All About Chinese Herbal Medicine : Grey Ju-Ton Tonic & Chinese Herbal Medicine

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Hello my name is Billy and this is Freddy. We are located at 217 Center Street New York.
Our pharmacy is called Sanh Hoa Long Acupuncture Clinic. Today we are going to talk about the
herbs and how it is made into a formula, particularly this formula is called grey ju-ton. It helps
people with colds, also for cough and sweating. Basically at the second stage of a cold when
you are sweating, you might be running up a fever this helps bring that heat down and
actually makes you sweat a little more to get rid of that fever. This herb is called
grey ju which is a cinnamon bark and this is, the Chinese call it... which is white
yam and this one is called.. which is apricot kernel and the last one is called.. which
is licorice so all together and as a whole make a Chinese concoction what we use to bring
down any kind of illness and also all by dosage. On behalf of thanks for