• Cara - they manipulated you

Uploaded by Rebbouch on 25.09.2012

Richard: You were a little girl.
They manipulated you.
Cara: You so badly want to believe that, don't you?
...that I didn't have a choice.
Richard: You didn't.
This takes away the choice, Cara.
Cara: Being chosen by the Mord'Sith was the highest honor of my life.
Your pride is going to get you killed.
I'd rather die than gravel on my knees and beg for mercy.
What are you trying to get me to say?
That you are sorry for killing your father.
Teacher: He sold you.
We forced Cara to believe a lie.
Confess me.
Richard: That you never wanted for any of this to happen.
I deserve it.
Richard: That the Mord'sith took your life from you.
Kahlan: Her life was taken from her as a child.
I will not take it from her again.
If you die your death would be final.
Better one of us than both of us.
I was trained to hate you.
...but I don't.
...my friend.
Kahlan: If you have feelings for Leo you should tell him.
Cara: I do care about you.