Happy Halloween (Kurzfilm von Red Tie Films) TEIL 1

Uploaded by RedTieFilms on 09.11.2008

Stop, stop, stop, stop...
That was the worst, most boring movie i've seen in my entire life.
That would be the fourth time you said that tonight.
Maybe it's just too DEEP for you.
Don't you have anything better instead?
How about: "The Zombie And His Lawyer"?
"Slaves Of The Werewolf-SS" A classic!
"Dawn Of The Living-Killing Living Dead"
Or this one:"The Devil Knocks Three Times"!
Jesus, chill dude!
It's Halloween, bro! Love's in the air!
Yeah, i don't think so... 00:02:21,00:02: 23 Happy Halloween! Wanna grab a beer?
You GOTTA have something worth watching.
Hmm. What's that?