HetaQuest 15 [ENG / FIN / FRA subs]

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Weapon: Bundesrepublik Deutschland Shield: Flame Shield Head: Chain Coif Armor: Chain Mail Accessory: Flame Ring
Weapon: Steel Whip Shield: Flame Shield Head: Cat Ears Armor: Maid Outfit Accessory: Iron Cross
Weapon: Katana Head: Magic Hat Armor: Shinatty Costume Accessory: Flame Ring
Weapon: Frying Pan Head: Light Blue Hat Armor: Long Tunic Accessory: Green Jewel
(So this is the problematic bridge, huh?)
Yeah. The Kingdom of Âge didn't approve of the Empire of Ära having this bridge.
Spina is the world's trade centre, so they were worried that Ära was trying to take it over.
(I see. It would be a problem if such an important city were monopolized.)
But if Spina is ever really in danger, no nations will get any of their stuff, so neither Âge nor Ära can really meddle with it.
(Whoa... Yeah, that'd be bad.)
Incidentally, the people of Spina are the ones who use this bridge the most.
(Huh?! Even though it was the Empire of Ära that built it?)
Yeah, because they no longer have to use ships and they can deliver the merchandise to Ramneyg faster that way.
(For such a disputed city, you guys are pretty optimistic...)
(Oh, by the way! You have to tell me your brother's name!)
It's Lovino! He's a treasure hunter and travels around the world.
(Huh, he's more active than I thought.)
(But what really surprised me is how similar his name is to my brother's! His name is Romano.)
The sea is so beautiful, isn't it? We are right in the middle of the bridge.
I'm going to Spina to make business.
Outta my way! Outta my way! You're gonna get run over!
Welcome back, Feliciano. Is this your friends' first time in Spina?
This is the Free City of Spina, a city brimming with liveliness.
Ära Bridge is handy, but I don't like the name.
Doesn't it make it sound like Fortuna Island is a territory of the Empire of Ära?
This is a curio shop. How can I help you?
Thank you. Have a nice day.
Precisely because this is a free city, people from several nations and cities come here.
But, well, even though it's a free city, we do have rules.
We sell weapons and shields. How can I help you?
Thank you. Have a nice day.
We deal with accessories. We've got some good stuff; check them out.
[Ice Ring] A ring that protects from ice element attacks.
[Warrior Bracelet] A bracelet that raises offensive power and prevents darkness status.
[Wizard Bracelet] A bracelet that raises magic power and prevents silence status.
[Leather Cloak] Take it with you on journeys.
[Darkness Cloak] A cloak that protects from darkness element attacks.
[Light Cloak] A cloak that protects from light element attacks.
[Scarlet Bandana] Thieves' favourite bandana.
Thank you, have a nice day!
Ära and Âge can't trade directly, but they can trade through Spina.
I'm from Netischenitel. I was simply passing by, but this city has so much to see that I got distracted.
Hello! We have fresh foodstuff!
Thank you, have a nice day!
These goods are from the Kingdom of Âge.
Don't you find those stairs behind the counter suspicious? I'm sure they're stockpiling some dangerous stuff there.
Hello! We deal with Memory Stones. Are you going to buy—
Oh, it's you, Feliciano. I don't have any good enough stones to sell to a mediator at the moment.
Only authorized personnel are allowed to enter this area.
Sign my calendar!!
Meee!! Marry meee!!
Feliciano! Long time no see. How's work?
Hey, you can't get on the stage!
Oh, Feliciano. Wanna drink? - I guess - No, thanks
That'll be 150G.
Bought Liquor!
See you. And tell Lovino I said hello.
Oh, Feliciano, are those your friends? I'm sorry, but the inn is already full.
I want to go to Elgnand. I'd like to take magic lessons there. I'm a natural, anyway.
My sister has gone to the market. Me and Grandpa are waiting for her.
I used to travel the whole world by myself when I was young,
but leisurely touring a single city with my family like this isn't bad, either.
I'm going to Ramneyg. I heard that they're recruiting new soldiers to protect the nation.
Carriedo is involved in several businesses in this city, such as the circulation of goods, marketing, and harbour management.
You could even say the city belongs to that man.
It seems that a suspicious trio has been hanging around Promontory Cave lately. It's east of here.
This city has a warm climate and is overflowing with people's liveliness. It's almost like paradise.
Who, me? I'm from Wensed, in Proshloye. It's a snow land, so it's awfully cold.
The ship can't sail without Boss Carriedo's permission. Sorry.
Antonio's house is the big one in the northwest.
Um, welcome to Carriedo Manor!
I'm sorry, but Boss—I mean, Lord Antonio isn't home right now.
He'll be back in the evening, though, so please come back later!
Well done! Quickly, Italy, praise him!
Well done!
Really?! Thanks, Feliciano! I've been practicing a lot!
This boy is Marco. He's a servant- in-training in Antonio's house.
Antonio calls him his "lackey" and is very fond of him.
There are still another three... Where are they? Ask him!
Marco, where are the other three?
Emilio and Anita are with Boss, and Letizia must be in the kitchen.
Oh, dear... What are we going to do until the evening? The inn is full...
It'll take too long.
(Hey, Feliciano, can I invite them to your house?)
Of course! It's the two-storey house in the south.
Hey, guys, you can come to my house if you want!
Is that all right with you?
Sure. I like inviting my friends home.
Well, then, I think we will take you up on that offer.
I'll come get you when Boss comes back.
Thanks, Marco!
Lord Antonio will come back from Cenarf in the evening. Please wait until then.
The children have a good memory and are really helpful.
