Charice: Thank you.
Boy: Regine Velasquez is my friend.
I saw your it made you so happy because you'll be
with Regine in your concert. I mean, she's also part of my life,
she's part of my life..
All of our dreams, you made it happen.
All the doors that we wanted to open, were started by you.
That's true. And aahhh..I will not..
all of us won't get tired of following you,
Even in a typhoon/hurricane, I will come just to see you
Charice: (laughs) Boy: thats true.
Charice: Thank you. Boy: because, your story,
is also our story.
Your story is also the story of the Philippines.