How to Make Mashed Potatoes : Ingredients for Mashed Potatoes Recipe

Uploaded by expertvillage on 17.01.2008

Hi, this is Rich Buccola of New York City and behalf of Expert Village today I'm going
to show you how to make some mashed potatoes. Alright so we are here today I'm going to
show you how to make mashed potatoes. A really great side dish to have they are my personal
favorite. I love mashed potatoes a lot of butter, a lot of milk, really creamy mashed
potatoes. Well today I'm going to show you my auntie Darcey's old recipe for mashed potatoes.
(If she was here she would kick me in the butt right now.) But what here trick was she
would say the specialty just adding in a scallion to it. Little chopped scallions real fine.
So today we are going to need about 2 1/2 pounds of potatoes so in a 5 pound bag you
are looking at 6-8 potatoes. You are going to need butter. Butter makes them nice and
creamy. You are going to need milk that adds to it, it makes it even more creamier. Scallions,
the little hints of scallions that is going to really spice this up and give it a little
jazz and just salt and pepper for taste. It is that simple. When I come back I will show
you the hardware that we need for this and we would start making some great mashed potatoes.