Easy Drywall Repair a typical home improvement

Uploaded by HomeRemodelWorkshop on 05.02.2007

what about a workshop
just a day when that neighbor kid shows up
there's a whole other Wall with the doorknob
and next couple minutes we'll show you how to take care
basic foods and here need these right
is the
normal in
no the building
cokie you also all is trapped beneath the rubble
and with for repair the restricted
is this
hold the call live to work the now sure all seen it
and that's not enough
you're here
first you need to cut out the drywall touch with your people
brooklyn's where it doesn't have to be perfect
did you tape measure
measure both directions of your past
and you're going to come to pass widely smaller than you
workers scrappy to drive on the back of your past but it's there
and about internet extra levels
the after marking the back to the past he was evident
thank you charlie
but the fact of the paper
you not only through the trial
and cutting them back to the paper
louise all
the access he's unit on the for of the that
check the drywall that
for stocks
making sure that it fits
loosely in the pool
you kept your dry will pass for fit
take two rivals conference here around in inside of the whole think implemented month
after applying
generous enough of trial
gently place your passion the hall
allowing you're not to
what's the drywall catch up with the surrounding service of
to I want more of it
the democrats to firmly in the center as you push the passing that the whole
after placing drywall in the hole
they're intimately apply
the light who of drywall compound
so as not to press drywall past into the hole
allowed twenty four hours to go
at this point
let me say any high spots
we're ready for drive
applying the
we firmly instantly it's possible was smoothly educated
if you can see he is on your Wall
this is what's past is it required the nails
at this point
sadly likely stand
I'm a day
house is gone
have a nice day