Coma (昏迷) EP5/5 with Eng Sub & 中字 (Korean Horror)

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At first, I saw this dark tunnel and I couldn't see anything.
Then I saw this bright light at the end of the tunnel.
It was a binding flight
It was a beautiful place.
I never imagined that such a beautiful place could exist.
It seemed so real.
I could smell the grass and
sense the wind blowing over my fingers.
Then someone called my name...
It was a familiar voice.
Are you certain that you were there?
I'm not sure.
It wasn't a place where people existed.
It was far removed from time and space.
Everything was bound together.
Doctor Jang Seo-won
The destination is Incheon Airport.
Shit. It's hard to see anything here whenever it rains.
Am I driving over a road or is this off-road? Damn it.
Alright, I'll just step on it.
Take a left turn 100 meters in the distance.
Damn it~
3 hours ago
Come in.
Are you Lee So-hee's doctor?
I'm from the insurance company.
How could you make that
decision without consulting with me?
So-hee is my patient.
I know but we can't do anything more for her.
I told you that I would take care of her.
A general hospital offers legal medical treatment.
It's not a problem for such a hospital to take in a patient.
But an individual is not allowed to provide personal
care for a patient.
Since when did you ever follow the rules?
I set my own rules.
Dr. Jang, it's time for you to let go of So-hee.
I will cure So-hee.
Will you stop being so foolish...
It's just a matter of time until she gets better.
I'll be getting the test results very soon.
I can't give up now.
It's over.
I'm going to transfer Lee So-hee to another hospital.
Didn't you meet the insurance agent?
Dr. Jang,
why don't you visit your family in America?
Take a break for a month. You'll feel better after that.
I'll look for a position for you while you're away.
No thanks. Good luck.
I'll never come here again.
If you do something unforgivable,
I might come back.
You grew up into a pretty woman.
Why'd you come here? You came to find your sister?
What are you doing?
1 year ago
So-hee, what are you listening to?
Do you want to listen to it, Doctor?
It's a sad song.
I used to like this song because it was sad.
But after my accident, the song sounds different.
Here, it's a present.
A present?
Oh, you woke up.
that old lady probably went to the place I saw, right?
So-hee, could you tell me that story again?
What story?
The place that you saw when you were admitted to our hospital.
I already told you that story...
You weren't afraid?
No, there was no pain or worries.
It was a warm feeling.
I felt like I was in heaven.
Don't you want to see that place again?
Do you want me to show it to you again?
In your brain, there is an area called the temporal lobe.
It's around here.
It's where the brain stores your memories.
If you stimulated that area with electrowaves,
a strange phenomenon occurs.
If you stimulate a specific area,
you can remember old memories.
And there's an area where you meet god.
Of course there are areas where
you can see your mother or dead relatives.
Do you know what this means?
It means that what you saw was just an illusion
that your brain made
to alleviate the pain of dying.
But don't be disappointed.
I will find that chemical substance
in your brain that creates that illusion.
It will become a super anesthetic that can erase the fear of dying.
We'll be able to see heaven without having to die.
So-hee, get up.
Wake up, So-hee!
You can't die, Sohee! So-hee!
So-hee Get up!
So-hee. Get up now!
So-hee, don't die. No. So-hee.
Dr. Jang, what happened to her?
She was supposed to go home. How'd she become comatose?
I guess there was brain hemorrhaging that we didn't detect.
This happened to her 2 months after she was admitted not 2 days.
How could she have a brain hemorrhage 2 months after her accident?
There's a strange rumor spreading among the nurses.
What kind of rumor?
They saw you take Lee So-hee somewhere in the middle of the night.
So-hee asked me to push her wheelchair for her.
What the hell are you doing behind my back?
I'm just treating my patients.
And what's this rumor that you're draining the blood from dead bodies?
Where are you using that blood?
Do you really want to know?
Just answer me!
I gave it to you as a gift.
Just the essence...
Since when have you been doing this?
5 years ago...
Or 10... Maybe it was 15 years...
You're crazy.
Anyhow, I won't let you go ahead with this.
What are you gonna do then?
I took care of your dirty work...
How are you gonna stop me?
Are you going to kill me?
Look, old man...
Have you forgotten that day?
You are approaching Young-jong bridge.
You have driven off course.
Take a left turn 500 meters in the distance.
Your destination is Incheon Airport.
You have arrived at Incheon Airport.
