Uploaded by lannyarvan on 09.04.2010

This quick video is about having many e-mail accounts managed in one Outlook. This mailbox
here is my account on the College of Business Exchange server. These archive folders here
are all local folders of mail on my computer. Then I have two e-mail accounts. The larvan@bus.illinois
is the college of business account on live@edu. This prof.arvan account is just a regular
Hotmail account. And I have those managed in Outlook just like I have my Exchange server
account managed. So what we want to do here is show how to add such an account so you
have another e-mail account managed here. And if we have time show how to add a folder
too. So what I am going to do is go to the tools menu, go to account settings. And you
see I have the e-mail accounts listed here. I am going to add a new account. So let's
make new here. And the particular account that I want to make, so we bring this up a
little bit higher, is an account from campus that is from Express Mail. So I am going to
use Express Mail as my example here. And let me show for one second that I'm taking the
information. CITES has a webpage that shows how to configure Outlook with Express Mail
and I am going to take the information from that Web page. So let's try to do that here.
My name is Lanny Arvan. My e-mail address is By the way I have
had this Express Mail account for some time. I don't actually use it. And the account I
believe is The outgoing which you can only use on campus is
And then your password, I sync mine with my Active Directory account. So let's do this
for one second and just make the account. And then it says finished. Now you actually
have to do more work. So notice that it actually has appeared in this menu. To actually get
this to work there are some fancier settings. So we would go back in here and click change.
And then click, let me move this dialog box up so you can see this, click the More Settings.
And we will finish them out. There are advanced settings that have to be set. So let's do
that. The incoming server is supposed to be 993. So let's change that to 993. And you
are supposed to use SSL for incoming. The outgoing server is 25. I think that's right.
And you don't need SSL. So I think that's okay. And now I click next and finished. And
it should in fact be done. So let's close this. And now we're ready to test it out.