Nerd Gets a Girl's Phone Number (DiGiTS Show)

Uploaded by digitsshow on 11.05.2011

BEN: What's up my nerds? As you guys know I've got crazy skills when it
comes to getting digits for myself but what you don't know is whether or
not I can be a decent wingman. So our good friends the Wing Girls
challenged me to help a nerd, a real live nerd, get some digits for
himself. So I'm here with my buddy Andrew. Say hi, Andrew.
ANDREW: Hi Andrew.
BEN: Come on, give it a good one.
BEN: Yesss, alright. So we're going to get out there, we're gonna see if
I can help Andrew get some digits for himself. Wing Girls, it's on.
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BEN: Hi, hi, how are you? My name's Ben. Come onnnn. Please? A little?
Yes? What's your name?
NAOMI: Naomi.
BEN: Naomi, it's nice to meet you. So, Naomi, my really good friend, the
ultra-genius, Andrew was noticing you from across the street and i just
said, hey lets go talk to her and maybe…just…
ANDREW: Hi, I'm Andrew. I like your hair.
NAOMI: Thanks.
ANDREW: It's really puffy and--
BEN: Talk to her-
ANDREW: Uh, how are you?
BEN: Talk to her before you touch her. Ask her a question.
BEN: Women like when you--
ANDREW: What do you--what do you do?
NAOMI: I'm a writer.
ANDREW: What do you write?
NAOMI: Plays.
ANDREW: I was going to see…I was going to see…I was going to go see…Wicked.
NAOMI: Oh, yeah? Awesome.
BEN: Ask her what kind of play she's writing.
ANDREW: Can I kneel?
BEN: Yeah, yeah, go ahead.
NAOMI: Hi, whoa, okay, hi.
ANDREW: Uhhhh, ok, hi. Plays. You write plays.
NAOMI: Can I help you with something?
ANDREW: I--I was just curious. Uh. That's a phone. I like your phone.
NAOMI: [LAUGHS] Thank you.
ANDREW: You know…there's ten…ten digits…and they go along with that
phone. Right? Like, what--
NAOMI: Oh my god.
ANDREW: And like, the possibility of me guessing that number is almost
NAOMI: Not very good, yeah.
ANDREW: Sooooo…can you help me out?
NAOMI: Do you wear this every day?
ANDREW: This, no. Normally I wear my white jacket. It's nice.
NAOMI: So, you want my phone number?
BEN: It's almost like an offer. Move in.
NAOMI: Only in Times Square..
ANDREW: Have you ever looked up and just looked at all the buildings?
NAOMI: I've gotta go, but here, give me your hand.
ANDREW: This pen is better the black ink doesn't show up as well.
BEN: Give her your hand, quick.
ANDREW: Put it on my back hand so that it doesn't rub off. Here try this one.
NAOMI: This is so f**king weird.
ANDREW: Okay, okay.
BEN: This is a specially designed pen.
NAOMI: Have a nice--
ANDREW: Is that a 5?
NAOMI: Yeah, that's a 5.
ANDREW: That's a 5?
NAOMI: Have a good time at Wicked okay.
ANDREW: I will.
BEN: Guys, great challenge, we had a lot of fun. Did you have fun?
ANDREW: I had a great time.
BEN: Was that the first number you ever got?
ANDREW: Basically. Except for some of my mom's friends, yeah.
BEN: Right, right, right. Cool. Okay, so, Wing Girls, thanks so much for
the challenge. If you guys want to check out some great videos you can
check out the wing girls channel, the link is below. A lot of great
dating and pick up advice, and from a couple of hotties as well. Also, if
you guys have any challenges of your own or any videos you wanna send in,
keep em coming, we love em. Keep em coming.
Alright. Alright, let's go call her. You wanna go call her?
ANDREW: Can I use your phone?
BEN: I think there's a pay phone we can use.