The navigation guide is over.
The navigation guide is over.
The navigation guide is over.
You have driven off course.
The navigation guide is over.
10 years ago
Do you like listening to music?
It will help you relax your nerves.
I administered the anesthetics.
What's wrong? What's happening?
What's wrong with her? Get a hold of yourself. Calm down!
Oh, angry spirit... Young-jeongeum...
What the heck is this?
What if people hear about this exorcism?
A lot of people already know about it.
Many patients have seen ghosts.
Leave us alone. Why are you hurting me?
Do you think you can make me leave?
Don't try to kill me twice!
I don't believe in ghosts, you know.
Stop playing games. Take your money and go home.
Dr. Jang, what are you doing? Let her go.
Why is he operating at this hour?
Do they think I'm their servant or what?
Don't they ever sleep?
Did you bring it?
Mr. Choi...
Bury this somewhere in the woods.
Don't open it.
You might get infected.
But I need to know what I'm burying.
It's just leftover stuff from the operation.
Just do as I say.
Mister, I'm cold... Save me.
Save me.
Mister, will I get better if I get an operation?
Of course. You'll get better after you get surgery.
I'll get an operation, right?
I'll be by your side until you get an operation.
What the hell are you doing?
Dr. Jang, please operate on her.
Mr. Choi, come to your senses!
Hye-young is in pain. She's crying!
Get a hold of yourself!
Doctor, save Hye-young's life.
Please operate on her!
Can't you see that she's dead?
What's wrong with you?
Are you trying to ruin my life?
Please treat her.
Please... Treat her.
If you won't bury her, then I'll do it.
Please treat her...
Please save her, Doctor.
It's alright.
It's alright.
I'll protect you.
You saw something that you shouldn't have seen.
I'm not ready to show this procedure to anyone.
It looks like you're ill.
I sent her to a peaceful place.
That's why she called me here.
How dare you?
Stay here until I come back.
Why does he always make me do it? Gosh..
Why does he make me throw away the trash? Damn it.
They think they can boss me around?
No, no...
- Hye-young. - Save me, Yoon-young.
- Yoon-young! - No!
Hye-young, come out now.
Hye-young, stop hiding.
It's my mistake.
Hye-young, please come out. Hye-young~
You'll be OK. You'll be alright.
What are you doing? Get changed.
- What are you doing? - What?
Do you think it's a light wound?
I'm sorry.
What is this? What happened to her?
She fell down the chute.
Are you trying to ruin us?
Forceps! Forceps!
Which forceps?
The hemostat!
Can't you focus?!
Are you trying to ruin us all?
Do you want to close down this hospital?
Listen to me. Since you were here, it's your fault, too.
You saw nothing happen in this room.
Yoon-young, save me.
Save me. Yoon-young, save me.
With the evidence I have so far
the killer is not
the crazy girl, the nurse, nor Dr. Jang.
This patient killed him.
I know it sounds crazy.
Would Dr. Jang try to tamper with the fingerprints
to frame a patient who's in a coma?
That's the dumbest thing anyone could do.
So-hee, did you kill the director?
What did I just hear?
You didn't do, right?
Did she do it?
So-hee, talk to me.
Tell me what happened while I was away.
You... You killed Hye-young...
What did I do?
How could you kill such a young girl?
You're unforgivable.
That's nonsense.
I tried to save your sister's life.
It was your fault that she died.
You made her hide in that trash can.
No! It was your fault.
In this hellish hospital... You, the director and nurse
covered up her death. You killed Hye-young!
I buried your sister with
my own two hands.
Shouldn't you be
thanking me for what I did?
You're holding it the wrong way.
The sharp side faces that way. Look closely.
This is...
how you hold a scalpel.
And when you slice flesh...
Don't stop... Make a long slash.
Can you kill me like that?
Nobody judges me.
So that's where you've been hiding all along...
That's how the rumor started...
You were the ghost in the operating room.
Who hid you here? Did Mr. Choi hide you here?
Hye-young, I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Hye-young... I'm so sorry.
I'll return after I make enough money to pay the bills.
I'm sorry that I can't hold a birthday party for you...
I'm sorry, Yoon-young... Take care of Hye-young.
Mom, mom.
I wish you would just disappear.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to my sister Yoon-young.
Yoon-young, don't cry. It's your birthday today.
Hye-young, I'm sorry.
I came too late, right?
Forgive me, Hye-young.