Feliciano, welcome back! Lovino was here earlier, too. He seemed disappointed that Boss wasn't home.
When I look at those children, I'm reminded of myself back when I was their age. I was also a servant-in-training here.
When Boss comes back, I'll come get you right away! Until then, you'll have to wait.
Feliciano, can Pete talk to you?
What is it?
Pete has been thinking about this since we left Ramneyg; he's decided to go back to Elgnand.
It's too bad, since you just invited him to your home...
I see. You have decided to do it.
Pete will try talking to him.
But won't it be dangerous? I think you should wait for the ship to go with us...
If Pete goes riding on Uni, he'll be fine! He won't get off anywhere but in cities.
Besides, if he doesn't go right now, he'll end up changing his mind. Strike while the iron is hot and all that!
If you insist, I won't stop you, but...
I see... I'm a little sad that you're leaving, but be careful on your way home!
Thank you for everything!
Uni, let's go!
See you!!
He's gone.
I'll miss him a little.
We're going to Âge, so maybe we'll eventually see him again!
You're right.
Feliciano, you're back! You were working in the Empire of Ära, right?
Didn't you see Giovanni?
It's that mediator you met in Ramneyg. His name is Giovanni.
(Oh, him...)
Yeah, I saw him. He didn't look happy to see me, as usual.
Don't mind him. Well, then, good luck with your next job.
That guy is just too serious for his own good.
(It's really my brother!)
Lovino, I'm home~!
Hey, Feliciano. You're here, too, huh?
Huh? Who are those guys?
This is Lud from Ramneyg, and this is Kiku from Saia. They're my friends, so I hope you'll get along!
Guys, this is my big brother Lovino! He's a treasure hunter.
I'm Ludwig. Nice to meet you.
My name is Kiku. Pleased to make your acquaintance.
Suck my balls, you potato bastard!
You—How dare you say such a thing to a member of the royal family!
What?! This guy is royalty?!
W-well, he may be royalty, but that doesn't mean a thing in Spina!
Really, Lovino!
Lud, I'm sorry... My brother may have a potty mouth, but he's really a good guy deep down...
Don't worry; I was just a little surprised. No one had ever talked to me that way before.
So, why did you bring royalty home?
We were supposed to go to Cenarf for a meeting, but since Antonio isn't here, our ship can't sail.
We were told that he would be back in the evening,
so when we wondered where we would stay until then, Feliciano invited us to his own home.
You're going to Cenarf? What a coincidence. I just came back from those parts.
Huh, you went to Cenarf, Lovino?
There used to be Blue Gem mines east of Cenarf. That's where I went.
Wait, aren't all Gem mines supposed to be off-limits?
If I let that stop me, I wouldn't be able to be a treasure hunter!
Erm... Didn't you get in trouble?
I got caught by the Head Wizard, who just happened to be there for an investigation, and I came very close to going to jail...
That was a close call! You should give it a break!
Wait, Head Wizard? Why does that sound familiar...?
Why, we were with the Head Wizard's son until a while ago.
... Life works in mysterious ways.
... And that's what happened~!
You should have seen Lovino's face then! I laughed whenever I remembered it for two or three days!
Fuck this! I'm going to the market!
Aww, but I'm not done talking yet!
Dammit! I hate you so much!
... Those bags are yours; don't forget them.
Oh, okay. Thanks.
Hey, watch it!
Oh, it's you, Emilio. Did you just get back?
What happened, Lovino?
Lovino! Feliciano! Boss and Anita were kidnapped by some weird guys!
They took Anita hostage with a boat and went to the ca-ave...
Just calm down! You're not making any sense!
Anitaaaa! Booosss!
What the hell do you want me to do?!
Emilio, come here!
Felicianooo! Waaaaaah!
You were scared, weren't you? Don't worry; we're here.
*hic* ... *sob* ...
Now can you tell us what happened?
We found a boat in the sea on the way back to Spina.
The people on it were passed out, so we quickly pulled it up, but...
They were bad guys, weren't they?
Yes. They took Anita hostage, so Boss had to do as they said.
And then they were carried off into the cave?
And they left this thing when they took them away.
Let me see it...
"If you want your master back, bring 1,000,000G into Promontory Cave." Fuck.
This is bad... Without Carriedo, our ship can't sail.
We have no choice but to help them.
Did you tell anyone in the manor about this?
No, not yet.
Then it's better not to tell them. It'd just cause chaos.
Emilio, right? Please stay in this house until those two are rescued.
All right, you three, let's go.
Hey, you macho potato, don't you just take the lead! And why do I have to go with you, anyway?!
Uh, you won't help, Lovino?
... Well, yeah, but still.
Lovino joined the party!
Promontory Cave is east of here. But I guess you know that already.
Please help Boss and Anita.
Italy obtained the 10,000G reward!
Lovino: Treasure Hunter Weapon: Halberd Head: Feather Hat Body: Fur Robe Accessory: Scarlet Bandana
Big Brother: Feliciano's big brother. Travels around the world as a treasure hunter. He's useless, though.
[Life Drain] Drains HP of a single enemy.
[Mana Drain] Drains MP of a single enemy.
[Headbutt] Headbutts the enemy with great strength. May cause the opponent to lose balance.
[Cheer-Up Charm (Revamped)] Uses a cheer-up charm and raises the defensive power of all companions.
[Angry Outburst] Attacks to relieve his usual anger all at once. Uses up drive gauge.
[Ignore] Ignores all enemies and makes them depressed.
[Pizza] Treats companions to pizza. Uses up 1 x Pastry, 1 x Vegetable, and 1 x Cheese.