Ignatius Piazza from the Heart

Uploaded by FrontSightMovies on 08.04.2008

I'm here at the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C. There's a certain feeling that you get
here, it's a passion. A passion for freedom. It emanates from that man, Thomas Jefferson,
standing tall and proud and free. Jefferson penned the very powerful, final lines to the
Declaration of Independence. He wrote, we mutually pledge our lives, our fortunes and
our sacred honor. That final line is followed by the signatures of the 56 signers of the
Declaration. Jefferson and the Founding Fathers pledged everything they had to our freedom.
And many of them gave it all to save us. I'm not asking you to give your life, your fortune
or your sacred honor to restore what we have almost lost. I will give mine for you. I am
asking for your help. I'm asking for you to stand with the spirit of Thomas Jefferson,
joining me and the patriots of the Front Sight Organization as we save the greatest gift
our forefathers could've ever given us: the Second Amendment. With your help, we will
save it. With your help, there is no way the Second Amendment will be lost on our watch.
With your help, we will never have to tell our children that we failed to step forward
when we were needed, to safeguard their freedom. Every day, Front Sight proves we have the
answer. And with your participation, we will also have the resources to apply our successful
strategies on a nation-wide scale. The responsibility rests squarely on our shoulders. Yours, mine
and the millions of patriots across America, who support what we want to accomplish and
have been waiting for a proven, successful strategy to not only defend our gun rights
but also restore what has been lost. It's always been our destiny to dramatically and
positively affect public opinion so fewer and fewer politicians will ever consider associating
themselves with an anti-gun agenda. As we grow, as we win, the anti-gun movement dies.
Thomas Jefferson would be very proud of the Front Sight Organization.
I believe that Dr. Piazza can do it, and I would like to encourage all the members of
Gun Owners of America to help him make it happen. Come out to Front Sight, take training,
get better at what you already can do. And then join the Front Sight Family the way I
Dr. Piazza's strategy is solid. His tactics are proven and successful. He truly is a man
who puts his money where his mouth is. He doesn't just talk the talk, he walks the walk.
I'm a First Family Member, and I believe that every gun owner should join the Front Sight
Organization. We really need to get behind the Front Sight movement.