HQ Battlefield 2 - The Pwn3d Life (Part 2 of 2)

Uploaded by bn880 on 05.10.2008

So yeah...I give cover fire for my comrades on the battlefield, (Vehicles: Says he can better drunk the squads.)
but I kind of wish the dumbass would stay on the road a little better so I could form a damn shot. (Vehicles: Says he can better drunk the squads.)
He's always runnin into trees, vehicles,
Wait, What the fuck are you DOING?!
I hate you, mother-!
Those drivers are retarded or something,
They like, hit a cameraman today, and...dude they have no CLUE what's goin on! (Actual Footage)
Why the hell were they drafted anyways? (Actual Footage)
What......WHAT?! (Taking the bus for their n00bish suckass driving)
Hey, you guys want some chocolate pudding? (Taking the bus for their n00bish suckass driving)
HAHA, have you ever played chicken with those China men?
There is nuthin like racin one of those suckas over a hill, only to watch their riced out pieces of shit splatter on the floor. (Earlier Today)
Some of us even capture them and throw the ammo boxes at them all day.
(Explicit Content)
(Parachutes: Instructor says hitting "9" is never enough.)
All right, watch me very closely.
Oh, that looks so easy!
-Whoever dies owes $20. -CHOCOLATE PUDDING!
(Graphic Content)
(Planes: First one to a plane gets TK'd (TeamKill))
So like, basically my pro is if I don't get the plane, No one gets the plane! (Special Ops: Believes no one is allowed in the air. Total whack job)
Yeah, I love to see the looks on their faces. Ehehe...AHAHAHAHAHAAHA!!! (Special Ops: Believes no one is allowed in the air. Total whack job)
So like, I dunno if these guys do a lot of drugs, or their mom did their brother or something, (Engineer: Tanks suck. Planes are worse.)
Because these guys are retarded! (Earlier Today)
I think they just... do the stupidest thing I ever seen, like (Earlier Today)
I can't get away from it, they are total dumb asses,
I hate the army!, I hate this-
Oh, God...Dammit.
So Yeah, when like, these guys fly like, I...I've never seen them in my career where they're actually shooting
at an enemy. They're always...
These guys are... I don't.. I hate them I hate them all, I hate every fucking one of them.
Hey! Choppers are fun :). (Choppers: Can shit better then he can fly.)
(Choppers: Can shit better then he can fly.)
Haha, like yo man like, everytime I see those guys fly... they're the DUMBEST sons of bitches I've ever seen! (Death Cam)
like I never worry when I'm driving, like... they always end up dying themselves when they try to shoot me down! Haha!
Oh, GOD they are dumb!.
Oh my god! I can fly! I can fly!
(Final Thoughts)
Oh my god, Does anyone have some like PVR or something? Hahaha!
It's just me and my gun! Nothing else! and my-... what the?!
Heeeeeeeeey, oh my gosh! I just want to thank everyone for coming out and we're just...we're going to make like, some fruit cakes and oh...
Oh dear!...
That's it! I've had it! Those fuckers are getting payback!
Come on!, I will smoke the mother fucker, right here right now, I swear to god you'll pray to the lord, I'm gonna smoke every last motha-
Holy SHIT!!!
Yeah man, like, no one drives, no one flies I say what goes, mother fucka!! Oh my god...
There's a-...What?!
Well, I would just like to thank everyone for, uh...
Ahem! I was just trying to say I would like to thank everyone-
So, anyways I was just trying to, um..
I'm gonna... I wanna just-!
Well, I hope you enjoyed this video presentation.
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I think I already said that, haha, Well guys, It's time to move on Yeeeaaaah!!
Original English subtitles by: Yoav "Koolfox" Landau (Known as "Koolfox100" in BF2)
Subtitle corrections/improvements by: Katana314 (katana.filefront.com)
Voices by Jared Hudson (Commando Jigga)
Directed by Jared Hudson
Special Thanks to The CFF(Chicago'sFragFest) Crew