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But there always ends up being a crowd scene, and every single one of them has to move.
We want to depict how they always move as a group in order to enhance the setting.
Scenes like that are extremely important, the way I see it, so I think it's necessary.
It's also an academy, so there are a ton of students. There's the concert scene to deal with, too.
We usually try to avoid those kinds of scenes.
Our standpoint is that those aren't really the sort of thing you should put into a TV series. It's going overboard.
It's not difficult, per se, it just requires perseverance. Lots of fine details.
In the animation, one of them holds the guitar like this, right?
If the person moves like this for even a second...
There are six strings on the neck of the guitar, right?
If we use two frames to animate them, then we have to carefully separate them into twelve drawings.
It's really tedious work.
The staff never takes shortcuts; their standards are high. That's the reason why Angel Beats looks so good.
They're also employing a variety of tricks to further improve the quality.
One such trick is creating 3D models for the animators to reference.
If we work with a model, then we won't make any perspective mistakes regardless of the camera angle.
It reduces the burden on the animators and lets them get the ideas out more easily.
So we decided to model the entire thing.
Also, to make the motions in the concert scene look more realistic,
we took a video of an actual live performance for reference.
This is where we're filming today. Well, there's a concert scene in this show.
We already have the choreography done.
We're going to film the scene in question right now. They'll be used as references for the animation.
First, we take a video of it like this. Then we pass the materials to the animators.
We basically tell them to draw this, and that's it for our part.
Well, we do have to be careful about this.
It might be a lot of work on our part, but the end result won't look cool if we don't put in the work.
Let's start the take.
Three... Two... One...
The 3D models and the live shoot won't be showing up on screen.
The reason they can do things like this is because of the huge amount of staff members involved.
Maeda Jun's intricate world, filled with the hard work of the staff, is taken to the next level.
Unfair at times, yet precious.
That's life.
What do they who curse their unjust fate see at the end of the road in their revenge against God?
In the world we used to live in, death came to us randomly and indiscriminately.
But this world's different.
As long as we stand up against the angel, we can continue to exist.
We can defy death!
TV anime: Angel Beats!
Its broadcast is drawing near.
We predicted that we'd have difficulty with the animation.
And we could pretty much imagine the eventual result, like, we could do this or that for x effect.
The memories and friendships that they're forging in that academy...
Okay, maybe that sounds a little weird.
They want to stay together; they want to experience what they couldn't while they were alive.
Their experiences together may not have a lot of action, but...
We hope that we can convey them effectively and have you enjoy them all the same.
People don't normally go that far.
They tell us that people usually don't do this.
But we have to do at least this much to satisfy the viewers, right?
I'm not the only one who thinks like this.
The producers share my sentiments. That's why they bothered to prepare all of this equipment for us in the first place.
We'd like to tell the customers that what they're seeing is the final version.
Well, the producers and I started working on this with the same mindset - animating it well
for the sake of the customers.
I'm truly grateful to the producers. They've really put their blood, sweat, and tears into this project.
I'm not joking about the blood, sweat, and tears part.
Well, the viewers will get to watch it soon.
I hope they'll be satisfied with it.
I just hope that you'll watch the first episode before the rest.
It'll make you curious about what happens next.
I'm positive that you won't get bored with it.
It's something I threw together, sure - something like comedy plus drama plus band plus battle,
but it could only have been realized with the crazy efforts of Mr. Kishi and the staff at P.A. Works.
I know that I set the bar really high,
but I have faith that we've managed to reach that standard.
I hope your expectations are at a similar level.
To all the customers who were touched by the games of Key.
My story is being presented in anime form this time, but I think it's possible that you'll find it even more touching than my games.
If God really exists, then my only desire is to stand against him.
If God really exists, then my only desire is to stand against him.
Because... Don't you think that's unjustifiable? Don't you think it's unfair?
New TV Program, Angel Beats! Broadcast beginning in April!