DIY Lizard/Minnow trap that really works!

Uploaded by mat2dong on 18.04.2012

Here is an idea I found on YouTube
cause I was looking for lizard traps because I made one out of a tissue box and it did not work out
but I think this will all work pretty good. Basically what you do is get a
water bottle
or soda bottle whatever
you cut the top off
and uh...
See all the holes in it and stuff
so this is the top
well basically said at the white insists the top
and uh... so there's no holes in the top but but the holes not for air from
lizards because of your clinic through the snow on top
that's the only way because it's not like it sealed airtight
would basically
there was an ambulance and basically if pushes down in there like that
and and
calls it
tx will push it down and there are like that right
and and instead of down
he put bugs in it and stuff right and so basically it's clear so the losers
in all the books and stuff there would be in there
and so they get attracted to it obviously because of that right
and so
they'll try to find their way and eventually they'll find a way and
through this whole
uh... and when they go in
read the books or whatever to do
right over in here
and then dot com try to come out but they'll come out try to come out
throughout all these little holes and also try to come out
uh... the where it came in
but they won't figure out
most of them won't figure out to come back up through the anger right sulk
uh... this is kind of a multi-purpose thing to soar put holes in it because
i'm basically building a minnow trap is what i saw some that look on like this
as a metal traps
and uh... it's almost the same exact concept
basically you put this down to the water it sinks because of all the holes
reports of bread or somethin or whatever the elite
and uh... sinks down any handouts women
somewhere in
but they won't think to come up that whole again
dancing trapped revenue know since i was thinking
about my buddy josh
uh... i was thinking if he's gonna do
it contrasted black soldier flight
compost her
uh... i know some people might think it's cool to get fish for it but
free food for and your chickens probably fish to do it i don't know if they get a
fishing fleet well why don't know about
but i was thinkin
you could feed the
blacks all lives the fish
uh... and also uh... i don't know how made was that you have learned about the
live in a city area
so im and we don't know what was it in my backyard but they
feature of the past for your calls solely you can use just the losers to
take care of the past
uh... which would mean you don't use any kind of pesticides money thing and
and it's on the
cokie promise
came out so
yes losing traffic
slash malhotra
slashing kinda thing i guess that would try to keep him and get anything food
squirrel would be too
personal legitimate
you'd think
pusher comments
uh... subscribe what appear right in this area
and uh... there's a bleak to or face book page right over there
thanks for watching
and uh... have fun
and so here we are
the library park
and we are here to try and catch them wizards
uh... with our was track
slash minnow trap visited notre
lazo track
ponds and bogs
and then we're going to set it up and
sell it for you guys could see
anna will come back and see if we could cut
as you can see
you about your role it always indians
and um...
hopefully the losers will see this
and i'll just be like is that food
we're gonna try to find a spot for it
and we'll be back answers elizabeth taylor
set out walking on the part
got ourselves a lizard in there
whether that's a bluebell
try to go on
historic check-in usko
their works
pretty sizeable into
who really was neutral
fish trap
who works for the new residents