Desi Parents are Crazy... AGAIN!

Uploaded by JusReign on 05.12.2011

One, two... three, four... FIVE, SIX? Six Toothbrushes?! JASMEET?!
Come here right the FRIG now!
SEVEN TOOTHBRUSHES?! SEVEN!? Four people in this house and there's SEVEN toothbrushes?!
*wipes toothbrush with butt* Now you can only use this one, just you watch, ONLY THIS TOOTHBRUSH!
What the hell are you watching? Have you not the slightest shame. The hell is this sh*t?
A person should have some decency to at least turn off the tv for a little bit when stuff like this comes on...
you ONE SCENE FACE! I'll slap you soo hard across your face then you'll see what a TRUE one scene-er is...
Watch some cartoons or something, Tom and Jerry... Why don't you watch some Arthur?
That Bastard does so much awesome work... you know, that bunny Bastard (Buster lolz)
I don't know what the eff happened to our kids, everyone else's kids seem to be doing just fine...
Clean your room at least, everytime I come in here it's a goddamn mess... Clean it once in a while...
Hmm, what was I supposed to tell you, something, I freaking forgot...
OH, fill out this form we got in the mail, there's a chance to win $10,000
- aaaand, door open or closed? - uh, closed.
I'm getting you married in India...
I found girls, 5-6 girls all lined up.
When you're an OLD FART that's when youre gonna get married?! You'll have ugly white hair all over your face, then you'll get married?!
Guy's gonna keep dying his hair then complain he gets no chicks.
Then you'll give up and marry an old fart like yourself.
All these girls that are studying to be doctors, dookturs, all of them are gonna get married soon.
Mom, I JUST turned 22, and now you want me to get married?
22, 22, That's what you'll keep saying.
THAT'S TOO MUCH! Look at your uncle! He barely turned 19 and he got married.
Look at me, look at your father! He was 20 years old when he got married, and now you're 22.
Your... goddamn wedding... it's happening the day after tomorrow. You have until MONDAY to get married in India.
What you got against girls from India?! Look at me, JUST LOOK AT ME!
Clean up this friggin house, then go out to go work myself in a factory.
Girls from Canada, they have no shame. They indecent clothes, NONE of them know how to clean.
We'll get a girl from India, she'll be beautiful. She'll clean the house, sweep the floors.
No body in our house ever vacuums besides me, so she'll definitely be doing that. AND she'll go out and work too.
There's a benefit, at least 25% benefit with a girl from India, as compared to girls from here. TWENTY FIVE PERCENT.
You... bastard... just wait until you get home. I DARE you to step your ugly ass face inside this house.
I'm gonna have the girl ready to go, and right there and then you're getting married.