How to import a DVD into Final Cut Pro

Uploaded by FinalCutProHelp on 25.01.2010

Hi, my name is Jared and I'm an Apple certified Final Cut Studio Master Pro.
A question I get quite frequently is how do i take a DVD
and get it into Final Cut for editing?
There are many applications that can take a dvd
and create a file from it.
The one I'm going to show you today comes from a company called squared five.
The application is MPEG Streamclip.
First, go to
Click on the download option
and, once the download is completed, just drag the icon into your application
Next, insert the dvd you want to edit with Final Cut.
The dvd I'm using contains a ten minute music video
from the the MWM motorcycle stunt team.
If dvd player opens, hit Command-Q on your keyboard to quit the player.
Then, open MPEG Streamclip.
Click File, open dvd.
From the sidebar select the dvd,
then click select.
It can take some time for the dvd to load
depending on the type of computer and drive you have.
Once the dvd is loaded, I recommend going to edit
fixed timecode breaks.
Although it is not required
it only takes a few minutes
in the long run, I find it helps.
Next, click file and choose export movie to DV.
Keep in mind that the file is going to be large
and on average for standard definition video
about five minutes equals a GB of hard drive space.
There are many settings that you can change.
I recommend testing them with a clip of your own to see the results.
I'm going to keep the defaults for now.
Click make DV to have MPEG Streamclip start the process
of creating a file.
This will take some time.
Once completed you can import the file into Final Cut Pro (7 or X).
You may need to render the audio but the video plays back smoothly without lag and
ready for editing.
Try it out of post a comment on your findings.
If you'd like to see something demonstrated
just send me an email
to Thanks.