Belgique: l'arbre de Noël supprimé de la grande place de Bruxelles en 2012...

Uploaded by antis4b on 10.11.2012

Let's watch these images:
it's the tree on Grand Place in 2011.
The tree is now a thing of the past.
This year, this work of art will decorate Grand Place.
It's an lighted work of art
which people can enter and climb into
to reach a terrace and look at the city.
We want to change this concept,
Winterpret has been around a few years
and it's the moment they chose to change the concepts.
Let's leave the trees in their forest,
and let's enjoy the sight from an elevated terrace.
You can enter the art work to see the lamps from closer
but you will have to pay.
The income will go to Samu Social, a vzw for the poor & the homeless
Not all are as enthusiastic about the change
I find it sad, Christmas is a tradition,
not just a religious thing,
It brings a certain touch to Grand Place and the tourists like it.
I am rather open,
there can be something interesting in the place, we'll see.
It's OK but they're forsaking traditions
It's too bad about the tree.
The new one was announced during a press conference
on Winterpret
that will extend this year until Dansaertstraat
with many new activities.
A lot of culture and lights this year,
Winterpret is not only a Christmas market, it's also an experiment.
People must come and keep in mind there is the subway, the bus, the tram.