Tricky P - Retirement Plans (Lesson #2)

Uploaded by ListenUpTO on 01.11.2012


Yo, So I'm a little sick, so I hope you forgive me
Cause I'm bout to blow my fucking vocal chords out on this one
But I had some shit I had to get off my chest you know?
Whoa, headphone gone Aight Lets go
Lying awake, I'm still trying to shake This chilling feeling some viscous villains
driving a stake straight, in my chest so I heave in my breathing
Tried seeping some weed but the feeling ain't leaving
Stare, up at the ceiling and see that its peeling
But is it like me is it bleeding or healing? Been at war so long that its hard to tell
I've spent years in this darkened cell filled with discarded cartridge shells
picking apart my self bitter from plots that failed
similar to Gargamel Vision still on the shelf
Didn't have time to make it I think of that Dali painting as I wish that
the clocks'd melt Just to stop for the right sign; buzz through
the pipe line of Talking Heads might only come Once in a
Lifetime And You might find yourself one day realizing
your chance flew right by, into the nightsky Did I let mine die? By spending nine lives
trying to be the nice guy in the one place where nobody likes the nice guy?
A lotta people told me why try Still I stuck to it like some craft glue
I stuck to it like a tattoo I stuck to it like some bad news
I stuck to it like a stalker that you can't lose
I stuck to it like the relatives you can't choose
I stuck to it like some half chewed bubble gum that you ran through in brand new track
shoes dragged through the mud it was white when
it begun now whatever its becomes pretty black blue
Battered and bruised, this kids battery through Sick of the chitter chatter bout which dagger
to use. The mist captures my mood,
Starin at city fog its apparent I'm feeling lost and the weather patterns approve
Don't ever challenge me and tell me that's a fallacy
I know how pathetic it is to think that I'm the centre of the galaxy
But still I scowl at every friend that ever doubted me
Like they're supposed to say that I'm the chosen warrior selected by a Valkaryie
Meant to lead the cavalry Never be a casualty of anyone who battles
me If I wasn't positive that everyone would laugh
at me I'd probly dress up as Neo for every single Halloween
Because really that's just how I be Did I say Halloween? Oh shit its Halloween
What better time for releasing my demons? Forget about Tricky P who you're meeting is
Patrick Stephens A dude basing his luck and merit on what he's
eating Barely a vegetarian swearing he'll be a vegan
One day, fucking eh don't care if you think I'm preaching
If God exists, She made me this arrogant for a reason
But its one long fall from the top and if you let your guard down you could drop
cause there ain't no turnin round to walk Once you enter the colosseum and the gloves are off
Though I ain't even quittin cause I ain't
been a winner I'm just pissed at myself for losing faith
in my mission Falling back in the same pattern of hatred
for women While my girls in the line of fire I can't
be forgiven But I talk to y'all hoping maybe you'll listen
Pick up the torch, know that I gave you permission On the main condition, no matter how much
it hurts to cut half the shit from your verse don't
ever stray from your vision Here's what its gotta be honesty is the policy
skip on the racial tip the hateful shit and
misogyny Wanna see what I'm talkin bout look up my
homie Carter Deems And most importantly pick the on strong, not
the weak I won't lie you might feel like an alien
Looking out at faces as they sneer in the stadium
But don't get me wrong, that don't mean that I'd trade it in
Cause this journey made me proud just to be a Canadian
Made me proud, to see how we made this shit from ground
like wow, to even have a piece of creating it right now
The fans are pouring love out to the brim its crazy they call us gods just for entertaining em
So I say to them Many thanks my friends
Oh and by the way, Richard Cranium Me and you have a date, a time and a suitable
place And what we're makings gonna be the indubitable
great example of a classic whiteboy battle and we'll
call it The Goofiest Race Cause I ain't going out without with proving I can
do it what it takes to kill that shit and spaz out not consumed
by the hate Just the truth in its most beautiful state
Cause the world is a beautiful place But all of you gotta wait
to see what I'm talkin bout, so peace homies I'm out
for now I got some music to make